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Miso Mushroom Ramen🥣
Stay warm this winter with this healthy alternative to package ramen. This simple delicious ramen came together quick with @lotusfoods organic millet and brown rice ramen. It’s vegan, gluten free and delicious 😋 .

1/2 onion, diced
1 cup purple cabbage, chopped
1 cup sliced carrots
8 oz mushrooms, sliced
1T. Tamari
1 T. Miso
2-4 cups vegetable broth
1 Ramen cake
Sauté onions in a little water until browned, add sliced carrots, chopped purple cabbage, mushrooms, edamame , 1 tablespoon Tamari and 2-4 cups vegetable broth (depending on amount of veggies you use), and simmer until vegetables are tender about 5 minutes. Add 1 Ramen cake and simmer about 3 minutes until just soft, remove from heat, stir in 1 tablespoon Miso, pour into pretty bowls , and enjoy 😊 .


Water and sunshine are two essential components of any healing journey AND of living a life of optimal health. And yet nature continues to be vastly underrated! We read of biohacking, Keto diets and all sorts of gimmicks and they can all have their place, but NATURE rules. Let’s never forget that! Nothing comes close to the benefits we get from spending time regularly in nature, when we combine a plantbased diet with daily sunlight, swims in nature, forest/nature bathing etc, that is how we reap maximum benefits.
We love swimming in the cold Cape Town oceans and all our beautiful fans and crystal pools. Getting sunlight into your eye without sunglasses is also a game changer. I used to wear sunglasses all the time, and giving those up for the most part has made a marked difference in my health. I’ll be speaking more to that! #livingmucusfree #mucuslessdiet #rawvegan #plantbasedhealing #plantbasedlifestyle #biohacking #sunlight#lighttherapy #watertherapy #detoxprogram #detoxify#align#cellularhealth


T. COLIN CAMPBELL est un biochimiste qui se consacre à la science de la nutrition humaine depuis plus de 60 ans. Surtout connu pour avoir rédigé le Rapport Campbell (The China Study), il est l'un des pères fondateurs du mouvement pour les alimentations végétales à base d’aliments complets non transformés.


✅plant based skincare ✅plant based nutrition
✅consistent exercise
✅80/20 rule
✅still room for wine and the occasional Chinese take away because #balance 🙈


Cereal is one of my favorites. I dont eat it everyday though. I want to try to keep my grains low. I can't get rid of them completely cause being Cuban I can't give up the rice. .
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Oooooooooo the most delicious food @justorestaurante Medellín 🇨🇴 last night 🍴 the flavours, the taste, the whole experience was amazing 🌱 swipe for those super cheeeeesy balls in action 😜 Plant Based is the future! 👌🏼


The colder weather and longer nights make it easy to feel more tired than usual. 💤
Swipe to see 4 simple ways to stay energised without needing to down 3 coffees in the morning. ☕💫 #Myvegan | #WorldVeganMonth


Ive been so tired lately. Ive been waking up in the middle of the night just about every single night. On top of tht my hair wouldnt cooperate and I didnt have a hat to match my favorite dress 😩 I still have good news though! Ive been manifesting in a real way. I always say I want what I want and Im gonna get it 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ Im sooooo happy I raised my frequency. This is the best way to attract the things you want. It works and in my experience, it happens FAST!!! For me, I had to first believe and know tht I deserve to have whatever I desire. Ion care how big or crazy it may sound to other ppl. If I want it and know that I deserve it thts what Im going to get. I cant stress how much this works. You really just have to believe and do the work. Ive posted them before but you can look up other ways to raise your frequency. Your diet is a great place to start. Speaking of diet, come see me and @veganwife_ash at the Woodlawn Street Market this Sunday noon until 4pm. 1 55th place south Bham,AL. The menu is in my previous posts! Cant wait to see yall! 💚🌱

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Let’s get back to the basics. What do you want from this lifetime? People often speak about the aches and pains of “old age” but do not talk about prevention from such. It’s almost like we’ve accepted a fate that we have every ability to prevent. What you eat makes up your body and seamoss contains 92 of the 102 #minerals that your body is already made of. What are you waiting for? .
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Black Seed Oil Eliminates MUCUS and that's enough reason to have a bottle of this in every household, since mucus is the root cause of nearly all diseases.⠀

We have the black seed oil and the black seed oil capsules. Click bio link @personalhealthshop or use our website search feature to order yours today.⠀


This vegan apricot croissant from @amtcoffee was an ideal way to start Friday.
It was fluffy, crispy and fresh. I'd recommend buying one the next time you pass an an AMT!

Side note: I believe it's impossible to pronounce croissant properly with an Irish accent- less of a "CWOSSSON" and more of a "CROSS-ANT". _________

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Are you a morning person🌞or night owl🦉? I’m definitely a late night person. But if I don’t get my workouts done 1st thing in the mornings before work, I find myself never getting them done later in the day. After having my 2nd daughter, Violet, I still do not feel like my body is 100% back to normal, I struggle to find the time & motivation to exercise, and my mental health is a complete disaster. These past 3.5 years, all I would eat was a ton of junk food as it was both easy & convenient.
It wasn't until I started embracing a plant-based lifestyle & cutting out all meat & anything with animal by-products that I finally feel like I've had success in making the commitment to truly living a healthier and more positive life. Only after a couple weeks into becoming a vegan, taking small, incremental steps each day, & with the constant motivation & support from my husband (who initially inspired me to go vegan as he recently became one as well), I've already lost 6 lbs & 2.5% body fat, this is just the start.
I feel like this decision has been the best gift I could have given myself and is a major jump start to my New Year's resolutions. I now have the energy to take care of and chase my 3 wild daughters around (2 human, 1 fur-baby) while finally being able fit into clothes that I haven't been able to in years. I'm so happy I've made this change and am looking forward to what the new year brings. And the nice thing about it that anyone can do make this change, especially when you can do it alongside your family and friends.
Ok, Day 1 of #marathontraining is complete. Only 309 more days to go!🏃🏾‍♀️
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Lunch is sorted...🌮VEGAN TACOS🌮 packed with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans & some avocados 🥑! Swipe 👉 to see our  generous squeeze of lime for a boost of Vitamin C👌 Happy Friday everyone x
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It’s #beetzafriday!!!! Call to reserve.... 860-653-2338! 🍕💕 We took our favorite gluten free vegan pizza crust from @deesonesmartcookie and topped it with cheesy pesto sauce, garlicky kale, mashed potato blobs , cashew mozzarella cheese, @nutcaseveganmeats sausage, red pepper flakes & nooch. *Contains Nuts!* Bring it home and pop it in the oven! Call us 860-653-BEET (2338) to reserve yours! #takeandbake Open till 7pm!


Got this from a friend who had received this message... ⠀

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has bought the book, recommended it, or shared it on their stories etc...⠀

You have no idea how much it helps! 🙏🥳🙌📓📈💯⠀



주말에만 가서 못 먹던 라자냐를 드디어 먹었어요!
어느정도 시바의 메뉴들을 먹고나니 제 입맛에 맞는 메뉴는 다음 세가지였어요.
12월이라 그런지 외식하는 날이 많아져서 걱정이지만.... (비건이어도 바깥 음식은 건강에 안 좋으니) 어쩌겠어요? 집에서라도 건강히 먹어야지🤪


Quanta ispirazione nelle parole di esperti quali T. Colin Campbell, che aprono la strada per nuovi approcci alla #nutrizione e alla salute umana. Il nostro futuro è in BUONE mani!


We're so inspired by experts like T. Colin Campbell (@NutritionStudies), who lead the way for nutrition and human health. Our future is in GOOD hands!


i made a lotus biscuit cake!! (anyone who’s seen my past baking experiences will know how much of an achievement this is aha)

recipe: * 400g self-raising flour
* 1 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
* 250g caster sugar
* 115ml sunflower oil
* 400ml soya or nut milk
* 3 tbsp golden syrup
* 2 tsp vanilla extract
* 300g vegan butter
* 400g icing sugar
* 3/4 jar of Biscoff
* 1/2 tsp salt
* lotus biscuits for decoration

Preheat the oven to gas 4, 180°C, fan 160°C, and grease 2 (9 inch) loose-bottomed cake tins.
2. Sift the flour, bicarbonate of soda and sugars into a large mixing bowl and mix.
3. Whisk together the sunflower oil, milk, syrup and vanilla in a jug and pour the mixture into the dry ingredients, then beat well for 2 minutes until thick and creamy. (I also added biscuit crumbs to the cake mix)
4. Spoon the mixture into the prepared cake tins and bake for 30–40 minutes until golden brown and springy to the touch.

Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 15 minutes in the tin, then remove and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.
6. Whilst your cakes are cooling, it’s time to make the buttercream. Sift your icing sugar into a large bowl, then add the remainging ingredients.
7. Beat together until a smooth thick buttercream is achieved – this make take a few mins.
8. To assemble – spread a layer of biscoff buttercream in between the layers of sponge, and then completely cover in icing


Homemade cereals 🤩🤩 🍌banana
🥥shredded coconut
🌱hemp protein powder (50g Protein/100g)
🌰plant based protein powder with hazelnut flavour (74g Protein/100g)
🍫cacao nibs 🌱flaxseeds
🌱chia seeds
🌱popped amaranth

Served with coconut milk 🥥

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doTERRA will be exhibiting their essential oils to @PlantPoweredXpo on Feb 1st 2nd 2020 at @OlympiaLondon

Plant-Powered Expo 2020 celebrates the best of plan-based living with 200+ exhibitors and 100 guest speakers hosting a wide range of presentations, panels and cookery demos across 12 featured areas.

Buy tickets to Plant Powered Expo at the link in our bio (BUY 1 GET 2 FREE offers running for limited periods only)

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If you took a packed lunch to work, it’s estimated that over an average working career you would save over £50,000 and 10’s of thousands of sandwich wrappers, crisp packets, drinks bottles, napkins, single use cutlery and condiments from going to landfill!

Our reusable lunch bags, from WAKEcup, are insulated to keep food fresh, perfect for work or school meals, there’s also a little pocket to leave a note for your loved ones 💚
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🥑 Plant-Based Giveaway! 🌱 We're showing our herbivore friends some love with this vegan & vegetarian-friendly supplement bundle. ⁠

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- Keto Matcha Energy Elixir⁠
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- Fermented Turmeric Capsules⁠
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Did you know that digestive issues are on the rise in the US? STRESS is one of the biggest culprits behind digestives issues!
Yep, many of our stomach problems are caused by our lifestyles. I can speak from experience based on dealing with & healing my own gut issues. It’s never easy to admit to causing your body to feel unwell and it’s definitely not easy to change those patterns of living but we can…and we have to! 🥬🥒🍌🍎

What are some ways that you’re creating healthy digestive habits?
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A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to meet @lightningwilks as we interviewed him for @plantbasednews - James is a former UFC champion and co-producer of record breaking film the @gamechangersmovie, which some have claimed includes ‘cherry picked’ studies and is misleading. Because of this controversy, @joerogan invited him on to his world famous podcast with Dr. Chris Kresser who claims to have ‘Debunked’ the film.
The podcast is almost 4 hours long, but is definitely worth a watch as James does an incredible job at refuting the claims made against the film, dispelling the myths that animal protein is superior to plant protein, vegans are more likely to be deficient in B-12, and proving that the scientific consensus suggests a predominantly whole-food plant-based diet is optimal for all humans including high-level athletes.
@joerogan said “to say he did well would be a tremendous understatement. James knocked it out of the park, and defended himself and the film quite spectacularly. So much so that I’m actually considering taking the original breakdown of the film offline”

Swipe 👉🏼 for a clip of the podcast, and If you’ve been living under a rock, watch @gamechangers on @Netflix when you next have 90 minutes spare ✌🏼


Another day, another vegetable

This holiday is coming to an end and I honestly believe that this is the first holiday in my life where I’ve been able to fully live up to my goal of ”80/20”. 80% whole foods
20% ”normal” vegan food

Instead of pushing myself towards a 100% complete nutritious and ”healthy” path, I’ve decided to compromise. And to be honest it’s working out really good.

I’m not much for sweets or junkfood anyways but on some days when I’m travelling or on the go I can just settle for fried rice with veggies or some kind of plant based burger or something along those lines.
The ”20%” is basically food that I eat just to get something in my belly, I’m not looking for a fully nutritious meal packed with essential fats, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre, I just want to stop being hungry.

And just because that one meal isn’t the best nutrition-wise doesn’t mean that the next one can’t be.
Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of the S.O.S (Salt, Oil, Fat), cause we all know where that ends!
This works out great for me and I feel that this is a highly functional and realistic take on food for me.

Do you think that this way of eating could be applied to your lifestyle?
Let me know down below.