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There we have it. My first ever batch of fermented carrots with garlic and dill, brewing kombucha and two bottles of grape Kombucha working on its second ferment. Yummo! šŸ‡šŸ„•#healthiswealth #kombucha #theartoffermentation


This is my favourite coffee shop we've tried so far. Although we've actually been drinking a lot of coffee at home and cooking all our own meals. I think we've ordered take-out twice since we arrived almost two weeks ago, which is a HUGE deal given how many of my dollars used to go to ubereats and deliveroo. Delivery isn't really a thing out here, and even though I assumed I'd just starve to death without at least one delivery app, I'm surprisingly still here. I might've totally fucked up my zucchini scones (thanks for nothing Year 9 food tech!) but I also managed to roast veggies without killing them and I've cooked my own eggs at least three times! Just call me Donna bloody Hay šŸ˜‚šŸ’šŸ¼

Butcher Shop Cafe

Iā€™m crazy about this guy <3

Kelowna, British Columbia

Lost soul.