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A 10 minutes light meal improvisation

For one person:
Heat some olive oil in a frypan
In the meanwhile:
Clean and slice 3-4 pieces of mushroom
Wash cucumber, tomato, parsley

Place mushroom slices into the hot oil to lightly fry them

In the meanwhile prepare:
1-2 cups of cucumber 🥒and
1-2 pieces of tomato 🍅cut into small cubes
1 tbsp finely chopped parsley

Place them in a bowl with 2 tbsp sweet corn 🌽(canned, if you like - optional)
Check mushrooms: turn or stir them to get them golden brown on both sides

To the salad add:
olive oil
a few drops of lemon juice 🍋or Apple Cider Vinegar
a tsp of mustard
a tsp of mayonnaise
Himalayan salt
any spices and/or herbs you like 🌱
All are done at about the same time 😊. Serve it fresh, eat immediately but SLOWLY, and of course - ENJOY! 🤗

You may also serve it with mashed potato or toasted bread or falafel balls. (Then you would need a little more than 10 minutes 😉.)
With Love, from Kripāmaya's kitchen

Eating REAL FOOD is so essential to life, to every single cell of our body. 🥦🌞
Love yourself dearly 💗 to eat only FRESH food or freshly made meals (at least MOST of the time). 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳
In case you have digestive problems and are afraid of eating and/or you have unhealthy habits around eating and you are not sure how to change them, I have the solution for you. 🌈
Book your FREE Orientation consultation now at kripamaya.com (click on link in bio). WHY NOT?
Or email me to info@kripamaya.com
With Love,

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Do you agree with this? 🤔


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This pattern is something I see A LOT! And the reason that it’s so common is because it is the body’s natural response to restriction and deprivation. .
If you’re hungry and ignore that hunger (or try to ignore it...), your body WILL eventually MAKE you eat. This normally hits at night, and is especially the case if you’ve been eating unsatisfying foods (aka rice crackers and plain old salads) all day. .
This is why Intuitive Eating is so important 💖 listen to your body, and honour what it is asking you for. You’ll be happy for it later! 🙏🏻
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Creamy Broccoli Salad
This is my kind of salad! Full of goodness, filling and delicious, and easy to prep for the week.  The addition of hemp seeds helps give it a boost in protein, fibre, and healthy fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory benefits.  You can’t go wrong 😊
2 heads of broccoli
1/2 cup raisins
500g bacon (optional)
1/2 small red onion
1 red capsicum
2 TBSP Hemp seeds (I use @theorganicmc)
1C greek yogurt
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
2 teaspoons maple syrup or honey
1. If including bacon, cook in a dry pan. Let cool and chop into small pieces
2. Place all ingredients for the dressing into a medium bowl and whisk until all ingredients are combined. Set aside.
3. Next, either finely slice the broccoli, or slice in the food processor and then place all ingredients for the salad except for the hemp hearts into a large bowl and pour dressing over salad ingredients.
4. Mix well and be sure that all ingredients are coated in the dressing.  Top with hemp hearts.
5. Eat immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.
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🧨3 ways how to kickstart your weight loss.
🕵️‍♀️You are Busy.
👩‍🚀Maybe even running your own business while juggling everything else.
One day you noticed that your clothes are getting a bit tighter.
It’s time to do something about it and lose some weight. 💥
👉So you decide to EAT LESS & EXERCISE MORE to get you back in order.

But it’s not cutting it this time? Why? 🤷‍♀️ .
are three key hormones responsible for all of this… .
🖐These three key hormones, when out of balance, will cause our body to store excess calories as fat.

It's not just a case of eating too much for a while and then having to exercise more and eat less...
If this is your strategy, then you may be thinking "I'll just cut down on food 🥗and exercise💪 a lot more." .
But if you are busy, stressed, maybe a bit anxious, it won't make a difference until you balance these hormones through diet and lifestyle.🕵️‍♀️
💥So here are my 3 tips on how to reset your hormones back into balance:
This is our stress hormone.🎯
If you've been too busy, stressed, overwhelmed or anxious and feel tired all the time, then cortisol is out of balance.
Create a good routine in your day and focus on allowing yourself to de-stress for about 30 min a day.
Start your day slowly and postpone the first coffee ☕ to mind-morning.
Insulin moves sugar/glucose from our bloodstream into our cells for energy.
Now if we've been having lots of sugars, lots of refined products🍪 or white flour 🥐our body will store excess food as fat.
So make sure that you include whole grains🍚 and/or vegetables 🥗to your every meal to create a stable blood sugar level.
Our thyroid gland is the queen👑 of our metabolism and quite often our thyroid is affected due to stress, poor gut health, nutritional deficiencies, excess sugars, inflammation, toxicity and so on.


Пятый уровень - диафрагма. Диафрагмальный зажим.
Эта зона, наверное, самая интересная в рамках психологии пищевого поведения. Чувства голода и насыщения рождаются именно здесь. Потеря связи с этой зоной ведут к потере четкого понимания, когда человек физически голоден, а когда нет.

Где? Мышцы диафрагмы, солнечное сплетение,
Как проявляется? Неповоротливость туловища (человек поворачивается в стороны сразу всем телом), затрудненность дыхания (невозможен глубокий вдох в живот)

О чем? О запрете проявлять чувства отвращения и брезгливости, в это зоне также живут неврозы и созависимость.
Возвращаясь, к питанию, представьте ситуацию. Маленького ребёнка насильно пичкают едой, которая вызывает у него истерическое отвращение. Если он не съест эту еду, ему угрожают бабушкиным инфарктом, к примеру. И вот он давится, запихивая в себя, предположим, разваренную капусту из щей или твёрдые и пружинистые частицы мясного фарша. Хронический зажим в области диафрагмы обеспечен.
Еще вместе с отвращением блокируется способность к рвоте причем в обе стороны: люди с диафрагмальным блоком либо совсем не способны к рвоте, либо наоборот одержимы ее приступами.

Мы говорим:”тошнит от всего”, “сосет под ложечкой”,
Компаньоны: проблемы с желудком, склонность к тошноте и рвоте

Как себе помочь? Упражнения из йоговского дыхания, вакуум

Испытать на себе трюки профессионалов по психоэмоциональному расслаблению мышечных зажимов можно на Демо-версии телески по вкусной цене. Пиши в Директ!

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SSS: Gruplarda sürekli dertlerimizi mi anlatacağız?
CEVAP: Psikodrama gruplarında uzun konuşmalar yapılmaz. Her şey sahnede eylemle temsil edilir. Yani her şey ANLATILMAZ, YAPILIR.

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Rich only exist in comparison to something or someone else. Agree ?
@bemiind_com ☺️
John Stuart Mill, usually cited as J. S. Mill, was a British philosopher, political economist, and civil servant. One of the most influential thinkers in the history of classical liberalism, he contributed widely to social theory, political theory, and political economy.
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A true yet debatable statement. What might be the reason behind this? Let me know your thoughts below 👇


You don't need to be always productive. Tag someone who needs to see this. 🌟


If you paused for a moment to celebrate something about you and/or your growth from last year until now, how many amazing things about you have gone unnoticed or unspoken? 🧐🤨 I was talking to a client recently about this. We started working together a year ago. She said something like “I’ve been really growing everything, slowly, but growing.” 🌷💐🌺 I thought, YES YOU HAVE. Then I also paused and thought some more. 1 year is not a long time for a BRAND NEW BUSINESS🔥…This client has been invited to speak on stage in more than one country, and the invites keep coming. She’s about to put out an amazing signature course that had so much research, patience, revisions, and quality production poured into it. 💥💥💥 So I asked “do you think it has been slowly?” She paused and realized it too. No. The growth has been astronomical for a new coaching business that is only in it’s first year.
On top of that… ⭐️ She is speaking with confidence on stage and on video, two things that used to feel terrifying ⭐️Her skills as a coach have expanded so much and her clients are more than satisfied and referring others to her ⭐️ She values her services in big important ways, especially in taking only paid clients after years of so much free work

I realized I need to do the do the same pause. We all do. We’re so damn hard on ourselves.💜💜 And here’s me, captured by the amazing @alx_low who is also owning that’s she’s one badass photographer 😍🥰


Aubrey Babcock, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach’s favorite quote:
✨ ✨ ✨
"Your worth is not defined by your physical body.”
✨ ✨ ✨
. ➡️ 📩 Reach her at aubreybabcock32@gmail.com .
🔎 Find her on the web at https://www.aubreybabcock.com
❤️📲 Follow her 👉🏽 @aub32brey .
Learn more about becoming a Certified Coach in Mind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology at @eatingpsychology


hi, i’m Madison. if you find yourself constantly thinking about food and your body and it feels like it's getting in the way of living your freaking life, i can help. i’m an integrative nutrition health coach on a mission to help women find total freedom and confidence with food and their bodies so they can actually enjoy their lives!⁠

i’m hosting a FREE MASTERCLASS where i’ll be REVEALING my 5 Secrets to Never Worrying About Food & Your Body Ever Again...⁠

...so you can experience long-term sustainable health, balance and happiness, all without any of the guilt, stress or obsession.⁠

spoiler alert: no dieting necessary!!⁠

here's the link to join us: sunnythymes.com/5secrets⁠

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Heyyy #Thrivers ✌🏼 Do you ever wonder WHY you’re still not losing weight?

Why it’s been a lifetime struggle for you?

You’re “doing” the healthy habits and workouts.

But, you just feel the resistance and reminders why it’s hard for you every moment.

Maybe for you, you gain momentum then “something” happens and you lose all that progress.

You don’t understand why this pattern happens to you every time.

I was right in the position that you’re frustrated about. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

No amount of effort ever felt like it was enough!

Rather, it felt as if you’re behind and you have to catch up.



1. YOUR BELIEFS of what you are CAPABLE of and CAN’T do.

Can’t lift heavier? That’s your beliefs of, “I’m unsure if I can. I can only do a, b, & c.” 2. YOUR BELIEFS of what you are able to SUCCEED at and what you always FAIL at. “I always fail and emotionally eat on the weekends.” 3. YOUR BELIEFS of what is EASY and effortless for you and what you ALWAYS STRUGGLE AT. “It’s easy for me to eat healthy but it’s a struggle for me to workout throughout the week.” So...now what? Write down ALL your disempowering beliefs to take ownership of how it’s limiting you.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing strategies to unpack and upgrade your beliefs so you’ll no longer be in this perpetual cycle.




Люди любят цифры. Да, даже те, кто ненавидит математику.

Скидка 30%
ВВП страны третьего мира (мы даже миры подсчитываем 🤪) упал в 2 раза
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Мы любим это ощущение наглядности и конкретики. Когда мы можем посчитать, мы можем проконтролировать, сделать анализ и выводы.

Цифры - это полезно.
Цифры - это вредно.

Вредно, потому что мы переносим их без дела во все сферы нашей жизни. Например, экономический кризис с цифрами в экономике происходит настоящее мракобесие. Нашему контролю макроэкономическая ситуация поддаваться никак не хочет. И вот оно - мы найдём где и что проконтролировать.

Контроль извне переносим внутрь и получаем:

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А что самое главное мы самостоятельно можем влиять на эти цифры. И каждый день проверять, и не по разу.

И вот из полезного инструмента цифры превращаются в элегантный триггер тревожности. Переживать ведь действительно есть о чем. Вон все цифры об этом говорят.

Отстаньте от себя. Оставьте в покое ваш вес, рост, размер, объемы. Решайте лучше математические задачки для профилактики слабоумиям в старости, а о теле просто заботьтесь ☺️

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Are you smart? Or wise? Smartly wise? Or wisely smart? 🤔
Let me know in comments 👇 .

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. ⠀
"Thin" doesn't equal "healthy" check science behind at Health at every size book by Linda Bacon #haes
. ⠀
Let's pause for a moment - when do you most often engage in distracted eating?.. ⠀
Do you eat while watching tv, scrolling through IG, reading a book, or driving?⠀
. ⠀
How do these activities interfere with your ability to be present & connect with your body to feel your fullness? ⁣⠀
⁣. ⠀
Try this 👇⠀
⁣. ⠀
Plan a time to enjoy a meal in a quiet environment. The idea is to create a space that is pleasant & free from distraction (to the degree that it’s possible). ⠀
. ⠀
I encourage you to turn off electronics, eat while sitting down. This is a powerful way to reconnect with your body— it’s sacred time.⁣⠀
⁣. ⠀
Pause in the middle of your meal & check in: What’s your taste experience? Are you hunger cues starting to fade? Are slight signs of fullness beginning to emerge? Continue eating until you feel comfortably full. What sensations do you feel in your body?⁣⠀
⁣. ⠀
If sitting for an entire meal without distractions is nearly impossible—try a 3 bite check-in. ⠀
➡ On the 1st bite, just note how you feel overall: pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?⠀
➡ In the middle of the meal, pause for the 2nd bite—how’s the taste and is there any signs of fullness? ⠀
➡ On your last bite of food, rate your fullness—is it pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?⁣ Ideally stop while you still feel a pleasant of satisfation, and repeat the process at every meal. ⠀
⁣. ⠀
Keep in mind, that in the beginning—feeling our fullness requires practice and patience.⠀
Share your insights below 👇⠀
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Du är värd att leva ett liv fritt från dieter, kontroll, förbud, vågen, måttband. Du är värd att lägga all den energi som du lägger på att kontrollera mat, träning och din kropp på din passion. På det du brinner för. På det som får dig att skina. På ditt verkliga syfte. Du ÄR värd det. Du kan skapa det. Jag lovar.


If happiness is an action, and it comes from solving problems, what are you avoiding that is making you miserable? Happiness is a work in progress, because solving problems is a constant work in progress. True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving.
If you want to read more check out:
Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life


That sacred gift called INTUITION ✨
Trust it! Use it more often because just as any muscle, becomes stronger when put to use 😉 #intuition #trustyourgut #beunique #faith #believe @eatingpsychology #psychologyofeating


Coffee & Maple Cookie Dough Bites with a secret ingredient 💫
As a child, I used to love it when mum was baking and I got to eat the dough before it was cooked.  These bite-sized snacks are a throwback to that, and will leave you feeling like you're eating raw cookie dough but this version is healthy, satiating and made with chickpeas!  I can hear you thinking that can’t taste good but trust me, you wouldn’t know they have chickpeas in them. 😉 These bites are packed with protein, perfect for a pre-workout, afternoon or after dinner snack - bite sized with a punch! Give them a try and let me know 😊
* 1 can chickpeas in water (drained)
* 1/3 cup @fixandfogg coffee and maple nut butter (or any nut butter you choose)
* ½ cup vanilla protein powder (I used @nuzestnz – use my code Sagewell for a discount)
* 2 tbsps coconut oil
* 1 tsp cinnamon
* 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 2 tbsps maple syrup * 2 tbsps cacao nibs or 2 squares 70% dark chocolate chopped (optional)
1. Blitz chickpeas in a food processor until a dough like consistency forms.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients except the cacao nibs/chocolate (if using) and blend until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs.
3. Transfer to a bowl and mix in cacao nibs or chocolate chips (optional).
4. Take a tablespoon of mixture and roll into balls.
5. Best kept in the freezer. .
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I’ve had a light bulb moment 💡 .
For those of you who are new to my page (hi 👋🏻), I have health anxiety which, from time to time, has seen me seeking professional help (thank God for my psychologist!). My last pregnancy was absolutely one of those times where I needed help - and at 10 weeks postpartum i’m definitely still needing some help on the anxiety front. So, the other day during my session with my beautiful therapist, I discovered where my health anxiety comes from... And it is these simple phrases which have become my enemy - things we say ALL the time:
“So long as we’re healthy”, “As long as we have our health”, “Your health is all that matters”... etc... .
Sure, it helps to be healthy in a general sense. Of course! I’m not suggesting otherwise. But what’s happened here with me is that HEALTH has become the ultimate goal, the focus, the ONLY THING that TRULY MATTERS. With that comes a fear of illness, death and dying. This is what leads to an overwhelming worry that should I or a loved one NOT be healthy (“heaven forbid!”), my world would end. I would be completely unable to cope. I’m not the only one out there with health anxiety - far from it. Which is why I’m sharing this. If you can’t relate - I’m so happy for you! If you can relate - I hope this helps! .
There are lots of sick people out there who are living very “full” lives. And many “healthy” people who are incredibly lost. So, what is it that really matters then? If health isn’t EVERYTHING then what is? For me, it’s LOVE. .
So long as I’m loved, I’m ok. So long as I’m connected with my loved ones, I’m ok. As long as there is love in my life, that’s what truly matters. .
As of today, I’m changing my email signature for my business emails. I always sign off with “health and happiness”. I’m dropping the “health”. Health is NOT always a requirement for happiness. The sooner we stop equating health with happiness, the sooner we can embrace the uncertainty of life and learn to sit with these uncomfortable realities 💖


Le hemos dado mucha importancia a las dietas;(Dato curioso, las mujeres pasamos 17 años de la vida haciendo dieta!!!). Pero siempre es para nuestro físico o para alguna condición (colon irritable, estreñimiento, tiroides etc) y nunca pensamos en uno de los motores mas grandes que tenemos que es el cerebro.
Esa cabeza que nos da mala vida a veces, pero también nos hace inteligentes y disfrutar las cosas que nos gustan. Esa que guarda memorias inolvidables y otras que quisiéramos borrar… Bueno esa… Esa nunca le damos la importancia que deberíamos darle.

Al cerebro hay que darle mucho amor y cuidado y por eso diseñe, una de las mejores dietas que he hecho en mi vida y es especial para el cerebro:

1.Comer carbohidratos en la ultima comida del día: Como mujeres queremos evitar a toda costa los carbohidratos, pero realmente es muy importante comerlos y no abandonarlos por varias razones; una de ella es por que el cerebro necesita glucosa como energía y si no le damos su comida la pasamos muy mal! Comerlos en la ultima comida del día(dos horas antes de acostarnos por lo menos) hace que el cerebro tenga suficiente para repararse durante la noche. Asegúrate que sean carbohidratos complejos y no simples para que no te despiertes en la mitad de la noche por que el cuerpo te esta pidiendo azúcar.
2.Nutrientes claves: Omega-3 (en pescados grasos), antioxidantes como en vitamina C (alimentos ácidos) Vitaminas B12 y folato (Verduras de hojas verde oscuras), pero sobre todo mucha AGUA!
3.Haz ejercicio regular- el movimiento le hace bien a todos! Aparte de ayudar a producir una cantidad de sustancias que nos hacen sentir bien, el ejercicio ayuda a eliminar el ocio, que nos perjudica cuando nos da la pensadera.
4.Se positiva y ten una red de apoyo que sean positivos- Chao negatividad
5. Duerme bien – Nunca me cansare de decirlo, el que duerme bien tiene mucho en la vida ganado. Cuando se duerme el cerebro se recupera, entonces dale ese espacio que se merece.
7.Aprende cosas nuevas –Y cosas que realmente te sirvan, y no que te van a quitar la tranquilidad o reforzar un patrón negativo que puedes tener. #healthcoach #braindiet #pcosjourney #psychologyofeating #wellness #women


i know it’s hard to overcome your triggers and want to avoid them but sometimes, they need to surface in order for you to heal.⠀
Negative charges from our past experiences stay in our body until we truly remember those moments and forgive. ⠀
To give you reference, I grew up incredibly shy and it still shows up everyone in a while. ⠀
I continue to forgive myself and that trigger that causes me fear of being unheard, being wrong or being cared for.⠀
Every single 1 of us deserves to have a voice, don’t ever forget that. ⠀

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⁠get excited because this coming wednesday, i'm hosting a FREE masterclass...⁠

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