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New York, New York

Photo by @williamalbertallard
In 1980 I was photographing in Oaxaca, Mexico with its generous color palette evidenced in the buildings and the clothing of its inhabitants. I stopped each day at an interior market where I saw this wall and stayed to make pictures of passersby such as this woman carrying a baby. As people passed I watched how they fit into the seemingly random pattern of the painted wall with its large white space that proved to be a useful background.

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Oaxaca, Mexico

“Autumn smells good” writes @tikken_the_vizsla


Photograph by @jasonedwardsng // #Sponsored by @Penfolds // Carefully stacked, row upon row of wine barrels holding fortified wines, including the aptly named Grandfather Tawny, are protected from the elements in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Matured in small oak barrels and blended via the ‘Solera’ method, the prolonged and highly specialized process for the Grandfather Tawny produces a fortified wine with a minimum average blended age of 20 years. #Penfolds magic is founded in the diverse and rich wine regions of South Australia, where every bottle starts its story. Discover more at penfolds.com


Tactile | Photograph by Ethel Nalule (@ethel)
“I woke up bright and early to catch the sun shining through my window blinds. I titled this photo ‘tactile’ for a series I am currently working on portraying my battle with Lyme disease,” writes Your Shot photographer Ethel Nalule. “Tactile by definition means, ‘connected with a sense of touch.’ One of my symptoms is Allodynia, a rather painful and uncomfortable feeling all over my body, caused by the lightest touch. Pain from clothing, pain from wind, pain from anything. The severity is different from day to day.”

“Thank you for sharing your story. I love how your frame resonates with Your Shot photographer Andrea LaRiviere: ‘I like the rawness of this image. The light is beautiful and hot. I too have Lyme disease (have had it for over 11 years now). My skin does not hurt like yours, instead it is muscle pain all over my body in random places and severe migraines… My heart goes out to you. I hope you find a way to deal with the cruelties this disease inflicts. It seems you have through your photography.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)
This photo was selected for our “Quiet Moments” story, curated by David Y. Lee. To submit to our current assignments “Chasing Moments” curated by @natgeo photographer Ami Vitale (@amivitale) and “Because of Her” curated by @natgeo photographer Amy Toensing (@amytoensing) and David Y. Lee, go to the link in our profile. #YourShotPhotographer


Photo by @samlaks
“I love connecting with people,” says documentary photographer Samyukta Lakshmi (@samlaks). “I think it’s a privilege when people open up their lives to you and let you tell their story through photos.”
Samyukta is currently on the ground in her hometown of Bangalore, India, for the five-day #Diwali festival, a Hindu holiday celebrated throughout the world. “Diwali is the festival of lights,” she explains. “It is the celebration of good over evil, light over darkness.”
Watch our Instagram story right now to take in the sights and sounds of Diwali celebrations from all over India.


Un buzo nada en el #CenoteCarWash en Quintana Roo, #México. 📷  PH: Paul Nicklen.


Photo by @robertclarkphoto: A #monk poses in forest roots that devour ruins at Ta Prohm. #cambodia #angkorwat #temple


Nothing like hiking the Swiss alps in the middle of the night and getting lost for 4hrs w/ iPhone flashlights to lead the way and still managing to end up here 5 min before sunrise 🌄 Thanks to my brother @linomeoli for following me on this amazing Swiss adventure, wouldn't have been the same without you fam. Tip: If you plan to hike from Zermatt to Stellisee for sunrise do not follow the google maps🚶🏽directions!!! Prob a bad idea for any hike 😅


Autumn in Lake Kawaguchi - Japan ✨🍁🍁🍁✨ Picture by ✨✨@capkaieda✨✨
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Everyday life in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

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The Andes are pretty incredible. Taking off today and going all the way north to the other end of the country in Salta. Temperatures will be much warmer. I got a nasty cold here so I’m looking forward to warm weather and sun.

Los Glaciares National Park is the 340th World Heritage Site I’ve visited.

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Los Glaciares National Park

Autumn colors in Tuileries Garden, Paris with @palomaparrot 🍃 🍁

Paris, France

#Followmeto the heart of Florence with @natalyosmann. What is the most romantic city for you?
#следуйзамной к самому сердцу Флоренции вместе с @natalyosmann! Флоренция - Мекка для влюбленных. А какой город вы считаете самым романтичным?

Luisa Via Roma


The World Nomad Games 2016, Kyrgyzstan: Game of Thrones, Genghis Khan, The Olympics and Burning Man all rolled into one. Goat carcass polo, wrestling on horseback, hunting with eagles (one of the competitors, pictured here), stick wrestling, and even the “intellectual sport” of sheep knuckle toss. If that’s not enough, men ablaze on horseback and an appearance by guest of honor Steven Seagal.

If I didn’t see it for myself, I would not have believed it. How it all went down is the latest post on our blog (link in profile).

World Nomad Games - Всемирные Игры Кочевников

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