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.. Ranulf Higden, 1280 - 1364, Chester Cathedral, who was credited with writing the 'Polychronicon', around 1342, a work of universal history and theology, for the amusement and instruction of society. The work is divided into seven books, in humble imitation of the seven days of Genesis, and with exception of the last book, is a summary of general history, a compilation made with considerable taste and style. Written in Latin, it was translated into English by John of Trevisa (1387), and printed by Caxton(1480), and by others. For two centuries it was an approved work. #ranulfhigden #polychronicon #chestercathedral #scholarship #peterfraser


At the farthest reaches of the world wonders and marvels often exist. It is as if nature plays secretly at the edges of our planet. She plays in secret with more freedom and abandon than she does openly in the middle of things. #RanulfHigden #14thC. #renwick #yogaoffthemat #wonder #seeing


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