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Came across this awesome pin from Mommy Home Manager on @pinterest and had to save & share. Good info to know so you're not running out in the middle of the night for diapers!


This happy couple recently went from "Intended Parents" to "Parents"! You could say that they were pretty excited about the upgrade.
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They came to surprise me at the station. Time for some well needed family time 😬


I've been replaced by Daddy this week, Oscar has a new best friend ❤️


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The Baby Show For Trade

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I'm a little late posting last week's Instagram horror short "Time to Sleep" I filmed with @anthonyjamesofficial @bryanlenis @mrserinday . Make sure you have the audio turned on...it will give you the chills! Enjoy and stay tuned for this week's instahorrorshort posting soon!

Featured actors: @anthonyjamesofficial & @mrserinday
Produced by: @bryanlenis
Cinematography: @thekungfoofighter

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My golden haired doll 👧 Someone who has changed me as a person (read emotionally and physically😂). My world, literally, revolves around her - since I’m a stay-at-home mom. I wish I could ever describe in words how much I love you. I believe that every mom gives her very best to her child and even when she has more, the love doesn’t divide; it multiplies. I’m sure there are some times where you start thinking maybe you’re not doing enough or maybe you need to give them more attention. But remember, extra attention will make your child dependent. Your child must be able to amuse himself. Buy him books, paints, cardboards and play doughs so that he can try something new everyday. Teach them the art of colouring; by teach, I do not mean literally teach them (as if there are any written rules for art). Do some colouring sessions; Sit down, relax and colour with them. Show them how to mix colours. It relieves stress and helps you bond with your child. My daughter, herself, is the first baby on both sides. You know how pampered these guys are 😩 She is given special treatment everywhere she goes but I still somehow manage to give her some alone time. As I know it will help her grow into a strong and independent woman. The kind of person I would like her to be (just like her mommy dearest). Anyways, Minsa is having the time of her life (mashallah) with her maternal grandparents, aunts and uncle. We have taken lots and lots of pictures for her to remember and cherish these memories. I totally disagree with people who are against picturing little moments. I personally believe that moments pass but the pictures always remain there.
It’s really hard with toddlers- taking pictures, I mean. They never look into the camera and when they do, they make this utterly surprised face. I let her play with her favourite things or I give her something very small to eat. It, at least, helps her stay in one position for a few minutes. Another tactic would be singing their favourite poems #minmin #goldilocks #ralphlaurenkids #babygap #jordanbaby #1sttimemom #newparents #fromislamabadtoparis #parislife #parismonamour #parisfashion #desifashionista


Get some sweet 💤s this weekend with calming lavender... cutie pjs and a white noise machine don't hurt either 💁