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Every dog has its day. ⁣⁣
And today, I'm sharing my dream assignment. “The Underdogs” is a portfolio featuring shelter and rescue dogs that are difficult to find homes for because they are a little different. They may have special needs, but you'll see that they are truly special. ⁣⁣
Echo is an engaging nine-year-old who was born deaf but is a great listener. You can talk about anything with her and she understands perfectly. Echo will look you straight in the eye and make you feel good about your ideas, no matter how bad they might sound. ⁣⁣
When I was nine, I pretended to hear but did not listen. I feared doctors long enough to let an easily correctable hearing problem affect my friendships, safety, and schoolwork. My mom figured it out when our television caught fire one day. I was sitting just a few inches away from the screen, oblivious and engrossed in smoke with after-school cartoons broadcasting at maximum volume. ⁣⁣
In her youth Echo was a wild dog, a rescue who enjoyed eating things she shouldn't have. Then along came an opportunity to work with dogs and other animals as a career counselor. It's a job she's taken to heart over the last eight years as a foster parent and role model to countless rescued puppies, kittens, chicks, and ducklings. ⁣⁣
She's a terrier, full of Boston and bull, who wins people over with her keen sense of humor and clever piglike grunting noises that have earned her the nickname Pig-Dog. ⁣⁣
Echo teaches us that we are all unique, have different gifts, and have different ways of saying to the world who we are. Long live Pig-Dog. ⁣⁣
// As part of establishing the first ever National #MakeADogsDay on October 22, @subaru_usa is proud to be helping the hardest-to-adopt Underdogs find homes.


Fall colors in Jasper - Alberta ✨🍁🍁🍁✨
Picture by ✨✨@argenel✨✨
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Jasper, Alberta

Photo by @emilypolar | A meandering staircase passes through villages on Sarangkot mountain below the southern Annapurna range in Nepal. The mountain is a popular place to watch the sunrise, so expect to make some new friends up there. To see more of the Himalaya and Nepal, follow me @emilypolar.
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[ #TBT from January 4, 2016 ] Top Shot: When the Lights Go Down in the City | Photograph by Ivan Dimitrov (@gmivanko)
A fog settles over Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.
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October Spotlight :Cities, towns, and villages
The place where people gather to work and live.
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Backstage | Photograph by Antonio Pascual Pedrero | Ballerinas at the Wiesbaden City Festival in Germany. #YourShotPhotographer


STORY TAKEOVER! “Scout is a traveling therapy dog on a mission to make the world a better place one “free hug” at a time. Any takers? #scouthugs” writes @scoutgoldenretriever // Tap our Stories to check out Scout’s hugging adventure! #dogsofinstagram #travelwithscout


#followmeto Jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort with @natalyosmann . It was an amazing trip and I am revealing our journey in stories - check them out. Which photo do you like more 1 or 2?
Did you know that: - ‘Mehrangarh’ is a name which was derived from two words: ‘Mihir’, that stands for Sun and ‘Garh’ implicating Fort.
- Dark Knight Rises prison scenes were shot there. Do you remember?

Mehrangarh Fort

Self-taught artist Meliany Surya’s (@lady_meli_art) mandala and doodle artworks combine color, lines, patterns and geometry in fresh and imaginative ways. This October, Meliany is participating in #inktober for the first time, challenging herself to make new work on a daily basis. “I don’t follow any instructions to make a specific drawing in a day. I just draw what’s in my mind,” she says.⁣

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Photos by @lady_meli_art




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