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Thank you @antoniomacarrostudio for sending this to me from the #LarryClark100 show in Paris that's going on right now. You have a great eye to pick this photo out of the thousands that were there. This particular photo was chosen as the cover of Rebel magazine in Paris. It's not out of print but icons #HelmutNewton #PaoloRoversi had shot the previous covers. I had been crying all day b/c I was upset about something on the day of this photoshoot when I was very young. That's why my eyes were a little swollen. The magazine issue was successful! It was sold out & everyone at the newstands called me the "little brown girl"... They said the magazine w/ the "little brown girl" is sold out. Lots of people asked me about this magazine when it came out & said it was sold out... Wow great MEMORIES! For those of you who are uneducated on @larryclarkfilms This was shot obviously by the great #LarryClark who made his seminal work #Tulsa that influenced Francis Ford Coppola's Outsiders & Rumble Fish, Gus Van Sant's Mala Noche & Drugstore Cowboy, Scorsese's Taxi Driver, & the last 50 years of fashion photography & cinematography. There's lots of misleading gossip about Larry & I but I was his official muse & still am. We have worked together for 20 years & I am still an advisor for him & a defender of his legacy. Larry & any man who dealt w/ me can tell you I'm the Queen Spitfire & Queen Scorched Earth... I don't FUCK AROUND & anyone who gets in my way is gonna get burned & the only way to get around me is to kill me & you'll die before that happens... I'm not some ghetto bitch who just talks, I walk the walk & I put my money where my mouth is. If you want smoke you can get it, pull up! & my motto this year is... If you are gonna be dishonest or lie or try to take what's rightfully mine/things I built & worked hard for... Get ready to go down in flames, I play dirty, & I have an army behind me. Don't underestimate me, I'm not afraid to die for my life & what I worked for... I'm scarier than anyone you've met in your life. I keep tabs on all the lies... And wrongs done to me... Don't think you've gotten away with anything... Just wait... #AmericanGirlFromTexas #LawyeredUp


Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Russia, March 2008
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When it’s the only thing you can do 💔. #paoloroversi #1998 #shakespeare #tears #tomato #soup #rip #blackandwhite