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Happy to be back in Seattle to chase that beautiful fall light from early morning into the evening #ad

With @Chase Pay I can easily find places in my area that accept the Chase Pay app and quickly grab food and drinks on the go. My #ChaseSapphire Preferred card is automatically loaded onto #ChasePay so there’s only one log in to access all my accounts 😀 #SapphireInsider


[#ad] the leftovers of a very good night — some lucky @chase #sapphire cardmembers (me, included) got to experience a special collaboration dinner between chefs eric ripert and daniel boulud.
this was a hot ticket, that’s for sure. always good to see chefs having fun with one another. more on stories.
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One of the hardest things about my crazy lifestyle is not having a solid community in any one place around the world. #ad I was beyond happy to host an Instameet with @Chase #Sapphire in Denver last weekend to see some of my favorite humans while meeting new friends :) Talking travel and local exploration of this place never gets old. Thanks for ya’lls Denver recs, too! See ya soon, CO💙 #SapphireInsider


Nothing like having authentic Mexican food in Mexico. 😋 I also love getting 2X points per $1 on dining purchases worldwide with my @Chase Sapphire Preferred card! #AD
Did you know that #ChaseSapphire also offers exclusive culinary experiences all year long? Cardmembers have access to private dinners and brunches at renowned restaurants through the Private Dining and Sapphire Sundays Series! I got to experience a Chase Sapphire dinner for myself during my trip to Nashville for Hotel Thrillist - you can read all about it on my blog (link in bio)! #SapphireInsider #RSJSinMexico


My girlfriend and I have always wanted to go to this amazing restaurant with the greatest vegan and vegetarian food so I treated us to a nice brunch at Casava with my @Chase Sapphire Reserve card. #ad We got the best clean food in LA and I earned points on my #ChaseSapphire Reserve card – I call that a win-win. #sapphireinsider #sundayfunday


I’ve always said if I didn’t live in LA, I’d choose Denver😍#ad So excited to be here this weekend for my instameet with @Chase Sapphire celebrating good food and even better craft beer🍻Definitely had to go shopping this morning since my Southeast Asian attire doesn’t quite cut it here ;) Winter is coming. Time to sound off on the city’s best restaurants pls & thx❤️Check out #ChaseSapphire Six Guide to #Denver in my stories! #colorado #travel #SapphireInsider


October in New York // Celebrating the best of the wurst season 🍻🌭 with @Chase Sapphire [#ad]⁣

Nothing like kicking back at one of my favorite spots in bklyn to enjoy some beautiful fall weather and tasty BBQ. With my #ChaseSapphire Preferred card, I have access to fantastic culinary experiences, plus I can earn points at restaurants worldwide #SapphireInsider #ChasePartner


Grateful to live in a city with so many great dining experiences and even more grateful for the unique access my #ChaseSapphire card provides to some of the best ones. Photos from the Ashley Christensen dinner at the Seaport Food Lab, presented by @Chase Sapphire. #sponsored #SapphireInsider
1. Classic Deviled Eggs with Chive, Espelette, and Breadcrumbs
2. Chicken Liver Mousse and Pickles, Mustards, and Conserva
3. Lady Edison Country Ham with Buffalo Milk Burrata, Pickled Pumpkin, Red Shishitos, and White Balsamic-thyme Vinaigrette
4. Luck and Money, with the Summer's Put Up Field Peas, Braised Greens, Porcini Butter, and Hot Vinegar
5. Tuna Tartare with Lemon and Preserved Truffle and Brown Butter Potato Chips
6. Fried Oyster "Rock-a-Billy"
7. Macaroni au Gratin
8. Joyce Farms Chateaubriand with Tobacco Onions and Ramp Chimichurri, Green Horseradish Yogurt, and Red Wine-Shallot Jus
9. Maker's Mark Flambeed Banana Panna Cotta with Malted Soft Cream and Cocoa Nib Crunch


New York has officially won me over!! 🌇❤️ I attended an event this weekend with @Chase Sapphire and Atlas Obscura called, “New York Through Time”, and it was absolutely incredible! [#ad]
The evening began at the NY Transit Museum where we hopped on a 1930's era subway train (from a decommissioned platform). We then spent 90 minutes riding around New York's underground system while exploring the individual train carts, which hosted music & performers from different decades. .
We then got off the train at 14th street, and were escorted to the final venue being led by New York local band Gato Loco. We made our way upstairs to the Kooning Loft (just steps away from Union Square), and enjoyed an open bar, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and a surprise performance by Mike Yung (a viral hit who recently was on America's Got Talent). .
I loved getting to experience a side of New York I’d never seen before. From the exclusive access to the vintage vibes — it was such a unique night out in New York that I know I’ll never forget. I've saved the story to my highlights, so go watch the full story if you haven't already...and if you’re a #ChaseSapphire cardmember check out the link in my bio to see what exclusive events are happening around you



last night was a super cool and unique experience thanks to my @chase sapphire card [#ad] - got to experience the “journey through time with atlas obscura” cardmember exclusive event which involved a ride on these vintage subway cars and walking through the streets of manhattan behind a marching band feeling like a king (check it on stories). seriously, more people need to know about these events!! i had such a fun time and i don’t say that much these days 💃🏻 #chasesapphire #sapphireinsider


Fall is my favorite season to explore New York. This October, I’m using #ChasePay to find new places in my neighborhood. #ad I signed in and had automatic access to my #ChaseSapphire Preferred card, making it easy to load up on sweet potato fries and vegan burgers. @Chase #Sapphireinsider


In honor of the @Chase Sapphire NextUp concert at @Pier17NYC, I present to you a fun playlist of music that was "next up" when I started... And music that is next up to this generation. #ad
A fun mix of throwbacks and new stuff to get you into a fall mood.
FYI: I work with #ChaseSapphire but I curated this playlist based upon my personal selections. :) #sapphireinsider


[#sponsored] the early bird gets the worm in NYC — sometimes it’s hard to come by reservations, but my trick is to go right when they open and snag the best table in the walk-in section. every now and then i like to indulge but at least i know i'm earning serious points with my @chase sapphire card.
#chasesapphire #sapphireinsider


Summer has officially ended but things are still very much heating up in Malibu with frozé all day to the rescue #ad Pro Tip: Become a southern Californian and enjoy summer on repeat while earning points with my #ChaseSapphire Reserve card ☀️ @chase #SapphireInsider #ad


#ad You guys, what a great experience! I can’t believe I actually got to meet and feed a 16 foot tall giraffe right in Los Angeles. I used my @Chase Sapphire Reserve card for a staycation right here in Los Angeles and had an amazing time exploring, having a wine tasting and meeting one of my favorite animals, without even leaving town. Did you know there are giraffes and zebras right in LA? #SapphireInsider #staycation #giraffe #malibuwinesafari


I spent this past weekend in San Diego with @Chase Sapphire and not gonna lie, it got me thinking about moving down there! #ad The Sapphire Six Instameet was tons of fun, and included so many of my favorite things — good friends, delicious tacos, beach photography, and a gorgeous sunset to finish it off.
After making some new friends, I then headed down to Pacific Beach to for a quick reunion with old friends (who I lived with in Italy), who helped me understand the “San Diego” vibe that everyone loves so much.
While I don’t typically spend too much time in the U.S.A, I do think it would be AMAZING to live in San Diego! ❤️ .
If you haven’t been, I’d strongly recommend checking it out. It will definitely exceed all of your expectations! Be sure to check out the @Chase Sapphire Six Travel Guide to San Diego to help plan your trip (link in bio) — it’s loaded with some of the best restaurants, breweries, and bars in the area that Sapphire cardmembers love. .
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Rosio Sanchez took some of my favorite Mexican street foods to new levels with at her residency at the Seaport Food Lab presented by @chase Sapphire and @pier17ny. #ad The soupa roja was one of the most decadent things I’ve ever tasted and I couldn’t get enough of the heavenly tamales. #SapphireInsider


SAN DIEGO 😍❤️ My favorite city in California, and it’s super cool to host the first Sapphire Six San Diego Instameet with @Chase Sapphire today! #ad
We had an awesome group of photographers, travel bloggers, and Instagrammers who got together to enjoy a beautiful day exploring the best La Jolla has to offer!  From it’s gorgeous viewpoints, goofy sea lions, and delicious tacos @eatpuesto — it was a perfect afternoon in sunny San Diego ☀️ .
Make sure to check out the #SapphireSix Guide to San Diego (link in bio) and plan your visit! .
#ChaseSapphire #Instameet #SanDiego #SapphireInsider


Checking off my New York City coffee bucket list one blue latte at a time with my @chase Sapphire Preferred card. #ad I earn points on the coffee, pastries and even my favorite Madeline cookies I purchase with my card. #ChaseSapphire #SapphireInsider


Y’all ready for this 🎉 Thankful for the wonderful Southern hospitality the past few days in Nashville. Can’t wait to head back soon! @chase #SapphireInsider #ChaseSapphire #HotelThrillist @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2xsIR #liketkit


Living life on top of the world thanks to @Chase Sapphire! They teamed up with @thrillist to take over the @westinnashville to throw a killer party over the weekend. #Sapphireinsider #ad


Cut to the Chase 💙 #ad We had the most unforgettable weekend at #HotelThrillist with #ChaseSapphire 🎉 After spending the day exploring Nashville, we enjoyed an incredible family-style feast at @adelesnashville. The VIP dinner was exclusive to @Chase Sapphire cardmembers; we loved every dish! #SapphireInsider


#ad One of my favorite moments from @Thrillist #HotelThrillist was last night's VIP dinner @AdelesNashville. This is just one of the exclusive experiences that I get with my @Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. #ChaseSapphire #SapphireInsider


Take me back to Prague for more of these delicious Trdelník desserts! Have you tried one before!? #ad I must have used my @Chase Sapphire Preferred card at least 4-5 different times to buy these during my recent visit to Prague this summer, and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. .
They are easily one of my favorite snacks in Europe, and definitely one the best ways I've earned points while traveling abroad. I used my Chase Sapphire card as much as possible while in Prague especially because it doesn’t have foreign transaction fees! #ChaseSapphire #SapphireInsider


#AD The @Chase Sapphire VIP Dinner at @adelesnashville last night was an amazing way to finish off a weekend of delicious food at #HotelThrillist. 😍 Did you know #ChaseSapphire cardmembers can get access to awesome events like this all the time? Check out the link in my bio to see what Sapphire Experiences are coming up next! 🙌 #SapphireInsider #RSJSinNashville


Something to pink about 💞 #ad I’m excited to be in Nashville for #HotelThrillist with #ChaseSapphire 🎉 Having a blast exploring the city’s best gems along with @dkelleghan and @readysetjetset. Did you know @Chase Sapphire cardmembers can show their card to get access to Chase VIP Lounges throughout the weekend? Cardmembers also had special ticket packages for Hotel Thrillist, including access to tonight’s cardmember-only dinner at Adele’s. Hope to see you there! #SapphireInsider


I’ve been to Nashville at least a dozen times, but I’ve never seen views like this! Thanks to #chasesapphire and @thrillist for the wonderful opportunity! #sapphireinsider @chase #ad


#AD Welcome to #HotelThrillist! 🙌 I’m here with #ChaseSapphire in Nashville for a full weekend of food and music events.
Yesterday was the kick off pool party at the hotel and then the Nashville Feast with all of the local restaurants bringing their best food. The hot chicken was my favorite! As a @Chase Sapphire cardmember, I also got VIP access to the event, including the Chase Sapphire VIP Lounge.
Make sure to click the link in my bio to see what Sapphire Experiences are coming to your city. #SapphireInsider #RSJSinNashville


#ad I am thrilled to be spending the weekend in Nashville with @Chase to experience #hotelthrillist @thrillist. A food feast fit for music city! With my @Chase Sapphire Preferred Card I have access to elevated experiences like this, plus at events like cardmember only dinners and exclusive lounges all year long. #ChaseSapphire #SapphireInsider


[#sponsored] the seaport food lab presented by @chase sapphire is back! and with a more moody and sophisticated set up this year; perfect soft lighting, hello. @nancysilverton kicked off last night's dinner with ultra comforting dishes. it's an all women chef line-up this year (and though tickets are open to anyone, Sapphire cardmembers have exclusive access to reservations for the preview dinner of each chef’s residency).
#chasesapphire #sapphireinsider