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This right here is why our community NEEDS to be having this discussion.

Over the last year, interactions with the friends I have made in EYFC have taught me that I don't have blind spots, I have deep chasms of ignorance and I am ashamed that my ignorance absolutely will, over my 40 years of existence, have caused a person of colour discomfort, embarrassment, sadness. And I take responsibility.
Do you?


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Winter Jazz Festival. New York. Started with a brief listen to Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn on dual Steinways. Then off to Fay Victor’s Mutations for Justice at SOBs. I was drawn to the mix of jazz and social justice but regret to report that my experience at this festival has led me to want less contact with both. To have to listen to Ms Victor wail in about “White men” (maybe she had something nice to say, I couldn’t really hear, but I doubt it) and then “want all the brown people licked up” - really made me wish I was somewhere else. Let me add, the Festival audience is about 90% white and about 85% male. Similar experience last week with Meshell Ndegeocello - do you really think I’m The enemy?
On a positive note - good food at SOB’s and I remember great times in the 80s with fantastic music.
On too the Hot Jazz Stage - Evan Christopher and Nellie McKay. Enormously talented but I couldn’t really get a full take on where she is is coming from or going to. Fanatically appreciative, somewhat annoying audience. I did not belong. So off to Sheen Center- thought I’d catch “Impressions of Pepper”. Full - so I called it night. Maybe I’ll stick to opera for a while.
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(I'm a poc!!!) Hey white people, instead of calling people racist, call them prejudice. Their reaction won't change. They won't apologize. This whole "you can't be racist to white people" is just a way for people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and shut you down. Words are words. Definitions change. Racism, prejudice, it doesn't matter. If someone says you were being mean you don't say "no actually I was being rude" you take a look in the mirror, self reflect and improve.
And if we go with the "power + prejudice" definition then you can still be racist to white people because the race with the most power changes based on your area. It just makes no sense. So if I say I hate white people, someone in the US can't call me racist because "they have all the power!!" but someone in Saudi Arabia can because white people have no power? How can someone be racist but ONLY in specific countries. Ridiculous.


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We need teachers that actually teach, not tranny FUCKS that teach 36472827364 genders is a “real thing”.
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If you truly couldn’t tell, the left wingers have truly lost their minds. They believe that its ok for Pedos to live their life molesting innocent children, believe it’s ok to have #pride parades in the street when dicks are in banana string thongs and poor, innocent children have to watch that much sin. Truly lets you know that the left denounces God, the Bible, Jews/Christians, turn a blind eye to white genocide and everything that’s going on in Africa with the blacks murdering white crop farmers. It’s sad because you have half of the United States thinking all of that is “ok”. To all the christians, please say a prayer for all of the mentally ill liberals who deem everything illegal and subjecting Christ is ok. So so sad. White genocide is real. Pray for the self hating whites as well.