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“Our date nights consisted of time around the computer, editing pictures and dreaming up new business ideas” ...what does THAT mean?! Read on..
If you’ve been following my story, I’m doing a massive cleaning of my home office. In doing so, I found some disks with photos from my past. So let’s back up a bit for story time🤓
It has taken me up until recently to stop being ashamed of my past. I was in a relationship from age 18-26, never married and never even engaged. It ended ugly, so I took off and moved to Virginia. But what I have forgotten is how much it taught me about BUSINESS ownership. My ex is not in the photo btw, he took this photo😉. He is a VERY talented photographer and while we don’t speak, I have no ill will towards the guy. We were both two kids when we met. He hated the corporate world, so did I. So he built a photography biz. Our date nights consisted of sitting at a computer at the house editing pics and dreaming up the next creative idea. Being hustlers, it never bothered me. It was fun! It was the hustle. A word so many have made into a “dirty you must not have a life term” but I EMBRACED it! But what made me sad was he was building his dream, meanwhile I worked in a call center, 40 plus hours a week, and RARELY got the spotlight. I would assist at shoots but never was in the shot. FINALLY, in 2009, the year before we split and I moved to Virginia, I got to be in the spotlight for a victorian style vampire Halloween shoot! These photos will ALWAYS be special to me because it was the moment I realized I was worth more than standing behind the scenes!
2015 was the year I realized that I ALSO had HELPED BUILD a business and it was time for me to take everything I learned and while I chose a different industry than photography, business ownership is all similar in some respect, I started my own business. .
Today I realize that none of this has been a mistake but simply steps that have got me to where I am today. Yes, I’m a rare cup of 🍵. I don’t think many people can handle or enjoy someone who views her date nights as talking “shop” but I’m a creative and a HUSTLER and I am ADDICTED to forward movement. Don’t regret your past. Embrace it!


Last night I was blessed with two emails letting me know I was an official nominee for Most Photogenic/Physical Fitness and Best Story/Most Impactful/Congeniality for The Global Beauty Awards that will take place on April 6th, 2019


I was in awww as I read the remarkable things people had wrote in my nominations, then to be voted by my peers making it OFFICIAL....... WOW! I can not begin to put into words how humbled and absolutely blown away I am to have this honor and to be considered for either one of these prestigious awards, well it just blows my mind!!!!!
Below are photos from my time at Nationals this last August where I was blessed to be the 1st ever Mrs. Washington America to be named Mrs. Congeniality and when I competed for Mrs. Washington I was awarded the Physical Fitness Award. 😍😍
Had you told me when I was growing up, while in Junior High or High School that this is where I would be I would have laughed. I was never the most popular or the prettiest but by golly I always had a good heart and the best intentions. Sadly not many people saw this because that would mean they would have had to give me the time of day. Turns out God had other plans for me even bigger than I could imagine. Who knows where I will end up but by gosh I am being blessed with one heck of a ride and that my friends truly makes me the lucky one. Here to the haters, let them fuel your fire. No one can stand in your way but yourself! The right people will end up in your life. Besides all you ever need is a couple of quarters not a bunch of pennies! #loveyourselfmorethantheyhateyou #godschild #childofgod #hisplasarebetterthanours
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好久沒有野餐 🍹🍰🌴
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Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. – Braveheart


I'm successful because these amazing women are behind me cheering me on and supporting me. I am so proud to say that all of my sponsors this year are strong, incredible and intelligent women whom I cannot brag on enough. I would not be as great of a woman without them and you should seriously go check them out. Like go, now, look them up!
Muse Co
Carly Fisher: @pinsnbrushes and Maskara consultant
Arbonne Consultant Tia Garriss: @tiagarriss
Ruth Anne Sawyer
Kirby Smith: @fitmomkirby
Marta Bota: @mbfacedesign
Silvana Abdale: @silvana_abdale_real_estate
Rodan & Fields Consultant Michelle Stilley: @austilley
Mary Costello Mary Kay Consultant: @marycostellomkibc


Feeling grateful to be able to bring my family to help clean up Liberty Park in @ogdencityutah by shoveling the sidewalks and cleaning up the playground! I’m incredibly blessed to have such a warm hearted family that wanted to celebrate Dr. King today by giving back to our community! ❄️🥰✌🏽


I haven’t sent rounds down range with my Glock since August and forgot that the range here is a fresh air system. Yeah...its 20 degrees in this room 😱. So I only lasted about 20 mins before my hands felt like they wanted to fall off and I felt like my shot was no longer up to standard (plus when you spend money on a range and ammo you WANT the time spent to be QUALITY). Remember that GOOD people with guns STOP bad people with guns.


A few have inquired about the Mrs Florida America Pageant well this is a great opportunity to learn more about the Florida America Organization alongside hear about all the great works our reigning Mrs Florida America @mrs.melissaparker has done and will continue doing with @theparkerfoundationforautism tune in tomorrow at 9:10am on News/Talk 1530 & 107.5 & 98.1 WENG or listen live online www.wengradio.com

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As my business has grown I have seen the need to hire an assistant to help manage tasks. In doing so, a TON of followers were ACCIDENTALLY unfollowed today, even those who are on my team that I connect with DAILY as well as business partnerships and friends. There’s always a learning curve, I get it, mistakes happen. BUT if you have been unfollowed, shoot me a DM and I’ll follow back. No one else *should* be unfollowed. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly from here on out. Thanks for baring with me on this change and learning curve! I appreciate ALL of you more than I can even put into words! ❤️🙏🏼🤗


8 miles later and I’m still smiling.. I had an amazing time today at the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in Miami, Florida. “The time is always right, to do what’s right” -Martin Luther King Jr. #mrssouthfloridaamerica #mrsfloridaamerica #roadtomrsfloridaamerica #mrsamerica #mrsamericapresents


Do NOT buy FAKE LIKES OR FAKE FOLLOWERS! Just don’t! I don’t! And I RARELY pay to promote or boost posts. My following has developed ORGANICALLY🤗🤓
I can’t tell you how many inbox messages I had this week asking for tips on getting more followers or likes. Wooo- you want that advice from ME?! HUMBLED!!!! Thank YOU for trusting me with this. So here is my advice:
It’s social media! Are you being SOCIAL or are you business business business?!? Y’all can buy from ANYONE! People buy from YOU because you are YOU! Which is why my posts are scary open and vulnerable and why I post so much content to my story. 500 followers is worth more than 100k fake accounts that IG is going to delete. 30 REAL likes is worth more than 300 likes that were paid for and fake. When my posts get a TON of likes it’s because you all are here for a REASON and I can’t thank you enough for that! I might not have a following of tens of thousands, but I’ve talked with a GOOD MAJORITY of those who follow me and you know a lot about what I’m about as a person. And if we haven’t talked, send me a DM! Social media is my JOB, so let’s get SOCIAL! I appreciate you, my “organic and real” following, more than I can say! And thank you for those that requested this topic and trusted me with it! 🙏🏼


Had an absolutely blast shooting with @jodiekellyphotography today! Thank you so much for inviting me to share in the magic you create through photography!
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Thank you @maureenmfrancisco for coordinating and @dolcebleu for hosting #Resilience101. I’m thankful to each lady that attended and tuned in on #FacebookLive. It was a pleasure to speak with Dionne, former #MrsWashingtonAmerica and Evelyn @misswausa 2019 about our journey to the crown and how we persevered through numerous setbacks. I captured behind the scenes footage that I’ll be sharing in an upcoming #vlog on YouTube.com/daniwalker. In the mean time, I’m fine tuning my new #SocialMedia growth guide 📈 to help grow your audience and expand your influence. I can’t wait to release it 🙌🏼 .
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Looking back at 2018 like, damn... I accomplished some big things! Looking into 2019 like, damn... I think I’m going to do it even bigger this year 👸🏻 .
When I walked out on to the stage to compete for Ms. Woman Virginia United States I felt ready. I didn’t have a coach, but I had drive, determination and dedication and the support of my guy, and my son. It wasn’t easy because I also had people hating from a distance- not too far away actually. I had people I called my friends and acquaintances say behind my back that I didn’t have what it takes and that I wasn’t good enough. I had people actually trying to manipulate me for their own success. I kept my head down and stayed focused on the goal. I ignored the negativity, I distanced myself from those people and when it was my time to shine I lit up like a 5th Ave. diamond 💎 .
I won the title, I learned some valuable lessons, I made some amazing new friends and I ultimately won a spot in the top 10 at Ms. Woman United States. .
Being crowned Ms. Woman Virginia United States opened so many doors for me, I have had opportunities I would never have had otherwise, I have partnerships with dozens of local and national businesses, together we celebrate each other’s strengths and talents. I showcase products and services of those who sponsor me throughout my reign and build long lasting relationships.
2018 I was crowned Ms Woman Virginia United States, I’m more than ready to see what 2019 will bring ❤️
@pageantdirectorteri @darla1222 I’m talking to you! #pageant #mswoman #mswomanunitedstates #mswomanvirginia #mswomanvirginiaunitedstates #mrsunitedstates #mrscosmos #mrsus #mrsuniverse #mrsamerica


I hinted about it in my story and now I’m getting this exciting change OUT, I am returning to the Health and Fitness industry as a side project!!! 🙌🏼
This time it’s not just health and fitness, it also blends BEAUTY and ANTI AGING into the mix, which is a perfect “marriage” of the beauty industry I already run!
I’ll be partnering up with my good friend and STUNNING beauty (who I think looks a bit like Chalene Johnson) @getfitwithdiane, to share with MEN AND WOMEN, ONE product, a gel that will TRANSFORM your anti aging game! The changes that I’m already seeing with this gel are mind blowing and Im excited to get this out to the MASSES!!! More deets to come but GAWH!!! 2019 doesn’t even know what it’s ready for when it comes to this TRIBE!! I’m also thrilled that, GUYS- are you listening- I can now help YOU build your business, as well as women! My passion has always been to help people, not just women. So I couldn’t be more excited to offer BOTH men and women, a business opportunity so you too, can live the life you’ve always dreamt of!


Sunday listening with @stylebydeidra. This podcast is amazing and offers so much wisdom. I love listening to this on my commutes and during workouts #personaldevelopment #selfcare #committothecrown #mrswashington #mrsamerica


Mrs. America State Pageants, and Miss For America State Pageants. Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island.
TODAY! 401.480.8187
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Behind the scenes of my Mrs. Arkansas 2019 official photoshoot for the Mrs. America competition in August! 👑🇺🇸

I got gussied up real big, beauty queen style by @janewhitecosmetics in her new studio! Jerry Davis Photography then created pure art with his camera. I just can't breathe waiting to see his official portraits of me for Mrs. America.

I also will never be able to thank @buffiesalltherage for my wardrobe and shining jewelry collection. There are no doubts on why you've dressed winners for decades.

My sponsorship team is the best in the pageant industry and I'm so lucky to have them right here in Arkansas. ...and @mrsarkansaspageant is not only quick with her phone pics here but she has really made me feel like a Queen since day 1.

So excited for what the rest of this reign holds for me, for Arkansas, and possibly our nation.


Been together for 6 years and married for 4 and a half and I still haven't run away 😂. Just kidding, I didn't think I could ever love Caleb more than the day I married him and yet here we are. Here is to 75 more years together!
Hair, Makup, Planning, @loveletters_bykayla
Photographer: @brittanydrosos.photography
Venue: @sweeneybarnweddings
Florals: @eighttreestreetfloral


Gurrrrrlllllllll, plus self- we NEED THIS NOTE✍🏼! Get ready to get REAL with me this Saturday!
You HAVE to STOP playing SMALL! You know without a shadow of a doubt what you are called to be and do, don’t you?! So what is holding YOU back from DOING IT?!! Saying you’re scared isn’t an excuse! Most reading this have children, having a child is one of the SCARIEST things anyone can do! So what else is there to be scared of?! That you MIGHT, just might be judged for sharing your story?! Pfft! Whatevs! What about being SO scared that you NEVER share your story and then the people who can be HELPED by it, NEVER get helped because you were so SELFISH to let your fear hold you back!! Oh goodNESS, did she just say THAT?! Ummmm YES she did! 🙌🏼
You are going to have critics if you do or don’t. Stop living with the mentality of a girl in high school and start giving it the mentality of the STRONG AF WOMAN YOU ARE!
I hear your legit worry that if you join me, you will miss out on family time, have an upset husband for a little less time with him (initially- that won’t be the long term case in this biz), these are VALID fears! Getting to the level that I’m at takes massive discipline and a few sacrifices! But....what is a few years of cutting back on “fluff” and things you know you could prob be better suited in other places anyway, in order to live a life where YOU call the shots?
Beauty, it’s time to SHOW UP NOW!
Stop waiting. Do IT! Give this world the BEST of YOU! Because in doing so, you will bring out the BEST in OTHERS and that is PRICELESS! We are 19 days into 2019! If you’ve already slacked, STOP it! Pat yourself on the back, it’s ok! Let’s get up and do this NOW! Right NOW!


This made my ❤️ smile. I have done a TON of pageants and Laurett is probably only the 2nd (maybe 3rd) director to ever just send me a random gift.
Titleholders give up a lot of their time to serve the crown and it’s nice to feel appreciated every once in an while.
Thank you, Laurett! This truly made my day.
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Got to get (fake) married again to the love of my life today with the super talented @brittanydrosos.photography. Just wait till you see how dreamy these pictures turned out 😍


I might not have human kids but being a mommy to this furry crazy cray is STILL one of the best jobs I’ve ever accepted. From her first owner demanding I keep her after he returned from deployment and changed his mind, to watching her mourn the loss of her brother dog Noah, this girl might seem “hot mess” but she’s everything and more that I could ask for in a furry companion.


Have you taken a moment for YOU, today? If not, do it now
Have you taken a moment to say I love you, to those who deserve it? If not, do it now
If you’re the praying type, have you given up your worries to a higher power? If not, do it now
Have you drank water? If not, do it now
Have you told your friends how much you care about them and appreciate them? If not, do it now!
Does anyone see a pattern here?!?