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by @bodybyrae

Be the Queen of your own little world 🌍 👑💜
@alirubenstein_ showing no limitations.


by @puremoves

KICK OFF // with an early morning! Now the sun is shining a little earlier, getting up for that 6am workout is getting easier. Who’s joining us bright & early tomorrow? 6am Open Reformer & 6am Pure PHIT 👊🏻

Cottesloe, Western Australia, Australia

by @matfreaklane

Tendon stretch to table is the perfect combo to both open and strengthen the entire body. ..
..Keep reading for the blurb #wundachairwednesday ✨✨

The draw up for Tendon stretch starts with the inner legs. Lift by sequentially engaging the adductors, then pelvic floor and finally the abdominals. A continual deep C curve allows your booty to clear the chair.
Then reward you abs, shoulders and pecs by opening the body into table. #wundachair magic 💗

Sway Bar Pilates

by @eleanorfromtheblock

Driven, strong & charming. Olivia has an incredible presence. Get your abs on @ @heartbeat.high with @oliviastell #youwontregretit #areyoureadytogethigh #pilatesporn @madebyeleanor #madebyeleanor

Heartbeat High

by @studiocorpusmtl

Nice pilates class tonight wow! 💯
#verdunluv #verdunpilates #pilates


by @nu_fitness

New to Reformer Pilates? See what the team at Nu can do for you! Follow the link to our website to claim your special intro offer now.


by @kimi_broadbent_pilates

Had an awesome time at @dynamicstabilitypilates educating the final weekend of the #Polestarpilates Studio/ Rehab series with @lochednloaded .
Here we are demonstrating assisted hanging series on the #trapezetable


by @ess.pilates

Breakfast with my man - don’t miss me too much my luv ❤️

Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

by @sessionpilates

Where the magic happens. 👆🏼 #obSESSION

Come get your afternoon 💦 on with us at either location! A few beds still open in those 12:30 / 2:00 p.m. sessions. #bookem


by @puremoves

EXTEND YOURSELF // Don’t get stuck in the same old fitness rut. We have over 10 different class styles and over 70 different class times to choose from, every week!! So you (and your bod) will never get bored. Come and feel the Pure Moves difference 👌🏻

Pure Moves

by @studiocorpusmtl

It is the mind that shapes the body.
Joseph Pilates
#pilates #montrealpilates #mtlpilates #verdun

Studio Corpus Mtl

by @amityounger

SWAN with “ZIPPER behind the back” .
I absolutely love how it feels doing the Swan with the Roll Up Bar 🙃
The springs assist the extension of the spine and I can focus on getting the articulation in the Thoracic spine. The feeling of stretch and “opening” of the chest and shoulders is a lovely added bonus 😊
In this video I added the “Zipper behind”. If you never did this before, think about the Double Leg Kick from the Mat – deep internal rotation at the shoulder joint while pulling the bar (hands) as high up the back as possible. ☑️ Use arm and shoulder muscles and watch not to pull from the neck muscles. Wish I had a teacher giving me a tactile cue on that when I was filming this video 🤫😉 ☑️ Strong legs throughout – assisting the full body integration
. .
👁 You can watch hundreds of my Mat classes with clear and concise cueing on www.yoopod.com .
💌 DM me with your contact details if you want to receive info re my Teachers’ Classes and Workshops in London
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by @ess.pilates

Tonight - Tuesday - Fluidform 💪🏼

Sydney, Australia

by @bodysmart__pilates

Single leg hamstring curls \\ Working on our hamstrings, inner thighs and shoulders in this twist on the hamstring curl 🌪 @stephbairpilates working on half a spring. To advance, place more tension on the springs by walking the foot further down the railing! 🔥

Body Smart Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine Clinic

by @onelifestudio

Moving forward with grit and grace on the daily.✔️ #OnelifeWoman 📷 @karlaong, Marketing & PR Executive and Pilates Enthusiast

Onelife Studio