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Every detail of the print process is dialed in precisely to make sure the prints come out with the best detail. Exposure time set to 16 seconds! @ryonet #screenprintinglife #curedprinting


Procrastination with a touch of lipstick 💄 Happy Sunday y'all!

San Antonio, Texas

I normally don't post a lot of my daily assignments on here for @rivardreport but this one was exceptional. Yesterday I was asked to cover a musical performance on a bus. There were opera singers and a dancer and a saxophone. We drove from @bluestarart to @mcnayart and I reflected on the meaning behind this performance. To me, it made music more accessible to the public, and it raised awareness to the use of public transportation. There were people who rode the bus daily as well as people who rode the bus just for the show. It was a new invention of what I knew in the New York subway, but on a Texas bus. I especially loved the challenge of shooting here - no space to move and the necessity to keep my balance. @nathannoise did an incredible job putting this together. Take a peek on today's Rivard Report homepage for the full story / San Antonio, TX


You know you're in Texas when you see a BACON CHURRO!!! Available today. 😱😱😱