Photograph by @simoncroberts.
River Esk at Trough House Bridge, Eskdale, Cumbria from the series #MerrieAlbion

Trough House Bridge, an old packhorse bridge, is in a little rock gorge below Stanley Gill in Eskdale, and is popular for jumping off into the deep river pool. For Wordsworth, Eskdale was ‘the Green Vale of Esk—deep and green with its glittering serpent stream’. The development of Eskdale Common in Cumbria is an integral part of the valley’s landscape history. Initially an aristocratic estate, it is now an expanse managed by the National Trust that includes the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike. There are still more than a million acres of common land in England and Wales, most privately owned and in upland regions of northern England and Wales. The National Trust, along with English Heritage, Ministry of Defence, utility companies, and the Forestry Commission, are among the largest landowners in Britain.

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Single Parent | Photograph by Navin Vatsa (@navinvatsa)
“Being a single parent, it is not easy to share the qualities of both father and mother at the same time,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Navin Vatsa. “When I lost my wife my wife in an accident eight years ago, it was very difficult and painful to handle [my son’s] innocence. But gradually with time, the understanding between us [has] become a guiding force to me for the years ahead…”

“Identity is among the most ambiguous subject matters a person can explore. Whether it’s looking at an individual’s relationship with him/herself or examining identity in the context of a larger group or culture, the challenge is to make images that thoughtfully convey something that isn’t necessarily obvious at first glance,” writes Documentary photographer Kholood Eid (@kholoodeid). “We’re asking you, the Your Shot community to explore what makes up your identity, how do you see yourself through a photograph.”
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Photograph by @paulnicklen // A 3000-foot mountain along the Antarctic peninsula rises from the sea. What else could you want in a photo beside a giant iceberg with a perfect arch to frame it? #FollowMe on @paulnicklen to see more polar landscapes and wildlife.


La Patagonia es un paraíso para escaladores 🏔️ En el extremo sur de América yace la mágica #Patagonia. Es una región vasta, remota e histórica y el hogar de algunas de las montañas más sublimes del planeta, como el macizo de Torres (en la foto). ¿Qué hace exactamente de este lugar el paraíso de los montañistas? Escaladores de cuatro de las ubicaciones más populares de la región comparten sus opiniones en nationalgeographicla.com


Woohoo! I need this! With  #LGOLEDTV,  I am opening the window to more vibrant colors than the nature itself - without leaving the comfort of my space.
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ATTENTION NEW YORK! This St. Patrick’s Day, the @aspca is celebrating St. Pitties Day! Tomorrow (March 17) and Sunday (March 18) the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC will reduce adoption fees for adult Pit Bull mixed breed dogs to $17 (regularly $75 - $250). By lowering adoption fees, they’re hoping to give these dogs some extra luck finding their forever homes! If you’re interested, be sure to stop in this weekend! (Photographed here in order: Zeron, Bristol, and Orson)


ebb & flow // what’s your favorite borough of New York? Mine is def Brooklyn 🎢🎡🏟️🌭

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Terrace of Louvre, Paris

Paris, France

#Repost @natgeopristineseas -
現在塞席爾這個島國在跨了一個歷史性的一部,兩個新的海洋保護區共涵蓋21萬平方公里,其中也包括了遙遠的阿爾達布拉群島七萬四千多平方公里的海洋領土。這些海洋是多樣性生物們的生活及家,從綠蠵龜、儒艮到烏赤真鯊都是。 -

Today, the island nation of Seychelles has made a historic move, announcing two new marine protected areas covering 210,000 sq km, including 74,400 sq km of ocean territory around the remote islands of the Aldabra Group. These waters are home to a diversity of life, from green sea turtles and large groupers to dugongs and blacktip reef sharks. This island nation is 99 percent ocean, and its people depend on a healthy marine ecosystem. These two marine protected areas represent the first phases of Seychelle's incredible goal to protect 410,000 sq km of its ocean for generations to come by 2022.
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