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by @alokappadurai

One of the biggest problems my clients face is knowing their value deep in their soul and being able to ask for what they want. -
This leads to them underselling their offerings to their clients & customers, leaving them frustrated and near burnout. -
The best solution is to focus on ADDING more and more value to your clients. -
Aim for them to receive 100x more value than the money they paid you! -
And don’t say that your services are “priceless” because then you will struggle to put a price on your services that truly values you and what you offer! -
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by @fryjeanie

“I really want to try Rodan + Fields, but I am on a budget!!”⠀

I hear ya!!! 😊 Me too! Did you know?⠀

⏺Each regimen (4 products in each) will last 2-3 months⠀

⏺Lash Boost lasts 2-3 months⠀

⏺The Multi Function Eye Cream lasts 3-4 months.⠀

⏺The Micro-Dermabrasion Paste lasts 6-8 months⠀

⏺And, the AMP Roller lasts 1 whole year!⠀

You ARE worth the investment! And so is your FACE - the ONLY face you have!!⠀

You are getting so much in return when you invest in proven skincare...GREAT skin, DAILY self-care, AND IMPROVED self-confidence!❤️⠀

Plus with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?! #rfstyle

O'Fallon, Illinois

by @thetaylormanning

Thoughts Taylor Thinks...
.Don't you think you should get paid more than the people that are literally killing people???? While we're over here wondering if we're "good enough" to make good money.... Complaining that people just don't see the value in what we do.... And stressing out whether we can really charge THAT MUCH for people to "just" talk on the phone with us...
Fast food companies are spending $4+ BILLION dollars per year to get us to go eat their food. (At least in 2010.. so probably even more today)

You know... the food filled with chemicals, GMOs, fake sugars... The food that gives us ZERO nutrients, is crazy high in calories and hurts our bodies vs fuels our bodies
The food that is advertised in misleading ways to convince us that it actually is "fresh" and "natural"

The food that somehow causes people to break out, feel stomach pain, become instantly exhausted (OBV doing nothing good in your body) ^^^ They are putting *billions* into advertising each year.

They believe their cause is worthy of making hundreds of billions of dollars
They believe their cause is worthy of serving millions of customers per day
They believe their cause is worthy of massive exposure, massive growth and massive reach

Do you see the problem?????????????????
Do you see how fucked up that is??????????? That YOU.. would wonder... "am I really worthy? am I really good enough? is this work really enough to hit the goals I have inside of me?" The issue in the coaching industry is US.

We forget about the impact we are really making.
We forget about the fact that we're the ones following a purpose inside of us.
We forget that we are the ones doing what we love, but that also changes people's lives.

You know what the world desperately needs?

Not more fast food advertising.

More coaches.
More happy people.
More healthy people.
More wealthy people.
We desperately need that.
We desperately need YOU.

Feel me? It's time to shift your perspective. The competition.. is THEM. Not that other coach who is changing the world WITH you.

Stop comparing yourself to her, the other one doing good, and compare yourself to THEM.


by @bodybyvenus

#MorningMantra❤️💫 @bodybyvenus
It doesn’t matter how many people do what you do. NO ONE can do it like you. Trust your path. Move forward in faith & excellence. Wait for it.🙏🏽 ✨Repeat Daily✨ #DestinyHabits #PurposeHabits #40IsTheNew20 #soshine🌟 #lovethyself #sacrifice #purposedriven #inspiration #aligned #motivation #lifestyle #blessed #gratitude #healthyliving #fitness #blackgirlmagic #favor #abundance #personaltrainer #losangeles #bodybyvenus👙#Godschild🙏 #trust #faith #manifestation #believe #succeed


by @jojoempowers

Be mindful of the energy you bring!!! #jojoempowers #mondaymotivation


by @purposedrivensc

A special thank you to David Anderson, Attorney At Law, with Richardson Plowden Attorneys At Law for our wonderful training! #REMAX #PurposeDriven #REALTORS #RealEstate #Training #Knowledge


by @creativeworldchangers

‘Beating myself up really helped’ - said no one ever! 😂
It’s so easy to beat ourselves up. To analyze all the things we did wrong. How we ‘should’ have done better. Thinking it will help. Thinking it will push us to do better next time.
It doesn’t.
Maybe temporarily it pushes us. But overall we just feel discouraged and shamed. It’s actually hugely DE-motivating.
So for DAY 7 of @unicornmagiccoffee‘s 30 Day Positivity Challenge... I declare today a no beating myself up day! (Really every day should be, but let’s start with one) 😜
No beating myself up allowed.
I can acknowledge what I want to do differently next time. With no emotion or shame. And then... move on.
Today is a no beating myself up zone!
Will you join me? 💙
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by @sueletthedogsout

Are you letting fear be an obstacle in your life?


by @keystocourage

At @lewishowes Summit of Greatness we had the honor to see @tereraitrent speak.
She’s one of @oprah ‘s favorite guests and I can see why.
She shared a simple yet profound tip on how to find your purpose and your passion
Find that thing that breaks your heart and go set about fixing it... when you find that thing, and work toward solving the problem you will be on the path to living a life full of purpose.
Check out her guest appearance on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes🌟



by @herbabeautyfit

This protein bar is everything right now! Delicious 😋 if you haven’t purchased yours yet please do so. #purposeINpink#herbalife #herbalifenutrition #herblife24 #purposedriven #IamHerbalife #idoherbalife #herbalifeshake #herbabeauty


by @_bobbyfoster

Being open when I become frustrated is where I’d like to improve. I feel like when I feel frustration I’ve been taught to bury it. I feel like that causes strain in my relationships. What’re some areas you’d want to improve in?


by @bykamiahayes

GIRL LISTEN!!! I almost messed her makeup up you hear me?! Follow me...

My daughter is the one teenager who “don’t like makeup” (I know you can’t tell cause she’s clearly feeling herself in this photo) so I try not to use a lot of blush. Well her cheeks were a bit too rosy for her liking, so I went to add setting powder to tone it down a bit. Honey, I picked up @danessa_myricks #5 evolution powder thinking it was #4 😱! Thank God I have invested in training by some amazing artists and I’ve learned how to think quick on my feet instead of throwing the whole face away! •

Would you have known if I hadn’t told you?! Let me know in the comments •


Lakeland, Florida

by @chameleondesire

“God’s ultimate end for our transformation is to unleash the untamed faith within. When His spirit is poured into our lives, we are inspired to an extraordinary level of living. Barbarians never exist simply to survive. Barbarians never just get through the day. Barbarians wake to live & live life fully awake. To be filled with the Spirit of God is to be filled with dreams & visions that are too compelling to ignore. Live or die, succeed or fail, barbarians must pursue & attempt such dreams & visions. The barbarian spirit dreams great dreams & finds the courage to live them...”
•Erwin McManus, The Barbarian Way•

Fairfield, California

by @khumomalope_

Other translations say that "the kingdom of heaven is near." For so long I thought it was speaking about the end times. But clearly I was wrong. God revealed this to me long before I read it in this translation. The Kingdom of heaven is accessible to us, close enough to touch, why would we want to live mediocre and watered down lives when we could literally experience heaven on earth. As Christ is so are we. May you taste, see and experience that the Lord is good. Amen

Johannesburg, Gauteng

by @nicolecoggiola

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⭐️ @elledrouin Elle Drouin’s “The Holistic Business Stock Image Set” - includes over 100 stock images for women entrepreneurs ranging from beautifully styled desktops to wellness themed lifestyle images! (Value $197)
⭐️Nicole Coggiola’s “Money Mindset Makeover” - Step by step guide to transform your relationship with money so you can reach the next income level in your business! (Value $197)
Come and join us!! You don’t want to miss this!


by @crystalarchie

We can look at our issues from OUR TYPICAL PERSPECTIVE or we can choose to view them from a HIGHER VANTAGE POINT. Asking God to show us how HE SEES all our issues and our day to day is (in my opinion) always the better choice! 🖤💡💥😘👍


by @iampamelagarrett

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”― Napoleon Hill

Many people wait for what they consider a "perfect" time to take action. If you depend on everything in your life being perfect to begin, you will most likely never start. So began making steps towards that "thing" you've been waiting to do. Go ahead and launch that project, start that business, improve your health, write your book, or change you mindset. Embrace today as the best day to get started and move forward in faith without doubting, without further procrastination and without fear. What will happen is you will begin to see progress and build momentum... and at the "appointed" time you will see the full manifestation of what you desire. Once you embrace this, you will recognize the importance of everyday, and begin to seize every moment rather than waiting any longer. No more excuses, No more waiting! .


by @kfwhite23

Team Blue today for our sweet friend @teamskyxo
Love you friend and all you do!! 💙🤦‍♀️
Wouldn't be a Monday without some motivation right?!?! 👉Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people today. 💗
But really. Can we get some more of that? Because we need it. .
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by @mthompsonmba

“I was once afraid of people saying, ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say, ‘This is who I am.” –Oprah Winfrey
In the past, I resisted the idea of becoming the face of my brand and putting my name on my business. I just simply didn't want to be in the spotlight. I am a very private person and the thought of putting my name and face on the business and speaking in front of large crowds, made me extremely uncomfortable. I had been speaking, presenting and training on business and marketing for over 10 years, but this was different. Now, I would have to reinvent myself and BE the brand. -

Every new path requires us to evolve into a greater version of ourselves and overcome our discomfort. I had to realize, as a business coach and branding strategist I was helping others step out and walk in their light, so I too had to step out of my comfort zone and walk in my own light. The more I did it, the easier it became. When I saw the positive impact my work was having on others, I knew I was on the right path.
Over time I learned to stand in my truth, without worrying what others would think or say. I could say, "This is who I am," and embrace the adventure of each new day! .
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by @shebosscode

‼️Get Excited‼️#shebossnyc speaker series is in #podcast form starting tomorrow‼️ get ready to get inspired💯

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New York, New York

by @coachamyramsey

I was hiding.
Sure, my eye sight required help. But years ago I swapped my contacts for glasses and they became a part of who I was.
I went from hating them to loving them. They became safe and comfortable.
Then I went through deep personal development work and discovered they had become one more way that I hid away from the world.
And what better way to hide than in plain sight?
They were a mask. A way to hide. Another way to shy away from the world.
Now I choose contacts much more than I used to and when I wear my glasses, it’s because I choose to. Not because I’m subconsciously hiding from the world, but because I want to rock that look that day or sometimes simply because I’m lazy.
It’s now an active choice.
How have you been hiding from the world? Get honest with yourself about how you’ve been showing up.
It’s a new week and a chance to make a powerful new choice. Show up and let us see you.

San Diego, California

by @drrachelcruz

Who did our GOAL WRITING CHALLENGE last month?! (Be sure to comment below, cuz I wanna know!) 👇

I got another one for you this week!! _

I challenge YOU to write down 10 things you are GRATEFUL for every single day, for the next week!!! _

It could be as simple as “I'm grateful for breath in my lungs!” Or it could be something really specific, just DO IT! I challenge you to experience a practice and habit forming relationship with GRATITUDE!!!! 🙏💓🙌
#gratitude #mondaymotivation #last90days

Houston, Texas