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UX vs. Design


This almost breaks your excitement when you breakthrough with your code #webdeveloper #programming #php #javascript #angularjs #oops


it's been a while since i posted ,lately i feel like i do not want to , between attending classes for my final year ,and looking for an internship "which is not that easy " , between thinking what technology i should use in the internship and is it more important the subject that i'm going to work on . there is some opportunities , but not like i search , hope in my mind .
months have passed so fast from summer till now , hoping for the best, for everyone.


Hey guys, I hope you are fine!
I have finished the first version of Android Simulator. Are you a designer or want to participate in an open source project? You are free to enter!
It's a very simple app where you can do your first pull request or the first opportunity to enter a new project.
At the same time I want to learn more and improve my knowledge with experienced people. You are free to teach and correct me.
You just need to go on my profile and check the link on my bio or just search for malucs-developer on GitHub.


Machine Learning ML / Data Science sesh 🤓👨🏻🔬💻

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