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by @scaperartist

Coffee, Books and the Beach ❤ #thepower #oursharedshelf #beachtime #elsalvador


by @drlauravarnam

I am delighted to hear that Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ is the members’ choice for Emma Watson’s feminist book club @oursharedshelf I have many copies of Rebecca and these are my favourites. In the centre is a first edition from 1938! That’s one of my treasures. Plus a teeny dolls house version of the novel! On the left is a gorgeous early American edition with the most stunning dust jacket and on the right another edition from Daphne’s main publisher during her lifetime, Gollancz, with the trademark yellow dust jacket. To find out why I think Rebecca has stood the test of time, read my article that was published in The Independent earlier this year (link in my bio!). Happy reading to all the book group members! #daphnedumaurier #rebecca #mydumaurierbook #oursharedshelf #emmawatson #bookstagram


by @gilmorebookclub

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is the focus of my latest blog post. Full of revenge, hidden treasure, and a hint of romance, this ninteenth-century novel is still on popular and best-selling booklists today. .
Have you read The Count of Monte Cristo? .
Don't forget to check out my post on the blog (link in article) and follow @gilmorebookclub
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by @nathalieleonsdottir

well damn, thanks to this book my to do list for the upcoming weeks looks as follows:
1. acquire wood.
2. carve cool stuff out of wood (such as spoons).
3. become the urban woodswoman.


by @les__livres__

• Rebecca is such a fantastic novel in which to lose yourself for a few days. I first read it many years ago as a schoolgirl and before re-reading it I did wonder if it might have lost something for me over the years but I enjoyed it just as much as a much older & wiser person, even knowing all the twists and turns. Daphne du Maurier was so clever to make us all side with someone we normally wouldn't, and to remind us of the risks with making assumptions and not communicating openly. Any other Rebecca fans here? •

Perth, Western Australia

by @arumlilea

I couldn’t have been more excited to see that @emmawatson has selected Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier as the @oursharedshelf September read. I read this book years ago and loved it so I’m currently re-reading my grandmother’s 1948 edition. I can’t wait to spend this long weekend with my nose in this book 📚 📖 ☕️ What are you currently reading? #oursharedshelf #bookclub #goodreads #goodreadschallenge #goodreadschallenge2018


by @delly24

Enjoying my first read from @oursharedshelf and loving my custom bookmark from @rbh19. I watched the movie of Rebecca years ago, but most details have escaped my brain and it has been a joy remembering. #oursharedshelf #rebecca #daphnedumaurier #reading #booklover #watercolor #hummingbird


by @ahyin.in.wanderland

📖 : Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier 😊 #oursharedshelf #bookworm #dumaurier #bookworm #currentlyreading


by @fiadhmelina

big cheeks = big brains 🤔🤓 @oursharedshelf book of September and October is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier 😍 reading with the intellectual 3 week old help of Selene Radha 😋👶🏻 start them young 📚 .
#oursharedshelf #bookclub #daphnedumaurier #momlife #bookofthemonth #babyreading #startthemyoung

Dingle, Ireland

by @granger0207_snsdsone

#Repost @emmawatson
• • • • •
📽🎞💞 Sending all the love for your upcoming American tour, @rupikaur_ (Details here: rupikaur.com/tour/)
Our full @oursharedshelf interview via 👆🏼link in bio or bit.ly/2M2dVBA ✨
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by @isaacurbna

Escrito a finales del siglo XIX, en una época en que la literatura se enfocaba en los enfrentamientos, invasiones y el imperalismo, esta novela relata la historia del protagonista cuyo nombre jamás es mencionado y de su hermano durante una invasión en Reino Unido.

Esta invasión, como ya sabrán por la película con Tom Cruise y Dakota Fanning, es realizada por seres de Marte quienes huyen del planeta rojo por falta de recursos naturales. Es también uno de los primeros libros que abarca este tema de invasión extraterrestre.

La narración es una mezcla de primera y tercera persona, se dan muchos detalles explícitos de los marcianos, sus naves y su vegetación (en el libro siembran un césped escarlata que se expande como hierba mala por todo el planeta tierra). Los tentáculos, la saliva, los ojos, los labios, el efecto de la gravedad y el aire en los marcianos, los lásers, la niebla negra, el terror, la inseguridad de los humanos, todo es majestuosamente explicado con lujo de detalle y algo de antecedentes.

El científico Robert Goddard se inspiró en este libro para inventar el cohete de combustible líquido y el cohete multietapa, que resultaron en el desarrollo de la nave Apollo 11 que realizó el primer viaje a la luna.

Asimismo, esta obra es una de las más influyentes en el canón de la ciencia ficción, el cine, la televisión, el radio, las historietas y en la literatura, siendo uno de los pocos libros que jamás se han dejado de imprimir desde su publicación en 1898.

Es una de las 3 obras más populares de su autor junto con La Máquina del Tiempo y El Hombre Invisible. Más que recomendado, vayan a por el si pueden.

#LaGuerraDeLosMundos de #HGWells
@bookfairiesworldwide @goodreads @oursharedshelf
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Historic Boston Edison Association

by @nittanyknits

When you know you should put the book down and go to sleep, but it’s just too good. #MakeMoreTea #OurSharedShelf #bookstagram #GonnaRegretThisAt5am


by @nobaddayspsych

no livro ‘milk and honey’, rupi kaur compartilha poemas (e prosas) dolorosamente verdadeiros. que focam em assuntos como corações partidos, violência, abusos, perda, sobrevivência, problemas familiares, feminismo, racismo, e seu crescimento sendo a diferente da turma. rupi escreve de maneira real, crua e capta gloriosamente o que é ser uma mulher no mundo de hoje. 👏🏾❤️


by @dssouza

no livro ‘milk and honey’, rupi kaur compartilha poemas (e prosas) dolorosamente verdadeiros. que focam em assuntos como corações partidos, violência, abusos, perda, sobrevivência, problemas familiares, feminismo, racismo, e seu crescimento sendo a diferente da turma. rupi escreve de maneira real, crua e capta gloriosamente o que é ser uma mulher no mundo de hoje. 👏🏾❤️


by @bunny197_

.awww, 너무너무너무 귀엽당, 차기야!!! 😻😽📖
.kucing aja baca buku, masa kamu enggak? 😏😌 ~ the cat is reading book, why u arent? 😏😌 guess, what book? 😆
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There's nothing not to like about this picture! ☕🍰📖#Repost @joanhaywood1989 (@get_repost)
Decided it was a good time to join in, and to read @oursharedshelf’s book selection for September/October. I must admit I’ve never #read anything by #DaphneDuMaurier, but #Rebecca seems like the perfect one for me to start with. A #book that ties in well with the onset of #autumnal days, and gloomy skies. Oh, and yes, I am eating cake for #breakfast! #oursharedshelf #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booklovers #books #oatlatte #vegancake #coffee #bostonteaparty #btpcafes


by @hitzeflimmern

Thanks to @oursharedshelf I found my new favourite late-summer‘s read 🌊🏯⚓️🔥
#rebecca by #daphnedumaurier is definitely an uncanny book, reminding me of Effi Briest by Theodorf Fontane or Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. The haunted house, the abusive relationship and the overall dark atmosphere give me the creeps, but its so thrilling that I can‘t stop reading 😅



by @nabstew

I'm reading #rebecca for the #oursharedshelf 's book of the month. Have you read it? Did you enjoy it? Let me know (without spoilers ofc) 🤗
Estoy leyendo Rebecca porque es el libro del mes del grupo de lectura @oursharedshelf ! Lo leyeron? Que les pareció? Comenten (sin spoilers obvio jajaja) 😉

#classics #bookstagram #book #books #igbooks #argentina #modernclassics #daphnedumaurier


by @angxelica

I read ’You’ three years ago right as I was getting into the thriller genre. I didn’t really like it and it was only after I mulled over the story for a week, that I realized the PoV it was written in made it hard to enjoy. A book narrated by a creepy, stalker isn’t meant to be enjoyed, it’s meant to make your skin crawl and that it did well.
I haven’t felt compelled to pick up the sequel but I’ve watched the first two episodes of the new lifetime show and it’s definitely more intriguing in visual form. Have you read the book or been watching the show? 🕯 #mostlybooksandcoffee


by @thehalcyondaysofsummer

When packing for my holidays I invariably take too many books. This is due to a number of factors: a fear of running out of reading material, not knowing what may next take my fancy, indecisiveness, and my burgeoning tbr. These were the reads had with me on holiday minus A Tale of Two Cities. I read 9 of these so I did pretty well. This @thule backpack definitely came into its own when needing to haul {and protect} my precious books - I was so pleased to have been sent it. Any books from this pile you’ve loved or are raring to read? #holidayreads #travel #wanderlust #thule #thulebackpack


by @theguywiththebook

Just a few pages left of Warlight (Thanks @aaknopf for sending it to me!), and I'm not sure how to structure my review.
I recently heard a podcast on BBC 4 (I think) where critics were discussing how they review books. And it was really interesting to see the basis behind reviews for different people.
❗️ What is one thing you always hope would be good about a book?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

by @andhernosestuckinabook

Así es como me quedan libros que empecé hace meses sin terminar aún: porque siempre engancho algo nuevo e interesante para leer.
* Raging Heat: de la saga de libros de Richard Castle. Lo empecé en el verano. Ahí quedará por ahora.
* Harry Potter - A journey through a history of magic: También lo empecé a principio de año, y si bien está interesante, ahí seguirá por un tiempo.
* Rebecca: como les conté, este es el libro que leemos en septiembre/octubre en #Oursharedshelf. Me está gustando.
* A simple favor: lo empecé hace 2 días porque, truth to be told, la peli (protagonizada por Anna Kendrick y Blake Lively) se estrena el mes que viene y estoy intrigada en saber de qué se trata.
En fin... cuántos libros tienen en su lista? Son más o menos que los que tengo yo en la mía?

PS: Sorry que no estuve publicando mucho. Mucho trabajo últimamente, exámenes, cierres de bimestre... #currentlyreading #books #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #bookworm 📚