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You have not failed. •
No matter how many times you slip up or fall down.
You have it in you to find the strength to get back up and move forward again.

Every failure is one step closer to success. So never give up. Don’t let failure intimidate you and sell you on lies that you are not worth it. That you won’t ever succeed.

Say thank you to failure for showing you what you don’t want and reminding you and only strengthening your desire for what you do want.

There’s no failures. Only lessons.

Artwork and photo © Agostino Arrivabene


Keep starving your distractions.


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This summer isn’t what I planned for myself. I wanted to focus on getting a solid workout routine going before school starts and building a little muscle. Instead I’ve spent the last 7ish weeks in more pain than I’ve felt in years because of my pinched sciatica nerve. .
I’ve been discouraged because I couldn’t move like I want or needed to. I’ve been throwing my own personal pity party because I have to be more intentional about resting my body more frequently than I’d like to. .
Why does it have to get this serious before I make that a priority?? Really though...why?!? I know I’m not alone in that!! And I know better than that!! It’s not what I teach my kids, and it’s not what I’d tell my friends to do. .
So instead of spending the summer creating a new routine of pushing my body, I spent it building a routine to take better care of myself!!
There was a point when I could hardly leave the couch except for a couple of laps around the living room, usually sobbing because nothing was comfortable or pain free. I couldn’t even sleep in my bed because it hurt so much. I certainly wasn’t able to cook healthy meals, exercise, or even grocery shop. .
I am feeling much better. It feels like it’s taken forever!! I’m still sore. I’m still taking pain relievers regularly. But I’m also resting more when I feel I need to. I’m focusing on stretching and trying to give my body what it needs to heal all the way.
Today was the most normal day I’ve had since early June. I still ended the day on the couch alternating heat and ice. But I worked in my classroom most of the day. I paid close attention when things hurt so I could alter what I was doing or take a break when I needed it. .
I’ve been back to Keto full swing. I’ve had some fat loss even with not being able to move much. I’m thankful to be feeling so much better!! .
I’m focusing on the positive!! 💛I’m feeling so much better! 💛I’m making self care my priority! 💛I’m finding out what works best for me and letting the rest go!!! .
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Mundur satu langkah untuk maju lima langkah.. #ancangancangcorojowone 😁#positivethinking #alifkamotorracingproject


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