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💙 Un nouveau #scouttee dans cette jolie viscose #posieblue d’Atelier Brunette 💙 commandée chez @jesuisacroquer


The @grainlinestudio #scouttee is done (with a few modifications for thisHOT Mallee weather). How did your's go @fabricdrop ?


#scouttee #grainlinestudio #stonemountainfabric This was awesome fabric to work with! It was a Rayon Linen Chambray and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻it! I did a sleeve hack with the @merchantandmills #factorydress sleeve because I knew I loved that sleeve❤️❤️ and my new favorite stitch that I have discovered on my machine is the triple stitch! Who knew🤷‍♀️ it’s amazing and STRETCHY


My birthday gifts from my husband he asked for a Wishlist of fabric and sewing patterns. And he bought me TWO liberty fabrics !! I’m going to be terrified to cut into those . I’m a very lucky girl . The white and pink fabric will be a vintage shirt dress and the tiny flower print will eventually be carolyn Pajamas.


I’ve probably got about a hundred photos that I could post for the #brightsewing competition from @pinkcoatclub and @theunfinishedseamstress, but my @grainlinestudio #scouttee got chosen purely because this remnant of Gucci silk that I scored is just THE BEST THING EVER ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I’ve still got almost a couple of metres of it left, which I’m saving for the perfect pattern (when I find it) 👀


My gorgeous sister is 17 weeks pregnant and recently had to buy some maternity clothes as she's transferred to an office job. She's struggling with how uncool maternity clothes are, so I figured it was my sisterly duty to make her something! This #maternityhack will probably last her right up until she gets huge (swipe to see how much room there is). Fabric is a deep rust coloured rayon from @spotlightstores and the pattern is a hacked #scouttee - I added a 3" box pleat in the centre front and lengthened the hem but scooped up the side seam so it was more flattering (we're all shorties 😆) .
#grainlinescout #scoutteehack #grainlinescouttee @grainlinestudio #maternitywardrobe #maternityclothes #maternityoutfit #millennialsewing #isew #isewmyownclothes #handmade #imadethis #imademyownclothes #sewing #memade #grainlinestudio #grainlinepatterns #labelsbykatm #brisbanespoolettes #brisbanesews #australiasews
label is from @kylieandthemachine


Day 7: The Scout Tee

Last but not least we have this awesome little t-shirt! I had heard so many amazing things about this pattern that I had to have it in the shop.
If you’re wanting to get into garment sewing and you’re not sure where to start... this is it! The ultimate beginner garment. It’s simple, quick, and a really great fit when it’s all put together. Who doesn’t love a good tee?
Maybe try a little customization when you feel a bit more comfortable with it! 😉

P.S. The fabric in these pictures is our hemp/organic cotton jersey and it’s perfect for this pattern!
Happy sewing!


I'm making a scout tee for my mum in this Africa block print fabric. She loves the fit of this top and wears her other version heaps!

This weekend is a long weekend horray! More sewing time and less time in the office! Struggling to be back at work after an awesome holiday.

#scouttee #grainlinestudio


‼️Giveaway ‼️at the @pgagolfshows next week in Orlando!! Sit down & meet with the Scout Sports team & you will receive a free T, like this one ☝🏼, that’s really soft and awesome 👏🏼.
Email in bio to set up a meeting.


Inspiroiduin @nurjajonna sta ja suunnittelin oman #makenine2019 -projektini teeman ympärille. Haluan neuloa ja ommella vaatteita ja asusteita mielessäni veneretki tietylle rannalle kotona Kainuussa.

On elokuun loppu tai syyskuun alku. Käyn järvessä uimassa. Uinnin jälkeen haen vettä lähteestä, syömme eväitä nuotion ääressä ja keräämme aarteita rannalla ja metsässä.

1 peruslapaset tukuwoolista
2 peruspipo tukuwoolista
3 rento hupullinen takki
4 #lunapants ohuesta farkusta
5 #scouttee keltavalkoisesta pellavasta
6 toppi ja pikkarit, mutta mistä kaavat?
7 palmikkopoolo
8 vihdoin sukat tukuwool sockista
9 reppu, malli mietinnässä vielä

I planned my #makenine2019 thinking about a day on a beach in late August or early September. These I would like to wear after a swim in the lake.


Working on a lightweight scout tee by Grainline Studio today. I don‘t enjoy sewing bias tape necklines but the results always look so pretty and neat. This will be perfect for warm summer days in the office.
#scouttee #grainlinestudio #biastape #sewing


New year, new me. // 2019 signe, je l’espère, le grand retour de la couture plaisir pour moi ! Et quoi de tel qu’un petit #makenine2019 pour faire grimper la motivation ?
Après une grossesse et un an de hiatus stylistique, je repars quasiment de rien ce qui a l’avantage de me permettre de planifier intégralement ma garde-robe (mais je vous en reparlerai dans un article de blog) ! Pour mon #makenine, j’ai choisi des pièces clé en essayant d’utiliser au maximum des patrons déjà en ma possession :
- Je manque cruellement de jolis haut. J’ai envie de retenter le #mnbriar version crop top ou sweat, ainsi que de hacker le #scouttee dont j’adore le tombé.
- Quelques jupes que je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de coudre l’an dernier : la #ddbrume et la #ddazara .
- Deux pantalons, qui sont les deux seuls nouveaux patrons du lot : le #persephonepants sur lequel j’ai flashé, et le #alexandriapegtrousers dont les réalisations toutes superbes m’ont convaincues.
- Le #charliecaftan acheté l’an dernier mais jamais cousu, pour changer de ma robe Myosotis portée en boucle l’été !
- Et enfin, deux patrons mystères de la prochaine collection Deer&Doe 😉
Je suis ultra motivée par cette nouvelle année ! Et vous ?
#cousumain #sewing #sewcialists #wearabilityproject #slowfashion #handmadewardrobe #jecouds #jeportecequejecouds #memadeeveryday


Are you sewing tonight? What’s on your agenda?
With a @grainlinestudio pattern on my dining table and the sun slowly fading I’m gonna stitch my way through the night.
Enjoy Lovelies 😘

#saturdaynight #makersmovement #isew #scouttee #instafashion


My #2019makenine:
1. A @maddermade #uniformcardigan 2. A @grainlinestudio #scouttee 3. A @closetcase.patterns #sophieswimsuit 4. A @grainlinestudio #morrisblazer 5. A bra (pattern to be determined) 6. A @tessutifabrics #melbournetrenchcoat 7. A pair of @helens__closet #averyleggings 8. A McCalls 6891 shirt dress and 9. Undies! (I’m undecided on the pattern, contemplating the Floozy Doozy undies). My focus this year is on upping my fitting game (hence the shirt dress), adding woven tees and blazers to my work wardrobe and learning new skills with swimwear, lingerie and activewear sewing. I’ve started work on three of these projects already - let’s see how long this momentum lasts!


#scouttee @grainlinestudio from @wattsalot Santa Fe line ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ there are no words for how much I love this fabric. It’s so lovely. Rayon from @stonemountainfabric and yes it is kind of dangerous that I have discovered how fast you can sew a shirt😬 yikes not that I like to sew fast or produce a lot or that I need a lot more shirts but I just have SO MANY IDEAS!! 💡


A favorite from #sewnine2018 : this gorgeous #scouttee. And guess what?! Sister/co-owner Lacey has a matching one!
#handmadematters #memadeeveryday #memadewardrobe #whomademyclothes #imademyclothes #supportlocalart #communityovercompetition


First make of 2019. Worn for three days now and covered in dog hair but so so comfortable I can’t take it off! This is my second go round with the Halifax hoodie and I love this pattern. I shortened ithe length by two inches and the bottom band the same in width. Wearing with a #naniiro #scouttee Trying to document every make this year. Feels weird taking my own photos and the outtakes are cra cra #sewover50 #sew #sewersofinstagram #handmadewardrobe #halifaxhoodie


Are you guys sewing fancy pants this month?! I’m hoping to get my ducks in a row so I can join in the #sewfancypants fun. Gotta clean that sewing room and cross a couple other projects off the list first like a responsible adult. BUT I’ve got some big dreams for some pants projects that are real fancy. So here’s hoping I get to them soon! These are my first ever pants (aside from ill-fitting leggings), the legendary #gingerjeans, and I’m telling you, if you’ve been on the fence about making jeans, just do the thing already.
Ginger Jeans pattern by @closetcase.patterns, #scouttee pattern by @grainlinestudio


Starting my @grainlinestudio #scouttee
fabric is #safariscubaknit from @shoplamercerie 💖


This is my #makenine2019 - I didn’t have a huge amount of success last year, but I really like the things I did make so have decided to do this again and really think about what I want to make as well as wear. These are:
1. @ralph_pink_patterns #saharashirt - I put this in my #makenine2018 and didn’t get around to making it, but I really want one!
2. @trend_patterns #twistfrontdress - I got this for Christmas & can’t wait to start it
3. @emeralderinsews #jordybralette - I made a Watson set as part of last year’s make mine & really liked it, but didn’t make any more underwear mostly due to difficulty getting supplies. Does anyone have any recommendations in London or online?
4. @trend_patterns #tpc22 another one I’m really looking forward to making
5. @tessutifabrics #eviebiasskirt - I actually just finished one of these, but I made a bit of a mess of sewing silk on the bias it and it’s not really wearable. I want to give it another try, and to recut the existing one into a top so I don’t waste the fabric
6. #v9251 I also made this last year but the end result hung really oddly and isn’t really wearable. It’s a really simple pattern so I’m determined to crack it this year
7. I saved this picture ages ago and now can’t find the source, but I want to make a tiered, short-sleeved dress similar to this rtw one, so plan on using the @grainlinestudio #scouttee pattern as a base
8. @megannielsenpatterns #rowanbodysuit - I’d like to make the bodysuit version, once I’ve worked out the fit I’d also like to see if I can lengthen the top version into a dress
9. @namedclothing #kielowrapdress - I don’t know how I’ve managed to resist this pattern for so long, but I finally got it for Christmas and am looking forward to starting


Not sure what is going on.....but this is my second, yes second, sewing project completed this year!!😲😂I really loved the selvage so used it on the sleeves and as a feature down the back. I think I like this one! ♥️ #tessutifabrics #grainlinestudio #scouttee


Sewing plans 2019 - from top left #terracedress #stowebag #hinterlanddress #pilvicoat x2 #sapporocoat #peppermintrufflesleevetop #scouttee #v9037 #v8379 Some of these things are currently beyond my skillset - hopefully not by the end of the year! #sewistsofinstagram #grainlinestudio #voguepatterns #sewliberated #lottajansdottereverydaystyle #papercutpatterns #lieslandco


Sydd for litt siden med stoff fra #annamariahorner. Mønster er #scouttee fra #grainelinestudio


Thought I’d try joining #2019makenine to sort of plan my sewing a bit better this year.

From top left:
1. #dawnjeans @megannielsenpatterns
2. #harrietbra @clothhabit
3. Self-drafted dress inspired by Pinterest dress (link there does not work anymore)
4. #kalleshirtdress @closetcase.patterns
5. #luzernetrenchcoat @deer_and_doe_patterns
6. #clarasewingpattern @swimstylepatterns
7. #jessicadress @sewsewdefmag
8. #landerpants @truebias
9. #scouttee @grainlinestudio


In 2018 I created a make nine and while I didn’t complete everything on my original list, I made a ton of other really great pieces with designs that came out throughout the year. I made over 10 knits (5 of them sweaters), which is the most I’ve ever completed in a year since I’ve started knitting. With an intention of slowing down, this year I was not planning on doing a make nine. I’ve been feeling this strange pressure to create things faster but nobody is pushing me to do so but myself. This year I want to get more joy in the slowness of the process. I’d like to make time for new things without feeling like I have so much on my imaginary plate. I want to be able to do a test knit if the opportunity presents itself. I want to take learning to sew seriously. I also want to take better care of my body and mind.
After some thinking, I went ahead and created this make nine for 2019, but I am not going to let myself feel bound to it. Some of these items are already on my needles and some are brand new adventures (like the three sewing projects). I’m excited to learn some new skills this year and share my makes with you all.

Patterns from left to right, starting at the top:
▪️#BarleyHat by @hilarygrantknitwear ▪️#NurturedSweater by @dreareneeknits ▪️#Tegna by @boylandknitworks ▪️#RyderPullover by @savoryknitting ▪️#ParkerCardigan by @juliehoover_design ▪️#Feathers by @aisedova
▪️#RomaMidiSkirt by @halfmoonatelier
▪️#ScoutTee by @grainlinestudio ▪️#FarrowDress by @grainlinestudio