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this is how we parted ways I carried your ghosts long enough 🚪
have you ever seen a ship drop it's anchor mid sea.the violence that takes place under water as it drags itself chain unravelling until it catches onto steady ground.and the ship stops completely
that is how it felt carrying around the ghosts of those who said I loved too much.more than enough.actually.I loved with wildfires so intense .it would set the desert on fire.the ghosts of what could have been.and the maybes of what I'd I had been less intense maybe they'd not have chosen to fled
so they'd wake up me up at night.and taunt me.dancing around my bed.how I was always an almost personnever quite could truly want to stay with me.i like you.but maybe you'll drown me.this is how they responded to the ocean of a heart I carried inside me.
so I dimmed my lights.so they wouldn't shine so bright.maybe they wouldn't be scared away by light.turned myself into a ghost city.took out the sunflowers and daisies.made myself a shadow of the living stunning universe I knew I was supposed to be.
breathing became difficult.because my lungs were full of their ghosts building shelters in the places air was meant to be circulating.tying a dead weight around my lungs and heart.there was no room for the air or light to enter this body.i shrunk and became a shadow merely existing not living
you can only squeeze yourself into uncomfortable situations.or hold your breath under water so long till you lungs start protesting.your nose struggling to not breathe in because you will choke on water and it will flood your lungs.and this is how you will end
letting go was the only way to grow.i had no more room for things that were dead and dragging them around was unkind to myself .if you keep yourself trapped in the past eyes always looking back you won't see the opportunities coming down a different path in the present.
choose today.this moment.to only keep the things people who are willing to live and grow with you.let the ghosts of the past go.

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Nairobi, Kenya

Day 53: Adventure Of A Lifetime

I understand bucket lists even though I don't have one. When we realise we are mortals with finite time on this planet, there's a tendency to do things we feel strongly about. Personally, I just go out and do what I want to do. If I really want to do something, I plan it out and get to work towards making it happen. I haven't actually written anything down though I have done a number of things I've set out to do.... Wait... just because I haven't written them down doesn't mean I don't have a bucket list. Oh well, I guess I do have one. Japan next?

Have an adventure/ Well, what are you waiting for?/ Life is pretty short #HAIKU

P.E.I Ferry

To the one who feeds us,

They say, food is a blessing, it's a basic need, a survival. I'm sure it is.

But who are you then? A blessing who gives us blessings through food? Sounds weird but the truth lies within.

I know, you've been under a lot of agony and despair lately, and alas! People barely care. But listen up, I do care for I understand what it is that leads you to end your existence.

I'm sure, it's never easy sacrificing, and you do it every time, for us. Irony isn't it? The one who gives us food, starves to death.

I'm sure you love your family, like we all do, and coming back home with barely any grain in hand and not being able to feed your little children and your somehow surviving wife when you're feeding the nation working hard the whole day must've pierced in you an arrow of guilt, right into your soul.

I'm sure, when the weather betrays you all of a sudden, leaving you in anguish and disappointment and taking away reasons after reasons to live for longer, it must've killed you and your hopes already.

I know, it's hard for you to see your family starving when you feed the richest of the richest
I know it's difficult to cope up with the government and the weather that is never on your side.
But I know, without you,
Selflessness would soon eradicate for you're the most selfless being,
And, unable to find food, we would not survive a day.

Eating scrumptious meals everyday knowing miles away, there's someone who's giving his everything to get me my food everyday makes me feel worse you know? For you are the one who deserves the world, not an end of it.

I'm glad you've survived this far, your brothers tried too, but the sorrow and the guilt were too much to turn a blind eye to.

Someone who cares.

Written by Paromita Sarkar (@_paromitasarkar_)


...in due time, you'll be mine...I'm sure of it 🙏
"Waking up by your beautiful beams" ... waking up by your beautiful rays of sunshine. I bet that's the life🤗
"Trailing away just to see you" ...maybe it'll be destined for us to cross paths...and maybe I'm meant to trail down the path to see you...
"You might rub off on me, boo" I gotta stretch that "might" because I believe you already have rubbed off on me😖🔥
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