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by @mamaminimalista

“¿Cómo te sentirías si de pronto alguien te quitara el teléfono mientras estás hablando para dárselo a otra persona que lo quiere usar porque ‘hay que compartir’? ¿Cómo te sentirías si te obligaran a hacer pis cuando no tienes ganas o te forzaran a comer aunque no tengas hambre? ¿Cómo te sentiría si tu pareja te pegara una cachetada o te encerrara en un cuarto porque no haces lo que te dice o porque ya no tiene paciencia? ¿Cómo te sentiría si cada vez que te lastimas o te duele algo te dijeran “no pasa nada” o “ya no llores”? Seguramente te sentirás frustrada, invadida e incomprendida y posiblemente temerosa e insegura de expresar tus emociones...entonces, ¿por que hacérselo a quién más te ama? La empatía con tu hijo no puede florecer si desconoces lo que en realidad sucede en ese pequeño cuerpecito, en ese cerebro en desarrollo. Invadir, manipular momentos fisiológicos, minimizar y negar emociones, castigar por los errores y agredir son los disparadores de diferentes trastornos que tu hijo cargará durante su vida... no lo condenes, acompáñalo en su gestión”

Autora: Ana Acosta Rodriguez, Extracto de mi libro de disciplina positiva
Si quieres aprender más sobre Crianza Consciente, aprendizaje autodirigido y quieres formar parte de esta tribu suscríbete a mi blog! Link en bio 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 Imagen: Moosn


by @lepapierstudio

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by @ashleyrodrigueswellness

Your anxiety does not mean you are broken.
Culturally we view and label anxiety as BAD and thus want it to go away. But we forget that it’s not anxiety that’s bad. Anxiety exists within us as our bodies way of telling us to pay attention. It gives you the extra focus, adrenaline you may need to pass an exam, give your presentation, or nail that interview. What most of us experience is anxiety showing up when it isn’t needed which leads us to need to manage it.
It isn’t until we can appreciate that our body isn’t BROKEN can we learn how to manage our extra anxious feelings. LEAN IN to the feeling when you feel anxious. It’s not a battle you are trying to fight, but a gift you are trying to craft or mold to better suit your needs 🙏

Miami, Florida

by @andreaarenee

She is seriously a @gerber baby 😍 I can’t get enough of this little babe! Wish her luck for the #gerberphotosearch2018


by @mrs_clark2012

Date nights with him are my fav! ❤🍁🍂


by @chl0sxo

•VOOM VOOM mam vibes
One thing I can give myself and nobody can discredit - I give my all 🖤
. . ___________
Play area & besties seen ✔️
Presents wrapped ✔️
Park walks & bills paid ✔️
Kids party & sugar rushes ✔️. .
Being a mam is stressful but I have the best little kid in the world. If only my 2 year old could stroke my head & run me a bath and a glass of wine. I need looking after 💆🏼‍♀️•


by @miranda_mamabird_

Me: Hey buddy, do you know your name?
Weston: My name is 2!
Me: Well you’re 2 years old but your name is Weston.
Weston: Westie Westie [does little dance]
Me: So what is your name?
Weston: NAME. IS. 2. 😐
#LifewithWestonEdward #thingskidssay #parenthood

Building for Kids Children's Museum

by @gretazalaya

Where does my hair end and the Hay begin?🤷🏼‍♀️ #fbf


by @marisacarroll_

We all have our triggers. We all stress + make choices that don’t exactly benefit us whether we realize it or not. I did something yesterday that is out of the norm for me - after my doctors appt yesterday I felt stressed + nervous (more on that when I’m a little more ready) so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts + got 6 donuts 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. I ate 2 right then + there. I was like what the F am I doing? That was weird. I normally don’t stress eat but I did yesterday. .
Some people eat
Some people drink
Some people smoke
Some people watch reality TV (Me 🙋🏻‍♀️) .
Yesterday after I got home I just wanted to go to the barn + spend time with the horses so I did that. Horses have a way of being therapeutic. I’m all about finding different ways to “get away from the world” that are healthy. Exercise is a given but I already worked out in the morning but the barn helped a ton.
What are some healthy outlets you use to de-stress?


by @thelittlecactuss

The most rewarding and the hardest thing in my life is being their mama. Thank God for health and happiness 🙏🏻

Scottsdale Quarter

by @eliseallred

Picking apples in grandpa great’s backyard for his 86th birthday. What a beautiful, warm afternoon. Even great uncle Dave joined in the fun. He is visiting all the way from Alaska. So glad Emery has the chance to make such fun memories with her family.


by @brittneyknudsen

Hello Blue Eyes.
This little guy is cutting 4 teeth on top. I put him down at 7:30p and he's up by 10:30p!! Every night this week! All he wants is to cuddle though so it's super sweet. As soon as he lays down with me he goes back to sleep. I don't mind one bit.


by @dearheart_children

I wish I could say we were having a slow and leisurely breakfast this morning....nope! Swimming day so it’s up and out the door early for the 6th day in a row - tomorrow we sleep! X 📷 @bylillevilde


by @funkyandlittle

This has been the longest week ever!
So I’m saying Hello to the weekend and ✌🏽 to last week just like @5_catrina cool little dude!


by @thefuquafive

He’s such a combination of destruction and sweetness. I can’t even handle it. 😍🙈


by @babyjoy10

💕 Enjoying Motherhood moment featuring Babylegs legwarmer.


by @pslindsay

🧡 raising the future 🧡

Most of us have been through life events that have affected us deeply. We may not always understand how these events have impacted us.

We may exhibit negative behavior toward a situation similar to the one which shaped us. These behaviors are often brought on by moments of stress, or situations similar to past events that we have experienced. We must be conscious, to be aware that these behaviors are present.

Becoming a parent committed me to a journey of being the best person that I can. In order to grow, I must acknowledge where my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors come from.

If I cannot understand my own behavior, how can I understand my daughter’s? If I cannot understand my daughter, how can I effectively communicate with her? If I cannot understand or communicate with her, how can I expect to teach her?

I believe that learning and modeling this consciousness is vital in helping my daughter become an understanding and thoughtful adult. I hope that she grows into a person who can learn how her experiences affect her as they occur instead of years later, like me.
In my journey to become a better parent for my daughter, I became a better person – for myself, and this process is life long. ✨

matching top knots: @athenaplusannalise
bag: @fawndesign
evies pants: @keepthemtrendy

North Windham, Connecticut

by @smalldailywonders

"Mommy, are you done with your candle? I'll blow it out now." Well alrighty then. 🤣 💨🕯️🤷‍♀️ #SmallDailyWondersOfFamily


by @tristanlynae

Our little friend is recovering from her first sickness and holy cow it’s heartbreaking. Got to stay home with her today and I think we’re in the clear! 🤞🏼 Can you even handle this face 😍😍😍


by @shantgaray

Ready for real life?
I haven’t exercised in 2 week.
Yup. Went from every day mon-fri (even some weekends 😱) to nothing. Why, you ask? Kids. Life. Chaos.
Sometimes it’s just about staying afloat.
I’ve felt it, too. The way my clothes fit. The fast and furious sugar cravings. The subtle softness. And there were a few days this week where I let those unhealthy thoughts wander back in. The kinds that compare your worth to a number on a scale. But, those things don’t define me.
I will find my best balance. It will take time & grace, but I’ll figure it out.
And y’all better be here with me because I cannot do this alone. Ive got way too much FOMO for that nonsense 😂
(And yes this is the @knixwear catalyst high-impact sports bra and y’all. There’s nothing like it anywhere)

Oahu Life

by @earthsignmama

Happy Friday from my little crew! I know the quality of this photo sucks, and we look like we just woke up. But I love that it shows us in our element and what most days at home looks like - snuggling up and being totally silly. 🤪
I may not always post the most pretty and cohesive photos for the gram, but I will always post what I’m passionate about and the people who matter the most. 💕
I hope you have the most wonderful weekend friends! Xo 😘

San Diego, California