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Long post, sorry -- So, I actually missed #nationalcomingoutday a while back because I was in the mountains for work and had no cell service, but I just want to take a moment to lift up the amazing work happening in BG around LGBTQ equality and the impact it's had on me.

I've been involved with BG Fairness for several years, but for a while, I consciously decided not to go full-throttle because I didn't want to be "the gay activist" just because I was gay. As I became more comfortable with my sexuality, I became more and more active and vocal in support of basic legal rights for myself and other LGBTQ folks in BG, and in doing so, have loved myself more and loved the people with whom I'm closest even more deeply.

BG Pride was this weekend and it was an incredible experience. First, shout out to Dr. Patti Minter, who is a powerhouse advocate, a life genius, and the best mentor I could ever ask for. Lots of wonderful people pitched in, but she put her heart and soul into making this happen and deserves to be recognized for her badassery.

I've been to Pride events in several cities, but this one was special. For once, BG was not just the largest city in Kentucky in which I can still be fired or evicted for being gay. It was a rainbow-hued melting pot of so many countless friends, so much queer love and support, and so many people just completely being themselves and having a blast while doing it.

It was also the first time in my life where I've not only been proud of being gay, but also where I sincerely, unequivocally loved it. Life might be simpler if I wasn't gay, but it would also be a helluva lot less fun. I love being gay. And I love that I got to genuinely feel that indescribable emotion for the first time. And I love that I can share that with all of you. (P.s. photo creds on the last two pics to @lesley_denise)