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by @mother.soul

〰 still laying low these days, living my happiest life without feeling pressured to post on here frequently or share every day of my life. ~ There is beauty & clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate. Once we begin to truly associate with our body + mind, you’ll know when it’s time to unplug & focus on yourself. ✨Whether you’re on here for fun or business, social media is great, but it doesn’t define you nor your life. 🌸🍩💕

Universal Studios

by @thebeautifulwounds

We’re very honored to be a part of the “30 Under 31” lineup in the @thecatholicspirit for #TheBeautifulWounds.🌿 It’s hard, humbling, and joy-filled to say YES to the #CreatorSpirit and we thank you for sharing your stories, joining us on the journey of experiencing & sharing beauty, and running the race to Christ alongside us! May all that we do - in the ordinary & extraordinary - be for Jesus alone & done all out of love for Him. ✨ Please check out the amazing lineup of young adults doing bold & courageous work for Christ // Link in bio ⤴️
📸: @flytographer


by @abby_and_brandon

We really tried to just pick one... 😬😬
Senior session with @katebsprouls was both freezing and on 🔥🔥
Still not sure how this girl made 40 degrees and windy look effortless!
Thanks for such a fun time, Kayt!


by @jennybettybee

Another of the stunning @kimberlysterling 💕💕

Boise, Idaho

by @lularoejoellenandjordan

Yep that's a knotted Julia.  I love to use simple ponytail holders to add shape and rouching to many of my dresses.  Have you tried it?  Double-tap if you have!~
It's a great trick if you find a pattern that you are obsessed with, but maybe it's slightly too big for you (or 1 or 2 sizes too big) -  Also if you want to learn more styling tips, hop over to my VIP community on FB, the link is in my bio!~ We'd love to have you!~ #lularoejulia #lularoesarah
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by @allthethings.kaycee

As you guys know I took a week and a half long break from social media and guess what? It was the best!🙌🏼 I spent more time with my family, more time focusing on Nixon and being more present for him. I was less stressed and found myself not worrying about the latest drama.
Did you do the social media fast? How did it go? I want to hear what you got out of it!😊

Brigham City, Utah

by @lilyjmedia

Upward climb.


by @ohsweetlullaby

One of my favorite fall photos from last year. So Hocus Pocus. 🍂🐿

Nashville, Tennessee

by @kateneveu

The thought of quitting your job for a side business is enough to nearly make you shit, .
AM I RIGHT?! I never would have thought that my plan would be to leave a well paying + secure job.


The thing is, it hasn't be a quick process.

The #sideshuffle started because I was feeling like you are now:
🌙 Surrounded by people but still lonely
🌙Boxed in and stuffy at work
🌙Like you have so much more to give to people, if there were only less RULES to go by
It's been a way to connect with the most amazing people, to think outside the box, and to TRULY help other women with both money and hair.

You don't need to plan on quitting your job to make changes. You can get outside of your comfort zone and vill the void,

Have you ever felt like you needed a change? Let me know in the comments!

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

by @aliciaskim

A portrait of me! 🖍
Get your own when you download the Nordstrom app! Nordstrom launched its New Rewards Program - The Nordy Club. So happy to be part of an innovative company that challenges what it means to be a fashion retailer and creates fresh experiences to the customers ♥️ #nordyclub #nordstromcares


by @janicebeverly

I heard a story in the news today that some lady managed to successfully get through security and board a plane with an ‘emotional support’ squirrel.
You read that right— a squirrel.
And now I can’t decide if that lady is insane or if I kinda want to be her best friend....

Heritage Bicycles General Store

by @tiffanymadeitup

Straight smitten with this city. The exterior design of its many many pubs are breathtaking, as to be expected. Dublin, you are a Beer-Loving-Design-Nerd’s dream. (a.k.a me).

Dublin, Ireland

by @_raisingwildones_

When all you want is a nice photo with your almost 9 year old...and she pulls that face 🤦🏼‍♀️


by @salttoclay

Happy Wednesday! Shout out to Tacoma for insane views.

Tacoma, Washington

by @angelika006

• This little face right here, I missed it so much today. Mama had lots of things to take care of today, so daddy stepped in and might I add, did an amazing job! Even though it felt nice to not be in mommy mode all day, I missed all the small things. Our little morning routine, sweet snuggles, our neighbourhood stroll, breastfeeding sessions, and most of her big smiles. I’m always trying to find extra time for myself, but the moment I got some, I just wanted to be back home with my sweet girl. Oh the joys of being a mama 💕 .
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Toronto, Ontario

by @katejinaa

not as cute as we thought

London, United Kingdom

by @k_annm

Jumping for joy, or Autumn weather and apples in this case 🍎

Hendersonville, North Carolina

by @lauren.dodge

20 hours after this picture was taken a tornado struck Waco🌪 All is fine but you can read about it on the blog 😉

Baylor University

by @lashondambrown

Remember that one time...⠀

•We took a week off work.⠀
•We flew out of the country.⠀
•Landed in Canada and took a three hour bus ride into the woods for a person we met online?

#WeClearlyLove @ashley.beaudin 😂

•We poured our hearts out for days to complete strangers feeling all the feels the world has ever known😂⠀
•We chose to grow the size of our hearts and for a moment looked past the size of our followings.
•Oh and let us not forget the 5 hour dance party and the Aussie men who served us meals😍😍😍
That was the life! ⠀

Funny thing though...I would love to actually know what you all do 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ⠀

Camp Fam, let me know in the comments when you’re able what you do to pay the bills. I’d love to learn about that side of you as well 💗 PS if you’re feeling the itch to share and you didn’t go to the @imperfectbosses camp there’s always next year😉 Feel free to introduce yourself as well 👇🏾

Camp Timberlane

by @yesserose

*sappy post warning*
In my search for a book I need, I came across my bin with memorabilia and supplies from my first year as a teacher. I was fresh and young, hoping and praying that I would be able to impact lives in a great way. In that time I’m sure those students taught me more than I taught them. Although I only had the one year at FBCS, I’m forever grateful for the people I met, and the lessons learned. And to those who I taught reading this, I’m praying for you and thankful for you. #cringybuttrue #verycringy ❤️ #throwback #ihaveathingforowls .
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