Photo by @edkashi | Mary Pacherres Alvarez, 32, in her parent’s home in Ignacio Escudero Montelima on Feb. 11, 2018. Mary was diagnosed with #CKDu 8 years ago, and has been on dialysis ever since. She is raising 4 kids in the same house with her parents. Her 13-year-old daughter stopped going to school in order to care for her. You can find With Every Breath, my film made in Peru with @t_laffay, through the link in my bio. @natgeo @insidenatgeo #natgeo #photojournalism #Peru #investigate #document #documentary #film #documentaryfilm #illness #disease #health #healthcare #dialysis #epidemic #chronickidneydisease #edkashi


Sunset in Venice ✨😍😍😍✨
Picture by ✨✨@sassychris1✨✨
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Top Shot: Northern Harriers Airshow | Photograph by Jack Zhi
“Northern harriers are rarely seen birds. Getting a good shot of one can be a challenge. It took me a month to capture the shot, after work in the weeks plus weekends,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Jack Zhi. “When I saw them engaged in a sky-dance in the distance, I was so surprised and excited! Of course, by the time I got there, they disappeared. I picked a spot with wind and the sun behind me and hoped for the best. Luckily, they reappeared, dancing up and down.” This image was selected for the Daily Dozen on October 16, 2018.

Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors from thousands of recent uploads. Our community votes for their favorite photo from the selection, and the Top Shot is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account.


Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // What amazing tunnel systems lie beneath our cities? Dubbed 'Megatron' by the secretive network of urban explorers who sometimes delve into its silent chambers, this storm drain lies directly under Sheffield (England) city centre. So concerned were our Victorian forebears with the possibility of the city flooding that they decided to build this giant underground wonder in 1860. With a parabolic brick arch this feat of engineering prowess protects the city from potential flooding by rain.


Photo by @theastvibes
“When I saw the bond between the goose and the person, I just couldn’t resist myself from capturing it,” says 24-year-old Rahul Singh (@theastvibes), who photographed this #WHPkindness submission by the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. “It’s so funny that we can create a bond with anything via compassion and love.”


a pint in the fabled Leadenhall market 🍻⁣

Any Harry Potter fans out there might also recognize this as Diagon Alley 🧙🏼‍♂️


Next in my series of under visited places is Sukhothai! 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Sukhothai is the former imperial capital of the Sukhothai Empire. The ruins of the capital can be found in the historical park of the same name just outside of the modern city of Sukhothai.
Sukhothai is located approximately halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Despite being situated between two of the most popular destinations in Thailand, Sukhothai gets very few visitors in comparison. Most people either fly or take a train, which skips Sukhothai entirely.
It is really too bad because Sukhothai is an amazing place. I’ve often described it as a smaller, cleaner version of Angkor, Cambodia. There are almost 200 ruins spread over 70 square kilometers. There are very few visitors to the park and you can stroll about the grounds historical park is which only a few square kilometers.
The park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the most significant historical sites in Thailand. It think it is a superior visit to Ayutthaya which is usually crowded with visitors on day trips from Bangkok.
When I visited I pretty much had the park to myself. You can walk amongst the temple ruins or you can rent a bike. They have paved paths that you can ride on.
The easiest way to get to Sukhothai is either by bus or train, from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I recommend people stop here if they are going between the two cities as it is one place in the country which should not be missed.
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The Reader, Saint-Michel, Paris 🕵🏻‍♂️🗞


Looking at this it's hard to believe that this is only a 15 square meter space. It’s full adaptable design concepts to make life easier in a very small amount of space, swing and all! #MINI #MINILiving #BigLifeSmallFootprint #UrbanCabinTour #GlobalVillage #Advertisement


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