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This bit of information is going to save you from buying store eggs this time next year, and trust me, you're going to want to do this.
Freeze those extra eggs. Do it, cause if you don't you will be frustrated that you have to buy them during molting season, and you may even end up cussing yourself out for not being prepared. Ask me how I know.
The easiest way I have found to freeze eggs is to use silicone molds. The mold size I have fits 1 egg perfectly and removing the eggs is extremely easy, much easier than ice cube trays.
What you see is a combo of yolk and whites, but if your looking to save just the yolk or egg whites that can be done too.
I am thankful for our friends over at @7treefarm for gifting us chicken eggs during our time of need! Cause without it, we'd be in all kinds of hurt. And frustration. And sadness cause store eggs do not compare.
These tips and many more will be available in our book, and I can't wait for you all to see it!


Dan Colen and @hansulrichobrist discuss the influence of skating and graffiti on his work, the artists he fostered intimate relationships with in New York (Ryan McGinley, Dash Snow, etc) and leaving the city as a recovering heroin addict to set up Sky High Farm @newportstreetgallery_london #painting #streetculture #selfsustaining

Newport Street Gallery, London

Green Vernissage Tomatoes. Aren't they just too delightful?! Growing happily to feed us soon, and return all the love.
#TheAncientMystics #selfsustaining #homesteading


Hey friends! My name is Courtney. I’m the leader of the #oilsgiveback team! My husband and I live in Romania and work with children from the orphanages here with our nonprofit. I’ve used oils now for over 3 years and they’ve transformed our home! We also use them with the kids we serve, which has been so fun. 8 years ago I studied abroad in Spain and lifelong illnesses magically disappeared. After returning to the US, my health drastically declined. It was a long, exhausting journey of finding answers, but after finding a functional medicine doctor, everything changed. She educated me on holistic health, diagnosed me with food intolerances, and opened my eyes to living a natural lifestyle. Several years later, essential oils entered the picture and were my missing puzzle piece. I can now support my overall health, hormones, emotions, etc naturally with oils. Young Living also fills our home with nontoxic personal care and household products, which is a huge part of wellness. I am so thankful to be on this journey and grateful for every step, every piece of information, and every helpful person that got me here. My life and health has been changed through natural solutions and couldn’t be more thankful! 📸 from one of our darling girls :)