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If you or anyone you know needs funding for an investment property email me at arafiee@bakercollins.com


You have spoken and we have heard. Our New 100% Financing Program is now available. We've made it easier to fund the projects that fund your future. Contact us today to learn more.

65% LTV max based on ARV. We will fund up to 100% purchase and 100% rehab.

We will go to 70% ARV for borrowers that show 5+ rehabs successfully completed in the past 2 years.

Assuming the numbers work, the only minimum required down payment is lender fees, legal fees, and any other soft costs at closing

Interest Rate Ranges 11% -13%

Origination Points = Up to 4 points plus $500 doc prep and $295 processing.

Minimum loan amount = $75,000

Maximum loan amount = $300,000

600 minimum credit score required. Exceptions are considered based on experience level of investor.

Clean background required.

Wholesale deals will be reviewed on a case by case basis but we highly prefer direct from seller deals

As Is value on appraisal must be at least the purchase price. If not, borrower brings the difference to closing between purchase and appraised as is value.

For inquiries please email me at arafiee@bakercollins.com


So, why do I recommend wholesaling to newbie investors?

Wholesaling is a great way to get your foot in the door into the world of real estate investing.

It’s low risk, you use very little of your own money you don’t touch or pick up any tools or paint brushes you’re simply the middleman connecting the seller and the buyer and in the middle you get your profit.

Throughout the process you’re building your team and you get to learn about real estate as you go and you also build capital this way

If you have any questions email abhi@abhigolhar.com


Well, now you can with content accelerator! We’ll take care of all the blog posts, personalize your content to you, do your social media posts for you and even give you ongoing coaching!

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I introduce to you beautiful people the part time performer and editor in chief of current RDYST Entertainment, Rudy Al Refaey.
Our goals:
1) Be a company that nurtures young talent and provide global jaw dropping quality entertainment with positive messages
2) Be a platform for unorthodox and exploratory artistic expression conveyed through sophisticated media productions (Music videos, short films, live performances)
3) Be a good example for young talent and hobbyists in the dance, film making, fashion, and lifestyle industry.

I hope you look forward to our future work half as much as I am.
Keep tabs on us.
You are all artists.


If you want to go from a small mom-and-pop shop like business to growing your real estate business to a large vast empire then you need other people and companies to help you in the process so that way you are more focused on acquiring investment properties and delegating everything else and continuously growing your business and scaling it otherwise you are left in the dust or you will not grow.

If you have any questions email abhi@abhigolhar.com


Fraud Official Music Video OUT NOW ‼️‼️ Also available on all streaming platforms 📶🔥


Have you seen the official music video for my song "Runaway"? It is available on YouTube! If you have ever been in a toxic relationship, this is a song for you! SEARCH FEDERAL DISTRICT RECORDS ON YOUTUBE! 🎵🎼🎤💎💎💎


Kenneth speaking at the event!


#AnothaOne! 💪🏾💯 Check out "Act On Me" by @Wop6x Directed x Shot by JC Edwards (@iSingJC). FULL VIDEO on my #IGTV channel and #YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/2u8BlPK @NewLyfeStudios book a video shoot: https://NewLyfeStudios.as.me/?appointmentType=5987612


MVP lineup!
It’s hard to come for the top spot if you watch me then copy me you’ll always be one step behind 🤦🏼‍♂️. How you Going to win when I playing with Golden State. 🤔😂😂. Ok I’m done ranting lol. Now time to plug this post !
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Workflow @iamgalexxi editing the new music video for @mocheddaleo #TALOUFilms


Spent 24hrs with @sammyanddon filming this visual for one of their singles "No Days Off" Full video on their youtube channel. Swipe for The Family's new single "By Blood" coming soon.
#strongpointent #thefamily #byblood #spetv