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This morning I woke up feeling very emotional. 😓
It’s so hard to explain this process to “outsiders”. Seeing family for the holidays during this journey is super hard. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was due in September and I was so excited to have a our little guy be apart of our holidays or the fact that it’s the holidays and another year that we aren’t pregnant ☹️
I’ll get through this and slap another smile on my face- but my heart is sore.
Anyone struggling during the holidays, we are in this together! We will get through this.
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I highly recommend this book by @michellemarksauthor. It is so real, so raw, and so poignantly written. I read the entire book last night and cried multiple times. It is the poetic story of a woman's journey through loss and love as she rebuilds and finds her rainbow family after losing premature twins. It is the uncensored, unfiltered reality of loss, hope, and healing. Through her own experience with loss, the author captures the fear, guilt, anger and grief associated with loss in an honest and heartbreaking way.
My favorite lines in the book include "If love were enough to keep a child alive, surely there would be no graves to visit" "My darling, I have missed your entire life"
"The stone pushed hard behind my sternum"
And "Forever is such a long time"

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Seriously question.....
Is this a jaguar or cougar?? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️😂 Just ended my last L E G D A Y of this program and I can't be more excited. I use to hate these days but I have grown to love them so much. Plus I'm in current #beastmode with the amount of weight I have been able to move up too!

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Good Morning & Welcome to our page! We’ve gotten a bunch of new followers lately, so we wanted to say HI! && We are so excited you’re here! Thank you for following us, supporting our small business & allowing us to create special signs & build things for you! .
This ‘Vertical Welcome’ Sign was a first for us recently but we are loving the finished product! Our customer was going to put it on her front porch but she said she loved it so much she wanted it inside her house instead (see last pic) 🤗 #welcomesign


We are all really brave. I know that it's really hard to see or believe, but know that I see and I believe . . . you are brave❤

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Our journey has been like walking through a dense, dark forest with little light... A positive pregnancy test in August 2016 brought excitement and joy,
It felt like the light at the end of the tunnel during a time of turmoil,
It was short lived though,
In the early hours of the morning, a few days later a miscarriage brought with it
Feelings of failure,
Feelings of shame and blame,
Feelings of anger and worthlessness,
I cried and asked why me, why us?
I begged and I prayed for the gods to have Mercy,
Just to give us one chance.
Once chance at being good people and parents.
We were told it happens to 1 in 4,
We need to learn to relax,
That it was unlikely to reoccur,
So we got back up and tried again.. 2017 brought with her hope,
But ten weeks down the line,
A twin missed miscarriage ended it this time.
It has been a lonely path,
Filled with distrust, mistrust and despair,
At times it felt like we had been forgotten,
And no one really cared.
There has been anger and resentment,
Disappointment and overwhelming fear,
Shock and disbelief,
Again December ended in grief.
The path has been filled with sorrow and grief,
There have been days when we were hopeless,
There have been days when we were lost,
There have been days when we gave up,
Days where we fell apart.
There have been days where we wondered where the path would lead... (Full link in Bio)

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I have just had an article published with @mamawinsmagazine and I’d like to share it with you all.
This particular article is the hardest one that I have written so far due to its content and sensitivity. It took me months to build the courage and strength to write and weeks deliberating wether or not to share it.
My time line is currently flooded with beautiful new mummy’s and perfect newborns. Don’t get me wrong it’s fantastic and I love seeing it on my timeline but...when you’ve recently experienced miscarriage these images can be heart braking. Many women have suffered miscarriage and I felt it was important to talk about my experience if nothing else but to let these women know that they are not alone and that’s it helps to talk and share experiences.
I’ve linked the article in my bio. Please do reach out to me if you have questions or need to talk, I am happy to talk. #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness @ihadamiscarriage @miscarriageassociation @stopcensoringmotherhood #article #mum #mummy #ihadamiscarriage #mumblog #metoo #published #publishedarticle


A year ago today, I got those two pink lines and I was elated but I was scared. I cried because I was scared to tell daddy and then this happened 👉🏼💍😁. I remember sending the test to my besties asking if they saw a line because it was faint. I miss you so much and it’s a really hard day for me. 😩
We are trying to stay strong and pray for our rainbow babies 🌈.
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☀️'When that time comes, you will be ready'☀️... .

I always wondered how on earth I ended up in my late 30s, slightly rounded and cultivating so many desires they're burning me out from time to time. Almost no time to breathe. .

I had my heart broken quite few times, they said 'When the right One comes, you will know'. And then there was two and three... and I still wondered. Until that day, when I opened my eyes and he was resting right next to me, sweet tanned dark skin and big arms cuddling me to extreme. My heart was bursting. And when I soaked that sweet sensation, I knew that time was here. .

I was lost and frightened, pushed into a corner with big decision. If I could cut the flow of my soul that day, I would. The tantalising pain was poisoning my mind. I took the chance and aborted the baby. I miss you my never to be. You bring me tears when sun is out. And then they said 'The time will come.' And I was waiting so frightened and lost, worried I might never see another beating. .

It was my birthday. And I was ill. The breakfast awfully repulsive. I've shakingly touched my belly. Too afraid to say it. And we fought. And we fought. I've got you in my arms, besotted. It was time. My heart was filled. And overflowing. That time did come. .

So when the nights are raw and voices whisper, don't look for light. Just KNOW that Time will come. He has forgiven you. And there will be sorrow, but right after that there will always be tomorrow. That day of happiness will be in your arms. #cmstyled #goodbyebaby ❤ . .

For my Jesus Fam: 2 Corinthians 5:17 'Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!' I forgave myself on the day I got baptised but the survivors in us are here to tell the story. He is my light and sorrow. My hand that wipes those tears and draws a new tomorrow. .

Earrings beatifully made by @angamiabi


@thoughtimemum opens up about her #miscarriage experience, by bravely sharing her truth with women who may have also experienced the devastating experience of #babyloss.

Read her story now via the 🔗 in bio.


Uz zitra vztupujeme do 27 tydne a tak i do tretiho trimestru. Nebudu lhat, byt jsou stale rizika mam proste lepsi pocit, ze by uz Anicka slusnou sanci mela. Krome jejich tanecnich vykonu me ale bohuzel nic jineho netesi. Od patku trpim bolesti zubu. Jsem po odstraneni dasne a dnes jdu na kontrolu znovu. Na neake analgetika muzu samozrejme zapomenout a vynalez jmenem paralen mi nikdy neprisel tak moc zbytecny. Ani moje vcerejsi narozeniny mi moc nepridali. Cely den doma, navsteva mamky s babicou (cca 3 hodky reseni babise a spatneho popisneho cisla na nasi chate) . Ani manzel, ktery prisel "az v pet k vuli fotbalu" situaci moc nezlepsil. Cervene ruze nemam rada ale mohla jsem prece dostat jeste oranzove nebo zlute zejo..Vecer koncil silenym zachvatem breku ze "zkazenych narozenin" #pregnancyproblems 😂😅. Jeste ze mi princezna kazdou minutu porada diskosky, bez ni bych uz asi visela na strope.Taky uz jsem v zachvatu nudy stihla vytvorit ctyri adventni vence a vyzdobu truhliku, vse mate ve stories❤️💪🏼
(manzel mi bude volat presne za tri..dva..jedna...)#27weekspregnant #27tt #27weeks #ivf #tehotenstvi #momtobe #infertility #ivfjourney #fertility #ivfcz #ivfczechrepublic #laska #transfer #embryotransfer #fet #et #baby #potrat #miminko #spontalnipotrat #fet #frozenembryotransfer #transfer #embryotransfer #miscarriage #spontannipotrat #samovolnypotrat #tehotna #tehotenstvi #miminko #umeleoplodneni #oplodneni #neplodnost


Baseline done, followed by a walk around Cardiff and a decaf almond cappuccino in Starbs before returning to dreaded work. Feeling really emotional, does anyone else get emotional at scans or is it just me? I think it’s the idea that this is the last in our package of three cycles 😬 Lining is thin, she said 5 follicles on each ovary. I expected more than that due to all the ubiquinol and DHEA but never mind. Stims start tonight/tomorrow!! Eeeeek -
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«Qualunque sia la sua forma, la sua modalità, qualunque sia il suo aspetto, il suo nome, ogni paura è orientata verso la morte. Se vai in profondità, scoprirai di aver paura della morte.»

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Novella C. Buiani - Psicologa Perinatale (Udine)
Cell. 347 16 81 978

Erika Zerbini - Facilitatrice Gruppi AMA (Genova)
WhatsApp: 347 63 61 044



Life it seems is so incredibly unfair and cruel to some, for us it just fucked. I’m not sure how much more heartache two people can take. 5 weeks ago I took these tests with them coming up positive, 5 weeks ago we allowed a little bit of hope back in to our lives.. we saw a little glimmer of light Henry’s sibling was on the way.. a little brother or sister for him.. An incredibly anxious wait to get to our scan on Monday, thinking after that we could start to share our news, only to be told baby was measuring behind... I knew my dates I knew it wasn’t right.. yet we still allowed ourselves to believe it could be ok.. our obstetrician ordered bloods that afternoon and said do them again in two days. Yet last night I sat on the lounge and felt something only to look down and see I had started bleeding all over the back of my shorts, ringing Tim at work and having to go to the bathroom to clean up. I then sat back on the lounge dissolving in to tears until Tim got home and just held me in his arms while he cried and I sobbed uncontrollably.. I screamed out asking why, then the cramping started.
I don’t know how to keep going from here, I don’t know how do we keep trying, how do we keep putting one foot in front of the after when we are just left with devastation and more heartache, when our hearts, minds, bodies and souls are already weary and hurting from the loss of our beautiful boy and future, to now more loss.. My mind can’t even comprehend how this can seriously happen have we not had enough.. My heart can’t take this and I’m not sure I have anything left in me to give. I’m not sure I want to even keep going if this is all life is going to throw at us.. We had more bloods this morning after a visit to our obstetrician and he has just confirmed the pregnancy is failing... Now the physical wait to see if over the next few days this all passes naturally or if I need to undergo a procedure. I’m tired, my body is tired.. how can I be birthing a full term baby I don’t get to bring home and then miscarrying all within one year! How can we be so ‘unlucky’ I can’t take any more sadness. I just can’t do it. •



Progynova side effects! 👎🏼

Ok so first of all how crazy is it that you are put on birth control to try and get pregnant?! 🤔

I've been on 8mg a day for 5 days now and have really started to notice some side effects:

1️⃣ So emotional, like want to cry all the time! 😭
2️⃣ Dull headache. 🤕
3️⃣ Insomnia!! I am SO TIRED! 😴

I don't remember having any side effects on my previous FET cycle. Maybe I wasn't looking out for any! Plus all of the above side effects could also be related to being stressed and anxious about this cycle. 😖

I still have people telling me to 'relax'. Oh god I wish it were that easy!!!! 🙏🏻

Anyone else have any experience with these side effects? How do I get a decent night's sleep? Please. Send help! 🆘

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Get my NEW aphorisms (“quotations” like this one), via EMAIL, 2-4 weeks BEFORE I publish them: https://mokokoma.com/aphorisms 🧠

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TONIGHT live....join us to hear about my guests experience of pregnancy loss on Facebook (link in bio) @8pm

You can ask questions during the live or pm/dm with any questions you have beforehand.
Our guest this evening has experienced miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy 💔

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Healing Workshop for Bereaved Mothers. ✨. This is a heart-healing workshop designed for mothers who have suffered the devastating loss of a baby, infant or child. ✨. The workshop consists of a session of Restorative Yoga, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, nourising refreshments and the chance to honor and remember your loved one in a safe, supportive environment.
✨. Our intention is to create and hold a safe, sacred space for you to pause, reconnect with your breath and with yourself. Nurture and nourish your precious heart with gentle support and rest for your body, mind and spirit.
✨. All those in attendance have experienced the loss of a baby, infant or child, and the purpose of the workshop is to hold the memory, while allowing yourself to heal.
✨. Details via link in bio. ✨


Falling for fall 🍁 Since we don’t have beautiful fall leaves 🍂 in Malta I was so happy to still find them in Frankfurt 🥰
I tested our stroller @emmaljunga in the woods 🌲 along with my parents and we were all very positively surprised how well it does on uneven grounds 👌🏽 They are so excited to take their little grandson on rides soon 🧸 #firsttimegrandparents #30weekspregnant


I know it's a huge cliche - "just relax and you'll fall pregnant" - if only it was so easy! 😂⠀
But have you thought that there could be some truth behind this? Could more relaxation in your life improve your chances of conceiving successfully? 🛁🤰🏻⠀
The short answer is YES - because stress has a huge impact on our hormones, chances of conception and then carrying our baby to full term.⠀
In my latest blog post I've given you some suggestions for self-care to improve your fertility. If you're trying to conceive, you've got to try this out! Click the link in my bio to read the blog post 👉🏻 @kyrahowearth.herbalist ✨⠀
- Kyra 🌿


Truth - you feel like the world should stop as everything around you just imploded. Its such a surreal feeling when those around you are just going about normal life.....#miscarriage #babyloss #stillborn #stillbirth #grief #griefsupport #zoeclarkcoates #sgbook #thebabylossguide


...I started this drawing over three years ago as part of the beginning of my chapbook series for youth titled: “Indigo Children of the Sun”.
As I revisit it now, 3 years later, it coincidentally speaks to me, symbolically, on a whole new visceral and personal level.
Since my husband and I had our first major #blightedovum #miscarriage, I have been wanting to draw or paint a piece to help me express what that quiet #grief & heartbreaking internal process is like. Different ideas came to mind but didn’t take life, which I will explore later. But when I came upon this unfinished piece again, it was perfect. Just PERFECT. It immediately spoke to me and gave me all the feels.
It’s an interrupted unfinished process of creating and dreaming, of bringing something fully to life. Even one the fetus’ hands is not fully developed and drawn in. The body of the #mother arches in a process to release or let go. Her legs and body never fully completed.
My favorite part is the sacred #energy coming from the baby’s head flowing out, released, rising to thin air. The baby spirit is becoming free.
I think I want to keep this piece unfinished like this. I plan on framing it as is and hang it in our empty “baby room”. I will redo and complete another replication for the chapbook. This one is for me.
Sometimes, or actually all of the time, my own art comes back to comfort and inspire me. They are a part of me, after all. 🖤