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Ending up the day in the water .. putting some shadow boxing under gravity.. #boxinginthepool #box #shodowboxing

Santiago, Chile

4*3 mins skipping, 4*3mins sparring, 3*3 mins pads, a circuit and breezing a cheeky bit of shadow to finish 👊
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Sometimes I forget I'm a trained fighter. Been boxing since I was 12. One thing that made me unique was how easy it was for me to switch from south and north paw with ease. Took it kinda serous for a while. I was always told many times to go the distance with fighting. I was pretty undefeated and unchallenged in contenders, even ones heavier than me. At my heaviest I was boxing at 250lb. But I didn't want all that brain damage. I wasn't about that life. Bad enough my jaw unhinged once. In MMA or Boxing, both are amazing sports. I am a fan of both and have dabbled in all forms of fighting. It makes you're movements change, as you adapt to movements that might make you better and more skillful. Connor McGregor was a boxer first. So it be interesting to see what ends up happening in this fight. This fight coming up has really got me pumped. To be honest, I say, let the best man win. 🙏🏻 I like them both in their own ways. But this is history in the making no matter what. What a time to be alive. #Boxing #Fighter #Shodowboxing

Lakewood, California