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You’re motivated. You’re tenacious. You have a dream, and you don’t want to wait until you graduate to get it.
You don’t have to.
Brendon Burchard has spent ten years as a professional certified high-performance coach. In his new book: “High Performance Habits” which is scientifically backed by one of the largest studies in the world spanning three years and over 190 countries, Burchard discusses six habits high performers use to outperform their peers. We’re going to look at how online high school students can use these six habits to live their dreams before eighteen.
The question Burchard asks is this: “what is it that high-performing people are doing differently than everyone else?” The answer is: deliberate habits. Deliberate habits, Burchard explains, are “habits they had to practice consciously and conscientiously in order to keep outperforming their peers.” So what habits do high-performers employ?

First: Seek Clarity. High performers practice the skill of curiosity. They’re constantly asking themselves questions: what do I want to focus on today? How can I make this better? Is this really my priority? What’s the emotional end-goal I want to feel when this is over? Asking all of these questions and staying curious constantly helps students perform at a much higher level, simply by clarifying their lives and being open to viewing things in different ways. At CMASAS, our students practice this skill by engaging in mastery-based projects where they are encouraged to use their own passions and interests as framework for completing an assignment.

Second: Generate Energy. Burchard says: “High performers do have greater levels of mental focus and stamina, greater positive range of emotions, and greater physical vitality and health.” But are they simply born that way? No. High performers have just learned the secret: They evaluate their choices by what gives them energy and what takes it away. For example, have you ever spent an evening with someone so toxic you walk away feeling flattened by a steam engine? That encounter took away your energy. 👆>>> Continue Reading: Link in Bio! <<< 👆


Сегодня однозначно творческий день, уж столько красоты натворила🔥🔥🔥 скоро покажу, немножечко терпения🙏🙏🙏______________________________________

Today is definitely a creative day, so much beauty has done ... I will soon show a little patience🙏🙏🙏


Riga, Latvia

So I’m back at online school after rough few weeks, doing all the efforts I can starting with a few courses and moving up from that💪🏻
Estoy de regreso en la escuela en línea después de semanas difíciles, regresando con todas las ganas, empezando con algunas materias y subiendo desde ahí 💪🏻 #onlineschool #chronicilness #awareness #enfermedadescronicas #spoonie #motivateyourself #improve #improveyourlife #getbetter #warrior #zebra


❤️We announced this morning that we have 5 (!!) remaining spots for enrollment in the Indie Birth Midwifery School class to begin July 2018.😍❤️We are really very fucking serious about this. We want YOU; more women that want to serve women in the traditional midwife role. Margo and I are passionately dedicated to creating the new paradigm of midwifery outside of the BOX of “who will grant me permission” or “who will license or certify me”. We are moving on, and up and out of this old paradigm model.⭐️🔥Since announcing this an hour ago, we’ve already received a handful of applicants. But it’s not too late! If now is the time, get your application in! When we’re full, we’re full. Http://www.indiebirthmidwiferyschool.com 🍀☘️Also pictured is our online teaching platform and a glimpse at my class, happening right now!🌸🌺#indiebirth #takingbackbirth #newparadigm #powerfulwomen #onlineschool


📽️ Начали делать первые съемки и впереди ещё очень большая и длинная дорога📺🛣️ и мы уже продумали план продуктов и что ждёт впереди, и это будет очень круто🔥🔥.
Эта неделя задалась для меня очень тяжёлой, из-за каких то своих ошибок, действий, решений! Одна из причин возможно, что слишком доверяю людям, но я думаю жизнь эта та штука , из которой мы должны извлекать кучу уроков, а не топить себя в обвинениях и ошибках💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Свои уроки я выявил и спасибо за это определённым людям🙏🏻
Я как всегда верю и буду верить в лучшее с хорошим настроением, хоть какой бы я на фотографии не был угрюмым😄🙆‍♂️ иногда наверное надо понимать, что ты с человеком даже на расстоянии не можешь думать и чувствовать одно и то же, хотя даже и не на расстоянии, но как я сказал извлекаем кроки друзья , ведь что нас не убивает , только делает нас сильней🙏🏻😊🔥 .
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Disclaimer: This post is not to play down on people's bad maid experiences or victimise anyone. It is for those who have concluded that they would never hire a maid because of what they have seen on social media or read somewhere. What you have seen may be true, but it is not the whole story. That's what I want you to also consider.
Did they patronise a credible agent? Did they conduct a well planned interview? Was a contract signed? Were necessary precautions taken? Was there a confirmed guarantor? Could they hold the agent accountable?
Many maids may be bad, but their actions were aided by loopholes that we often overlook.
The stories you read should make you ask questions not draw conclusions. If you need a maid, get one. But be sure to go about it differently.
Trust me, if you get it right from the beginning, your experience will be different. Don't let your conclusions be drawn on incomplete stories. :
Like I said, it's all love. No victimisation🙌


Happy #motivationmonday 💪 everyone!

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs… one step👣 by another.
Enjoy your climbing 🙂

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