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I guess it's pizza day @rey.angee 😛 So off to Li Rioni near the Colosseum. Haven't had a proper fresh pizza, til now 😍 So I ordered the Quattro Formaggi which is Mozzarella, Fontina, Provola & Gorgonzola cheese on a bianco base 😄😋🤤 Roman pizza is so thin & crispy! But it's all about the cheese 😍 #liriona #pizza #romanpizza #quattroformaggi #dinner #italianfood #italian #rome #italy #cheeseheaven #cheesy

Li Rioni a Santiquattro

🍷рашн традишн, пока у всех борщ #eatitalian

Riba - Рыба

Health truly is wealth, because I know I can afford these indulgences with discipline and at the right times. And so, I DO. @gracehomemanila's Quattro Formaggio takes cheese spread to a whole new level. Featuring the last of my charcoal-rye & beet bread and a small side of grapes, because, CHEESE. 🍇🧀


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#thatfoodsogoodi know I'm addicted to pizza. So happy to find a place that does #whitepizza 🙏🏼 this one with pesto was awesome, the #quattroformaggi was super tasty too!! 🍕

Mannheim Marktplatz