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by @jaquekang

Bom dia 😃
Não dá para viver só de ovo 🍳 né? 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀

Para variar um pouco, que tal esse bowl de yogurt Yorgus (mais proteína, poucos ingredientes e sem açúcar) + granola vegana maravilhosa com gotas de chocolate da @seed_of_life_snacks (melhor descoberta e comprei no @armazem_cerealista ➡️ ) + Maple 🍁 orgânico do @wholefoods diretamente do 🇨🇦 ⠀

Ficou 🔝🔝😋😋 ⠀
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by @back2basics107

Nature intended us to indulge in it’s delicious offerings. We were made to eat what our bodies are made to #organically digest.
If it’s processed it’s nonsense! Our intake of processed and man-made “food” should be limited to little if any.
Eat smart..... think smart
I promise your body, attitude, and thoughts will also begin to see positive change. —-
—- #nutrition #eatright #healthfood #foodforthought #nutritionalhealth
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by @kalewithasideoffries

A little Tuesday morning motivation 💪 #yougotthis #tuesdaytips #motivation #healthcoachlife #kwsof


by @happybalanceofhealth

Roasted Almond Caramel Balls
Going into tomorrow’s Nourish me boxes!! Nourish me Kitchen- always delivering healthy, refined sugar free, nutrient dense treats! .
#nourishmebox #nourishmekitchen
#healthyindulgence #nonasties #treatyoself #healthygoodies #treatstoyourdoor #caramel #naturescaramel

Nourish me Kitchen

by @staciemorrison_t_h_w

Have you ever wondered what your food cravings really mean? If you’re willing to walk through fire for a pint of ice cream, your body might be trying to tell you something.

I introduce clients to eight causes of cravings and how they can address them naturally through both primary and secondary food. .

Cravings aren’t a bad thing – they’re just the body’s way of telling us that something is missing.

Listen to them and get curious about what your body is actually craving – a hug, love, some movement? protein, greens, water? .

Listen to your body without judgment and accept yourself and your desires.
. “TRUE Health and Wellness: OPTIMALLY nourish ON and OFF the plate to THRIVE as the BEST version of YOU!” -Health Coach Stacie.


@spiritquesthealingcenter @geneenroth @geneenrothtalks
@joinaadp #americanassociationofdruglesspractitioners
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by @enzieeats

Almond butter satay + tofu fresh spring rolls with loads of fresh crunchy vege, black sesame, avo and mint + coriander for dinner tonight 🤪 delish and perfect for a lighter dinner as the nights are warming up!!


by @myloveisedible


If I had to pick just one Greek dish to enjoy forever, it would have to be spanakopita. There is just something about the combination of greens and feta that tick all the boxes for me and when my good friend Margaret from @createcookshare talked about making this without pastry, my little ears gave her my full attention. Don't get me wrong, I love the pastry version too but honestly some days I just cbf making it from scratch yet still want the pleasure of enjoying all the delicious green flavours.

I varied the original recipe slightly by adding some leeks to mine, used a knob of organic butter to caramelise them together with the spring onions and also swapped the tasty cheese for ricotta - super, super YUM! Easy recipe that you can adapt to whatever you have available and it provides such a great dose of protein and healthy omegas. Big tick from me✅ See my stories for an easy step by step guide on how-to bring this together. Big love to you all ~ P 💕 #ExcuseMeWhileIHaveAnotherPiece


by @lipstickandlunch

I love @veggiesandvirtue philosophy of serving love it foods, like it foods and learning foods when offering a meal/snack. It’s made it so much easier to get everyone at home eating the same meal. -
Today’s lunch:
❤️LOVE IT - scallops, broccoli and pomegranate ❤️LIKE IT - Napa cabbage ❤️LEARNING IT - steamed rice


by @fabfara9

Miso soup, simple, yummy and good looking ❤️


by @kissthespooon

💓#theblooomseries N’6 | A bowl of blended frozen berries, banana and little avocado for extra creaminess 🤗I also want to share another love note, as part of the bloom series. This is to all the beautiful women who use their physical, mental and emotional health to live a love of prosperity!
Women who operate on masculine mode all day long will break down eventually. Yes, you (woman) are made of masculine and feminine energy, but you need to find the right energetic balance. Check my story to understand if you have excess masculine energy inside you and what you need to do to fix it.


by @nourishmelhealth

Who's with me on this?! ✌️✌️ Exercise is one of the many tools we have in our toolbox to optimise health, hormone balance and help to fight early onset of chronic disease! 💟 If you are a woman who has PCOS, Hashimoto's, or any other autoimmune condition, never forget that physical activity can reset your body's ability to address blood sugar levels, insulin receptors and your adrenals. Choose the right type of workout depending on your menstrual cycle ✔️ confused? Will be doing a post shortly on how we are supposed to feel every week of the month, why we need to be more forgiving towards our female bodies and why our periods should be celebrated as the ultimate detox monthly instead of something to dread! 😉😉 #nourishment #nourishmel #exercisemotivation photo reposted from @drcherylkam


by @ediblewellness

Salad is my middle name. Red pepper, parsley, celery, shallots, cauliflower (for the crunch), tomatoes. Choose your protein. Tonight it was goat cheese fresh from the market. #organic #sugarfree #healthychoice #saladbowl #naturespalette #healthymeals #vegetarian


by @pacificrimcollege

Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of The Weston A. Price Foundation and author of the best-selling book Nourishing Traditions. She brings you the fascinating workshop ‘Achieving Optimal Health Through Nourishing Traditional Diets’. Explore the foundational dietary principles that kept our ancestors healthy and how to incorporate them into your life. Learn not only how to change your diet for the better, but also how to support a healthy pregnancy and strategies for healthy eating.
The key to vibrant health is at your fingertips with this in-depth 14 hour online course. For a detailed course description and to register, head to pacificrimcollege.online!

Pacific Rim College

by @topfer_indonesia

Lactana Organic infant Formula

Semua susu Topfer mengandung triple kombinasi unik dan bebas dari gluten :
1. AA + DHA
2. probiotik BIFIDO
3. Organic : Untuk menjamin kualitas yang terbaik untuk bayi anda, pertanian Organic di daerah allgau, German. Pertanian organik tidak mengandung GMO , pupuk kimia, maupun pestisida, sapi yang mengkonsumsi makanan yang bebas dari pestisida sehingga dapat memproduksi susu yang kaya akan nutrisi.

#onlineshopindo #jakarta #indonesia #organik #natural #fitness #nutrition #nutritionschool #nutrisi #healthy #cleaneating #indonesiasehat #indonesiamakansehat
#mindbodysoul #olahraga #healthymeals #topferindonesia #topfer #topferbaby #vegan #yoga #organic #natural #momtobe #bayisehat #motherandbaby #madeingermany#makananorganik


by @mine.nifitnifat

¿Qué pasa con la vitamina D?🌞

🗒Hoy les quiero dejar un datico acerca de una de las vitaminas esenciales para nuestra salud.
Muchos estudios coinciden en la necesidad de la vitamina D, pero hay controversia en cuanto a la mejor manera de obtenerla.🙄

Comencemos por el principio...👩‍🏫 •

🖍La vitamina D es un nutriente liposoluble (necesita ser consumida en presencia de grasa para ser absorbida correctamente) y es necesaria para casi todas las funciones fisiológicas. Juega un papel primordial para nuestro sistema inmune, ayuda a reducir el riesgo de desarrollar algunos tipos de cáncer, obesidad y depresión. .

🖍La vitamina D se puede obtener de 2 formas: consumirla o sintetizarla. •

🥚A través de la dieta:
Para obtener vitamina D podemos consumir salmón, atún, sardinas, hígado, huevos, leche fortificada, quesos. •

🌞A través de la luz solar:
Exponernos a la luz solar es la forma más simple de obetener vitamina D. De 45 min a 3 horas semanales sin bloqueador solar sería lo ideal dependiendo del tono de piel. Hay que tener en cuenta que el bloqueador solar es muy importante para prevenir enfermedades de la piel, pero disminuye la abilidad del cuerpo de sintetizar la vitamina D. Hay que encontrar un punto de equilibrio. •

🖍Hay que tener el cuenta que al ser un nutriente liposoluble quedan restos almacenados en nuestros tejidos al tomar suplementos, lo cual aumenta el riesgo de toxicidad. .

🖍La mejor opción es siempre la natural, pero si hay que tomar suplementos, debemos hacerlo bajo la supervisión de un especialista.

¿Y tú, haces lo necesario para que tu cuerpo tenga la vitamina D que necesita ? ¿Preguntas ? ⤵️


by @christicass

Join me tomorrow for a FREE Masterclass Training specifically for health and wellness coaches.

Plus, get a FREE client enrollment package, done for you recipe guide, and discovery session call flow script for FREE!
4 Key Strategies to Stand Out as a Health Expert, Establish Your Influence Online, and Close Discovery Sessions with New Clients (without working around the clock or stressing out)! Sign up NOW! http://bit.ly/4KeyStrategies #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #iinhealthcoach #nutritionschool #nutritioncoach


by @dietitianhq

The other day I found a notebook that held some of my very first business-brainstorming notes. ⠀

You know what I didn’t have written down in those notes? Anything that was going to actually help my business succeed. Check off a couple boxes, sure. But actually generate income? There wasn’t much substantial there.⠀

So honestly, it’s not surprising that I didn’t immediately start raking in the dough. I had drive and ambition and such good intentions.⠀

But I didn’t have a solid marketing plan. I had the usual suspects written down: visit doctor’s offices, send a weekly newsletter, post some stuff on my website. But literally nothing about how I was going to use any of that to make money.⠀

The biggest thing missing from my "plan"? Support. Someone to ask questions and bounce ideas off of.⠀

But it doesn't have to be that way for you.⠀

TOMORROW I'm officially opening the doors to The Society, a hybrid coaching + mastermind group just for nutrition entrepreneurs. DM me your email address if you want to make sure you get the announcement! ⠀


by @the_satisfied_life

If you guessed sugar, you’re right. When someone tells me to give up sugar, I just want more 🤷🏼‍♀️. But, when I consider the health benefits, it makes the choice much easier. All sugar is good for is that it is a carb and produces quick energy. However, it has:
❌0 vitamins
❌0 minerals
❌0 fat
❌0 proteins
It might satisfy your tastebuds but it won’t NOURISH your body because it is VOID OF NUTRITION. ❌Also, it causes tooth decay.
❌And, it spikes your blood sugar causing you to be hungry sooner.
❌And, your cells can only use so much fuel so the extra just gets stored as fat.
I’m counting 7 strikes against it already...
I’m not saying to never eat it. But, when you only get so much food a day to eat, wouldn’t you rather eat something that will BENEFIT your health instead of harm it? (I hope this rant helps you stay strong and make better choices this season 😊)
#iinhealthcoach #nutritionschool #sugar #sugardetox #halloweencandy #nutritionfirst


by @cassandrabodzak

Let’s talk about FOOD SENSITIVITIES🙋🏼‍♀️
If you’ve read my book or you’ve hung around here long enough — you already know that finding out about my food sensitivities changed my life. I was so sick, in so much pain and after testing everything under the sun with my doctor — I finally took things into my own hands with an elimination diet to discover my food intolerances.
My how things have changed since then! I was SO excited to hear about @pinnertestusa that I instantly reached out to them to get myself a kit. @pinnertestusa is a food intolerance test that tests your body’s sensitivities to over 200 foods. You simply take a finger-prick test at home and use a prepaid envelope to send it back to the laboratory to see what foods your body is intolerant to!
You were meant to feel great in your body. Food is supposed to fuel you. Knowing my food sensitivities and eliminating them GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK. I could not be more passionate about this and more excited that there is a test like this out in the world now. So naturally I got all you guys $60 OFF + FREE SHIPPING if you want to take it yourself —- just go to pinnertest.com/order and use code BODZAK at check out. 👌🏼
In the meantime, I’ve just taken one myself and am very excited to get the results! Comment below if you want me to share my results/intolerances or if you’re going to get a test. 👇🏼
Remember, trust your body’s wisdom. If it’s telling you somethings up — listen. 🙏🏻✨
#pinnertestpartner #eatwithintention #plantbaseddiet #dairyfree #glutenfree #foodsensitivities #iinhealthcoach #nutritionschool #mindfuleating #bodylove

Santa Monica, California

by @redwoodhealthhk

Fuel your day with our #LinusPro #Protien pancake !!!


by @allgreenmary

Lunes Feriado de reflexión.....Hace unas semanas estuvimos disfrutando unos días en Rosario. Acá me ven, con mi pichón, es las escaleras del monumento a la bandera. Estas escaleras representan el esfuerzo realizado para organizar el Estado. Me pareció un buena alegoría, pensar que en cada una de nosotros esto mismo, puede representar el esfuerzo diario por organizar nuestras vidas, trabajos, hijos, familia, y así todo cuidar nuestra salud física y emocional, con el único objetivo de ser felices y cumplir nuestras metas en la vida.
Vaya esfuerzo por organizar NUESTRO estado personal. Esas escaleras no acabarían nunca.
Vos como organizas TU estado personal para cumplir con todo lo que te rodea y a su vez mantener tu equilibrio saludable?.
Que es lo que mas te cuesta? el ejercicio? la alimentación tuya? la de tus hijos? conectarte con vos? tu trabajo? que es lo que no te permite terminar de organizar "tu estado"?
#esfuerzo #dedicacion #familia #primaryfoods #health #saludable #bienestar #felaicidad #rosario #allgreen #allgreenmary #nutritionschool #iin

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

by @oevans_fit

I’m starting a new workout plan tomorrow and I’m ready to up my fitness game and crush some goals!

Goals for the rest of 2018 include:
1. Lose 10 pounds through flexible dieting and smart coffee
2. Up my cardio workouts
3. Explore some new healthy crockpot meals
4. Drink more water!
5. Be present and don’t take any day for granted

What goals have you set for yourself for the rest of 2018? Let’s crush them together!

Ps I know this mirror is super dirty 😳🤷🏼‍♀️


by @sp_nutrition_and_health

Pretty pink to brighten up the gloomy Monday 💗
I love beets and yes I even add them to my shakes too 🙃Beets are one of the best detox and anti-inflammatory foods 💯✅... beets have the power to drive toxins out of your body ... so give beets a chance 😉 #breastcancerawareness ~
This recipe is easy and delicious! For this one, I used unflavored plant based protein @livwell_nutrition but you can also use vanilla;
Recipe as follows:
💗1 scoop of unflavored protein @livwell_nutrition
💗1 cup of unsweetened almond vanilla milk @califiafarms
💗1/2 cup of water
💗1 small cooked beet
💗 1 tbs of flax seeds @bobsredmill
Blend and enjoy!
Save it, make it, share it 💗💗💗
Xoxo SP

Short Hills, New Jersey

by @scott_moving_forward

Today @coachzachdeck posted the last class of this #REMOTEKINSTRETCHMEMBERSHIP session. It was a peek at what his advance class is like. Even though I still had to catch up on 2 classes I couldnt resist.
To say this class was humbling would be an understatement! It called for ankle weights and 2 lb dumb bells. Thank christ I didnt have them haha. It was ridiculously challenging un loaded for me. .
This vid is of the 1/2 90 over mid height yoga block. Honestly dont think I could have done the low loaded but that doesnt mean I have made some great progress between the first class and now! .
Zachs #kinstretch classes are great, love the way he sequences them but most of all in love that he tells you WHY he sequences the way he does. .
I have not only made some great progress from both his personal program and now this kinstretch session I have learned alot about both FRC and my own body! .
Thanks for all the gains and knowledge bombs Coach Zach!
#keystonehealthcoaching #nutritionschool #iin #holistic  #iinheathcoach #healthcoach #healthandwellness #eighty20rule #balace #yoga #yogi #movement #mobility #kinstretch #frc #functionalrangeconditioning #controlyourself #challenge #pailsandrails #CARs #puttheworkin #

Wakefield, Massachusetts

by @transformationalnutrition

You asked for it and now it’s happening! In honor of this awesome new partnership with @shawnmodel , we are going to give LOTS of lucky winners a copy of his incredible book Sleep Smarter!
1. Comment below and tag 2 friends who you think could benefit from improving their sleep habits and learning how to optimize their health! (This counts as your entry!)
📘For a BONUS 5 entries (whaaa!) you can post a photo of yourself tagging @transformationalnutrition and using the hashtag #transformationgeneration telling us why you can’t wait to sleep smarter! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Winners will receive 3 copies- one for you, and two you can give away to those friends you’ve tagged! (The giveaway will end on Friday, Oct 19th!)


by @stephanielong.ca

How can I teach others what to do if I’m not perfect myself? 🤷🏻‍♀️
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement from nutrition grads. It’s actually crazy how many people don’t feel ready or “perfect” enough to start their biz.
“But I’m not super skinny, why would they want to take advice from me?”
“But I’m still on my own health journey and don’t have all the answers yet”
“But I’m not perfect, so what kind of role model am I?”
But, but, but. We stop ourselves over and over from truly stepping into our power because we fear we’re not good enough, don’t know enough, or simply aren’t enough.
I don’t know about you, but when I work with a health practitioner, I don’t crave perfect. I crave REAL ✨
I want to work with someone who yes, knows their stuff, but also has been through it all too! I want someone who I can relate to, someone who gets me, who listens, who cheerleads for me, and nudges me forward.
I’m not looking for the picture perfect practitioner but rather looking for someone I connect with and makes me feel heard 💕
So my love, next time you stop yourself from sharing your knowledge, your expertise or yourself because you might not feel “perfect”, please remember this 👇🏻
You do NOT need to be perfect in order to help someone else
You do NOT need to have your shit completely together in order to share what you know
You do NOT need to change yourself to fit some “idea” of what a practitioner should look like or be like.
You simply must show up as who you are, right now, and know that’s more than enough. By being real and being you, that can MORE than help someone right now.
So next time the fear of not being enough pops into your head, remember that you deserve to show up in this world just as you are. And that you don’t need to change AT ALL in order to be worthy of this 💕✨