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I thought for sure I was going to pick one of the many beautiful peony pieces I have viewed on this artist’s page, but this one blew my mind 💥 not only is it crisp as can be yet delicately smooth, but it’s just fucking cool. What an awesome design. True ART from @leah_b_tattoos right from my home state WI! @leah_b_tattoos @leah_b_tattoos @leah_b_tattoos .
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🐚 Mais uma na @maswtf. Uma das minhas clientes mais fiéis, sempre me dando a possibilidade de executar trampos que tenho muita vontade de tatuar. Obrigado por mais um 🖤
Eu também quero agradecer por cada comentário, indicação e mensagens de pessoas que só vem me chamar pra elogiar o meu trabalho. Eu me esforço muito pra evoluir a cada dia, e esse retorno é muito gratificante, mesmo.
O que faço é com muito amor ❤️❤️❤️

Aloha Tattoo Barber Shop

unlucky pals from the friday the thirteenth flash.

i will be posting tomorrow my halloween flash, which will be for october 27th and 28th!

stay tuned🎃


Vancouver, British Columbia

The snakes will gather, but there's no #snake that I can't take on. (The snake represents my anxieties and fears; the #crow, evidence that I'm still alive and fighting despite any #mentalhealth setbacks.) Thank you, @fox.feet, for your dedication to detail, and for breathing life into a recurring dream.

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Sticks and Stones

Joint-eater: lion skull, two-headed newt, and full moon. Marozi, Goliath beetle, cosmic crystal, mossy branches by @freeorgy


Did this rad little Polaroid filler on @seanedwardsphotography tonight. Lots of fun. Good seeing u again bud.

Vibes Tattoo and Piercing

Jaguar stalking a guanaco carcass, Andean condor flying overhead, ayahuasca vine growing from a spiral galaxy! Thanks Pinar! Swipe to see wraparound!