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🍃I love nature. I love hiking. I love trees and mountains and the ocean and flowers and hearing the birds chirp and seeing the sun creep over the hill -- and even the dirt. Even the dirt. • I stand in awe every single time my feet hit the ground -- every time my eyes fall upon it all. The beauty caresses my soul and kisses it with every glance. • Oh how I yearn to be in the presence of beauty, always. But when I really think about it, I guess I already am. The beauty is everywhere.... ✨WritingsByJess 💫 Find the beauty. Put yourself in the way of it! 💜✨
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📸: captured by @danielcchapman while on a smile hike in Big Sur! ✨😌💕🍃🍂🌲🌾⛰️🌞🌴

Big Sur, California

Where we want to be... 🌺 @olivecooke in her ‘Lova’ linen frill shift by @mortonmac_label 🌸 can’t get enough of this dress... ps. we’ve got one of these Moroccan pouches left online | link in bio #madebyartisans #linenlover #handdyed

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

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Rosemary LeBarge Design

About half of Theo's winter clothes have been organized, and we put a lot of clothes away that he’s too big to wear 😿. He’s growing so fast and today we really saw how much closer he is to a toddler, than a baby. My big little man.


My heart’s a little happier, days are a little sweeter, and the world is a little brighter since Jesus gifted me with your friendship.
Everyone needs a sweet, encouraging friend like Leah.💛


tulip Tuesday?


Petite Leather Backpack 🎒 #inshopnow


Labour of love! Tribal woman preparing the loom, a labour intensive work that should be done with such love and care. #kordestanicollection#persianheritage #persianrug