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Micro snail sculpture on the head of a straight pin. I've already posted a video of this, but this still frame shows the detail a little better I think.


Micro sculpture of a snail on the head of a straight pin. The snail's shell measures 0.25 mm- the diameter of the period at the end of this sentence.


“Microscopic #vibriocholerae#cholera has had 7 pandemics since the 19th century resulting in millions of lost lives due to severe dehydration. #diseasedrawing #disease #microscopic #microscopicart #flagellum #pili #bacteria #art #graphite #graphitedrawing #instaart


Friday the 13th


There will be drinks for sale at the @dynamicdnalabs booth including wine, beer, and cocktails for $4 each provided by @houlihans. It's a perfect opportunity to peruse original DNA art and learn about the science behind it while enjoying a beverage!