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Even though it's getting chilly, Pore Perfection is still a great friend to have on your vanity 💅🏻This mask is a staple product, no matter what the weather's like 🍂
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📌Accutane Isotretinoin Roaccutan 📌


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If you suspect about Acnotin please check it out on google. I guarantee no fake product , it's the same as (Isotretinoin , Roaccutane , Accutane) different name/company but it has the same ingredients

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This mask delivers abundant moisture in an instant. It effectively maintains a high water level in the skin so your face feels supple, and full of vitality, even hours after using the mask. Specifically designed by Aive's team of skin experts, this mask EXCLUDES paraben, propylene glycol, oil, and alcohol. With it, hydration has added a superior supplementary care that even sensitive skin can use with no worry.


I was never blessed with great skin. Ever since I started middle school I've had acne that just wouldn't go away. I've been to a dermatologist who prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide face wash but that didnt work. I used to cover my forehead with my bangs until I graduated high school in 2013 when my skin actually started to clear up a bit. I used to only have to put on concealer. Then college happened and my skin flared up pretty bad. I was prescribed oral doxycycline that made my stomach sick. I took that for a good year or so then stopped. After a year I went back on doxycycline then stopped again. Then finally last year I went to a different dermatologist for my keloids and acne. She prescribed me doxycycline and spironolactone and that seemed to work, however I didn't like how spironolactone messed up my normal menstrual cycle. I was spotting in between my periods for a good 4 months and I was feeling nauseous. I stopped taking spironolactone and the doxycycline and I pretty much gave up on ever having at least good skin where I don't feel like I have to wear makeup. My dermatologist did suggest accutane which I think would have really helped but being that I took doxycycline for a long time I didn't want to take any more pills and hurt my organs. Plus I wasnt a big fan of taking birth control at the moment since my periods are really normal (I didn't want to mess it up). It wasn't until this year in January that I found something that actually worked and it wasn't something that would destroy my organs. If you'd like to know more about my story, please let me know. This picture was taken in 2015 (p.s no filter)❤️😊#acne #pimples #skin #flaws #pimple #badskin


If you’re someone who feels insecure due to your acne take a look at this!! 😊 easy on skin 👌🏼tough on acne 👍🏼 For as little as $5! ❤️


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Are struggling with breakouts, blemishes, pimples, or more? Drift Day Spa specializes in skin care of all skin types, as well as treating both guys and girls. We can help you get the glowing skin you desire by individualizing treatments just for you! Call and make an appointment to get your skin looking good as new!
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Glacial Mud Mask Results!! Looking for amazing cleansing mask? PM me for details on the best mask I have ever used! This mud mask a favorite for both men and women! Plus, it is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin! By using this mask 2-3 times a week, you will help draw out impurities and toxins leaving your skin feeling soft and purified! Regular skincare at home is very important in maintaining healthy, younger looking skin! ✅ Dermatologist Tested! Click on the website link above to order your Mask today!! $35 + tax and shipping. 💕 #skincare #skincareroutine #mudmask #facemask #pureskin #beauty #blemishfree #perfectskin #washyourface #pamperyourself #beautiful #beautifulskin #lookgoodfeelgood #blemishes #pimples #cleanskin #clearskin #detox #beautycare #glam #glamorous #skinresurfacing #healthy #men #menshealth #mensfashion #menswear #womensfashion #holidays #fall


Get Gluta Pancea to clear acne ( pimples and spots ) completely . 100% guaranteed #pancea #gluta #glutapancea #pimples


Our Skin+ AloeH20 toner is saving my skin while I've been traveling. My skin always gets so dehydrated while traveling especially on the plane. I spray AloeH20 before, during, and after the flight to give my skin the hydration it needs.

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Who is ready to pamper your skin with the best organic line from Lemon Grass! Stop by to learn more about this amazing product line ,we do skincare Monday and Tuesday from 9-2 call for more information 201-773-8666 #skincare #skincareroutine #lemongrass #lemongrassproducts #facials #cleansing #pimples #oilyskin #dryskin

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Sorry I'm late, I actually got out today which was a nice change. Heading to Universal Wednesday so I needed some shorts bc last time in jeans it was hot. I'm actually FINALLY comfortable in showing my legs now. Sad to say- only took me half my life. Actually I'm starting to get more and more comfortable in my own skin as the weeks go by. Still got lots of toning up to do but that 10lb weight difference made a HUGE impact on my self esteem. Sounds like with everything I'm doing- a lot of the excess fat I'm still carrying around will be terminated anyway. Wish I had known this was the answer back in the day but with all things, we have to be ready to listen and clearly I wasn't. Back to my face- I definitely believe it's looking better and like I said before it seems like it's all down hill from this point on. I'm really starting to filter now. Every time I go to the bathroom, I see sediment in the toilet. After dryfasting for 16 hrs the other day, you could really see the acids in the urine. It's like crystals shining all around. I was so happy bc that crap is in my body and I want it all out. That's what is causing all of our ailments. Imagine those crystals collecting in parts of your body over the years you've been alive??? I've got a ton in my face that need to go. Thank goodness I have the power to change my future. Too many people have no clue that they have the power too. I get why they would rather be sick and eat the way they do. It's hard making a change like this. I'm part of the 10% population who has gone raw vegan. But I no longer look at what I'm missing, I look at what I'm gaining by eating this way. I just look forward to the lifestyle honestly. Right now being strict is my thing and sometimes depressing for me but I'm dealing. I'm a determined individual and will do anything I set my mind to and this seems like a huge challenge but I thrive off challenges. I'm looking forward to that day that I can say, "I DID IT"!!! 🤗🤗Can't believe it's been 3 months already! Here's to many more to come!


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