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SO I NEED TO MAKE A CONFESSION…. Last Monday I started my second round of my 7 Day Detox, and unfortunately it only lasted for one day.
I was so annoyed at myself, but it really is my own fault. - Life got busy
- Plans changed - I gave in to temptation - I didn’t stay focused or disciplined
I could’ve easily just pretended and posted my results and said how amazing it was, but there is no point lying…. Im only lying to myself.
SO I didn’t do my 7 day detox (that I created), I was slack and a bit naughty.
But we are allowed to FAIL. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. That isn’t going to reflect positively on our self love and self worth.
My weekend was great! I enjoyed a deep friend Dim Sum, then a traditional family BBQ with Mary Tyack's famous tuna dip, and it was DELICIOUS!! After a crazy week and now fully confessed, I have started my second round of my 7 Day Detox and today has been a Success!! I will keep myself accountable by posting every night this week!!! If you have ever failed a detox / cleanse / diet…. tell me about it?!?! #thewellnessgirl


Someone please let me know!!


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Some days I want to pull my hair out with this child, other days I realize how grateful I am for having a child with such a big heart. Sometimes we all need to slow down, be present and PT attention to the GOOD QUALITIES in our kids ❤️ I'm speaking right to myself. This thing called parenting is hard. Nothing can prepare you for it. I'm learning to allow her to make mistakes, embrace her quirks and roll my eyes and scream at her a little too. Go easy on yourselves momma, you're doing a great job ❤️#motherdaughter

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Breaks my heart to see how many people have been affected by sexual assault and/or harassment. None of it is okay. But we're stronger together.🙏🏻 I'm right there with you.
You matter. Your voice matters!
❤💛💚💙💜 . .
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So much love to everyone who has been able to speak up, and to those who can't quite, our voices are united, no matter how loud or silent they are. Womanhood makes me proud. We are the ancestors of future generations so let's build stronger foundations now. We must work and stand together and share our stories of shame and fear, without the shame and fear. 🌱👁🌱


Honored to have my book next to the greats ❤️
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Pick up a copy of To A Girl I Haven’t Met from the link in my bio. If you already have it make sure to check out the playlist at zackgreywrites.com/playlist while you read :)

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Why hello there🙈 Today is the start of @gabbyschey gains guide➡️phase 2(week 5)! More than happy to see results and really introducing my muscles to workouts I've never done before! Today was shoulders, chest and tris and then ended with a quick ab workout💪🏽 This week is going to be very hectic with work(might be getting a manager position), having my best friend from the army coming up for a couple weeks, and then going to New Hampshire for the weekend! But I am going to do my best to get in my workouts for week 5!
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"Do What you love. That's the future."- @juliesmolyansky ❤️ I am so grateful to be working for a company that empowers women and values a healthy company culture. She is a CEO, mother, wife, and activist that inspires me and other women to follow the desire within.
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