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🚫 Not a quick fix 🚫 Not a diet or magic pill 🚫 Not a starvation programme ✅ Hard work & discipline ✅ Consistency, showing up every day ✅ Balanced and healthy meals ✅ Treats in moderation ✅ Lots of water

All you have to do is make a decision to start, commit to that decision and SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s all up to you. 💖


Freeletics : semaine 3 sur 12 bouclée, un quart du programme fait ✔️🎊 TBC : entraînement 1 de la semaine 3 fait ✔️😎 Ça chauffe et j’aime ça! 🔥🔥🔥 #mumtransformation #fitmum #fitmumfrance #freeletics #freeleticsfrance #topbodychallenge #teamtbc1


What a great srar of Sunday morning with natures best juice to drink. 🥥🥥🥥🌄


My highest fastest and longest uptill now. Got to beat my own record.🏅🏅


This morning I went out for running after such a break. But the #beauty and #nature of this #trackrunning just pulls me to come and #justrun


YUMMY 🙌🙌 🙌 Hidden veggie sausage rolls, perfect for hungry kids! Find the #freerecipe on our blog or sign up to our #28daychallenge to get access to 4000 more recipes just like this one!


Week 1 of transforming is COMPLETE ✅⠀

Was it a perfect week? NO 🤷‍♀️ because I was:⠀

🔹 un-coordinated with using the #steppa

🔹 out of breath about 50% of the time⠀

🔹 stopping every few minutes as the transitions were too fast and I can’t keep up⠀

🔹 giving in to some of the treats due to long hours at work (not a reason I know but 🤷‍♀️)⠀

But this journey is NOT about PERFECTION or the things I was not able to do.⠀

❣️It’s about showing up everyday.⠀

❣️It’s about taking 20mins a day to take care of myself so I can be the best version of me and serve the people around me.⠀

❣️It’s about getting OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.⠀

❣️It’s about celebrating my wins and getting curious about the challenges.⠀

❣️It’s about being intentional with my time, thoughts and actions.⠀

What matters is YOU. What makes you happy and what fills your cup.⠀

I don’t find the time for myself, I MAKE TIME. It may sound selfish but I cannot be the mom, wife, daughter or friend unless I take care of myself physically, mentally & emotionally.⠀



Mofiza, you are showing us how your hard work is paying off! Our AMAZING mum has lost 21.4 kg in 8 months. What a result!!! She says: "I found the Healthy Mummy 4 months postpartum after having my 3rd bub. I had tried other diets and exercise plans before but they never worked for me because I could never stick to them. Healthy Mummy works for me because I don’t have to give everything up and adapt to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges but rather the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight loss Challenges adapted to my needs." Join us now via the link in our bio and get fit for 2019!


With summer being in full swing, prepare this bacon pasta salad for an easy lunch to take to the beach! 😍 Only 309 cals and SO DELICIOUS! The whole fam will love it 🙌


AMAZING transformation, Kristie!😍
Kristie lost 18kgs following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and says: "I used to look at my photo and scrutinise every single flaw, now all I see are the results of hard work and consistency"
YAY, lady - we love seeing your AMAZING results! 💪


This is my #nearly1yearchallenge 😊⠀

You can definitely see the physical change between these photos but what’s not seen are the changes mentally and emotionally.⠀

It was NOT an easy journey. And I’m still going at it because working on myself to get better and healthier does NOT have an end date. I need to take care of myself so I can be the best version of me for my family, friends and everyone.⠀

What about you? Are you still at it with your New Year’s resolutions?


J’alterne renfo et cardio. Ce soir, en guise de cardio : 1h de mini-stepper. J’ai les cuisses en feu 🔥 Mais j’ai la satisfaction d’avoir fait ma séance de sport 💪🏼😎 #cardiotraining #fitmum #mumtransformation #motivation #perseverance


Make these healthy Banana and Oat Muffins, a delicious and quick breaky on the go for the whole fam. A guilt free treat! YUM! 🍌


How INSANE is Jaiya's body transformation! You look incredible!

She says: "Thanks to the support and motivation of The Healthy Mummy I'm slowly getting back to the normal me. About 25kg difference. Bring on the next 20 to smash out!"
Well done, girl! Keep smashing your goals!

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Journée OFF. Après un dîner au restau libanais, entraînement à jeun pour forcer le corps à puiser dans ses réserves pour procurer de l’énergie 😎 Chaque jour me rapproche de mon objectif 💪🏼 #freeletics #freeleticsfrance #topbodychallenge #tbc1 #fitmum #mumtransformation #bodygoals #weightgoals


WOW, Rebecca!! You look absolutely INCREDIBLE! 🙌🙌🙌 Our awesome mum has lost 26kgs and says : “I have loved every minute of it. My favourite thing about the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges is that the recipes are so easy and delicious!” Join her now via the link in our bio and make 2019 your healthiest year yet! 💪


Look 👀 what came today and it’s just like Christmas all over again.

Did you see that wall calendar 🗓? That is going to be ME vs ME and I am excited for the challenge.

20mins/day, 6 days for the next 6 weeks. Do you want in? Drop me ❤️ because it’s not too late.

If you don’t know Shaun T then what better time than right now to know this super awesome, incredible, tough love man.


Chinese prawn omelette for the win - still filling, but light enough for the summertime! 😋 😋 😋
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Umm..YUMMY?! We love these pesto, spinach and ricotta rolls and they're only 230 calories each ! Get the FREE healthy recipe on our website 😍 OR join us now on the #28daychallenge via the link in our bio and get access to more than 4000 recipes!!👏👏👏


Annette, you've worked so hard and the result is AMAZING 😍😍😍 “Thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Healthy Mummy Smoothies, I lost 20kgs after my second baby and I’m now down 18kgs since having my third child. One of my biggest problem areas is and always has been my tummy! Thanks to the recipes, workouts and all the knowledge I’ve gained from The Healthy Mummy, it’s not such a big problem anymore and my confidence is sky high this summer!” she reveals.

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Make this Budget Friendly Satay Fried Rice - good on your body and wallet - How good is that?? You need to try it! It's also an easy meal prep option and we LOVE it! 🍚🍜


WOW, Melissa 😍! You look absolutely stunning! Our amazing mum has crushed her goals and lost 36kgs! INCREDIBLE! ⚡️ “You are worthy of trying and giving something a try, take the advice from other mums on this page and help yourself in bettering you,” she says.

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You go, girl 💪 Sophie has lost 14 kgs and says : "I customise my weekly meal plan, have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast, prep my snacks and drink 3L of water every day."
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Lime Chicken with Vegetable Rice from the #28daychallenge meal plan 🍋 🍗 🍚 🥕 🌶 D-E-L-I-S-H!!!
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Look at that booty transformation 😍😍😍 Our mum Julia says: "“Exercise will not only help you lose weight but it is also fantastic in improving your overall health and fitness. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges also comes with daily, easy to do exercise ideas which you can do in the comfort of your own home!" We're feeling SO INSPIRED! Join us now via the link in our bio and get summer fit


This Crunchy Salted Caramel Peanut Hedgehog Slice is a super indulgent but healthy way to satisfy your sweet cravings!
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Cicily has said goodbye to a whopping 53 kilos and managed to achieve this in just over a year! WOW! 💪💪💪 The mum-of-two reveals she struggled with hypothyroidism and often didn’t see the results of her hard-work. But that all changed when she signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!
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Hannah is rocking her new found body confidence this summer after losing an INCREDIBLE 28 kgs! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 👉👉👉Hannah’s three tips to stay on track:
“Learn to meal prep! Utilize everything from the app to the support groups on facebook to the products.Keep moving. Daily walks,cleaning the house, playing with the kids.” What a result! Feeling as inspired as we are? Join us now via the link in our bio!! 🙌


Raspberry and Apple Crumble Breakfast Muffins - make ahead and freeze until needed for a quick HEALTHY breakfast on the go!
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