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Game on! Not hard to win this one after a weekend of apple cider making and kid games galore! #smileon #extendedfamily #pilobolus

Amsterdam , New York

1,2,3 👩 📷 "You just have to smile even if you're in tears." 😉



@molnaremma túl a 30.000 követőn youtube-on! ⬆️ 😜 És most úgy gondolta eleget tesz az utálói kérésének is.
👄 Ehhez a mi fogfehérítőnket vette segítségül. 🎬 Csekkoljátok a youtube csatornáját.


When you're grateful for everything life has to offer you, great things continue to happen #smileon ✨💖✨


Blogging struggles cont.... Struggle 3: people think your blog is some kind of a joke

So I started blogging not knowing what I was doing or how to go about it (i sometimes still don't know what I'm doing 😂) but here's the thing, you get encouragements to start of something because people think you're really good at it and you decide why not....well that was me months ago when I was starting off....here I am months later, and i look for the people who encouraged me and I wonder what happened to them? 🤣(shout out to all my loyal followers who always support me, you guys are awesome!)...see the truth of the matter is not everyone who encourages you to start of something will support you when you do, this applies to everything is life by the way your work, your school, your business.....if you start up something with hope that your friends and family will support and boost it haha...your in for a rude shock #thebittertruth
My blog name to start with has been called all sorts of things from chicken gentle to what not, but I choose not to go into that 🤔, I get memes of fashion flops sent to me every now and then with a text ....'post this on chic n genteel' Funny as it sounds sometimes it really isn't but no struggles no gains right??
So for those out there planning to start up something or venture into something new by all means dive right in...BUT!!....be prepared for what's to come. All the best in your new venture and don't give up!! 😘😘
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