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Pink moon.


🇨🇦 #autumn


Spending three days roaming in the streets of downtown Montréal around mid October, i was yet to witness the famed fall colors of Canada in a big way, only to realize much later that they were right in the backyard.
On a bright Thursday afternoon, i set off hiking Mount Royal, the mountain after which the city is named. The mountain top was to be abundantly dotted with various hues of the fall foliage. Nature had generously painted them all with her best colors. 🙂

Montreal, Quebec

Evasion ... 🍁🙏

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Saturday Morning 🌾
Grosse journée aujourd’hui qui commence par un cours de 8h 😓 Go back to school.!
Et vous, qu’avez-vous de prévu pour la fin de semaine .? ☺️🍂

Université Laval