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Ear lobe #reconstruction before & after 👂🏼✔️


Reconstruction update 😉 ... installing flushing rings to all the power points that were set too far into the walls. Such that the new cement render is anywhere from 5 to 22 mm in front of the power point & light switch housings! Michelangelo would be proud of my plaster skills 😀😂#travel #travelphotography #praha #prague #reconstruction #renovation #apartment #apartmentliving #urban #prague #interior #construction #building #architecture #architecturelovers #architecturephotography #design #interior #home #interiordesign #beautifulplace #czechrepublic #beautiful #love #godslove #gratitude #plastering #ceiling

Prague, Czech Republic

A little #throwback to my summer for #BRAday. .
Today is Breast Reconstruction Awareness day as it turns out, a day to bring some awareness to the fact that women with breast cancer are often left without whole or any breasts due to treatment. Some of us are blessed enough to receive reconstruction, or choose too because it was the right move for us, or don't because we can't or didn't want too.
I was blessed to have a team who could do my reconstruction at the same time as my double mastectomy. I never had to wake up "without " if you know what I mean.
Reconstruction was a step in my healing process, a step I got to take early in the game and with no additional surgeries. Many women are not so lucky due to the nature or stage of their breast cancer.
It takes a brilliant surgical team and a strong women to walk into reconstruction, but it takes a sheer act of resilience to walk out of it and be able to stand up again as the strong woman you once were.
Today, #fighters, we celebrate our awesomeness. We've done some horrible #$*% and we still look great and are killing it at this life thing. .
Shoutout @melissabgoldberg for bringing this to my attention and being my eternal cheerleader.


Community grant recipient @aabhau will be at the @spartanburglibraries this weekend as her project, ”Untitled Reconstruction Project” comes to life! Be sure to attend this powerful and historically significant performance. ・・・
Untitled Reconstruction Project is a performance based on the 1871 testimony of Spartanburg County residents who were terrorized by the Ku Klux Klan. The show combines historical text, original writing by the cast, and discussion facilitated by Speaking Down Barriers. Our ensemble is made up of actors, writers, poets, lawyers, and historians. "Untitled Reconstruction Project" asks, how can we trace the journey from 1871 to 2017? What is different, and what has stayed the same?

Join us in October at the Library Headquarters for the performance, and also to see the exhibit curated by the Library's Kennedy Room staff. This exhibit will explore the Era of Reconstruction in Spartanburg, as well as genealogical information about the historical figures in the play. Performances run approximately 2 hours including a 5-minute pause. —

Friday, October 20, 7pm
Saturday, October 21, 3pm
Sunday, October 22, 3pm —

Sponsored by
@chapmanculturalcenter —

@untitledrec || #untitledrec #reconstruction #history #southcarolina

Spartanburg County Public Libraries

Life’s been a #beach but all #sunny paths have led me to this morning, in the surgeons office, where my face will be sliced open and stitched up, most definitely leaving a scar. Should’ve worn #sunblock all these years. Hope the doctor had a good night’s sleep! #skincancer #mohs #cancer #surgery #reconstruction


No surrender no retreat! Bag work great for cardio and self-defense. Wake up everyday and just grind is all I want to do everything else is irrelevant. Grind time! #hardestworkerintheroom #nothingeasyisworthhaving #grind #bag #nofeelings #reconstruction #runitup #securethebag #akron #ohio


I'm on some shit they ain't seen before dream chaser catching all my goals and I don't need these H***s I'm getting money me and all my woes play with me you know it's all out war. I work hard everyday when my time come I'm gone know why The Grind. #lionhearted #loyalty #respect #nothingeasyisworthhaving #reconstruction #nofeelings #grind #hardestworkerintheroom