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by @glowing.mermaid

. ———— ♡ ————
On Monday I flew back to my country leaving my life partner.
This man is someone who understands my soul, touches my body in only places we both love, he knows how to make me smile with the smallest acts, supports me on every step we take to be back together, a man who take care of my heart, a man who is in love with all of me, a man so down to Earth that I just choose him as the man I want to be for eternity.
We decided to make this. #matteroffact We both strong and know pretty well how to be resilient towards our situation. This definitely takes my heart away but waking up with a purpose makes it forever warm. The beauty of hope to wake up with him forever again. A matter of patience, trust, loyalty. A matter of real love, #stayingtruetoourselves, staying in the highest frequency which is for us light & love.
He makes me feel so awesome, and free that I feel like my #innerchild rises to the light. I love him so much. I keep getting excited for everything that is on our future. I thank the universe that our paths have crossed.
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by @rachellynnsebastian

Join me Friday, October 19th 7-9pm @kalectic for a...
[FREE] Meditation Playshop & Vegan Potluck
“Level Up” your meditation practice.
Learn how to transmute energy
Laugh with your community
Engage your mind with relief and ENJOYMENT
Learn quick and effective techniques
To bring:
♥ Comfort Seating: Yoga Mat | Bolster | Blanket | Pillow
♥ Refillable H20 Bottle
♥ A Vegan Dish to share
Kombucha provided!
Instructor: rachellynnsebastian.com
Venue: kalectic.com
1736 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, Washington
#rachellynnsebastian #kalectic


by @the_healing__space

The light within.
Begging to be noticed.
Begging to shine brightly.
Begging to be listened to.
Begging to guide us.
As you exhale, surrender to the light within.
As you inhale let the light engulf you.
Allow it to shine brightly.
Allow it.
Allow it.
Allow it.
#thehealingspace #pranichealing #brisbanepranichealing #brisbanehealer #light #allowit #shine #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #reiki #soulhealing #womenshealing #healingforwomen


by @this.free.body

What is it about when two or more elements meet, its so healing? The water on the sand, digging in the earth, where sun meets the horizon...
Makes us feel like we are a part of something bigger.
That it’s all going to be okay.
There are many ways to heal your body, not just with nutrition or exercise. Find what you need.

#natureheals #soulhealing #sunsetbeach #freeyourself
#upperleftusa #holistichealing


by @fractal_abundance

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by @rani_maree

The Way to Instant Happiness... Do what sets your soul on fire 🔥! We get caught up in the drudgery of life 😩; boring jobs to pay for crap 💩we don’t need, social obligations with people that don’t inspire us, and meaningless time-wasting rubbish.

No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants💊! Our society is focused on the wrong things.

What are the things that you LOOOVE to do? Let me know in the comments what you would love to be doing more of right now.
If you’re into living your best life. DM me for a free 30 min session.
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by @pnwlivingre

Today was a bounteous day! Sent my delicious husband off to Cancun for a guys trip. ( sooo deserved)☀️
My niece Violet’s birthday 🎂I wish I could have attended but work and the dogs couldn’t be left any longer.
Home made chicken stock that turned into chicken noodle soup. Batch of spicy dilly beans all fresh from the garden including the dill, grape leaf and garlic.
A box of organic fresh produce and enough to make salsa tomorrow! 🍅CHECK OUT the freaking onion!!😮
Not to mention salmon headed into brine
Been up since 2:30 And!!!!! 4 pints of cured eggs from today’s hens.

Lastly the icing on the cake: a few leads turned into clients and a few clients turned into friends.
I needed today. I feel centered once again 🙏🏻 Thank you God and my Dad #pnwliving #dowhatyoulove #bradskillerfishinggear #dad #centered #soulhealing #fishon #salmon #dillybeans #gardenfresh #organic #canning #outdoorlady #home #pnw #heaven #earthlove #wholesome #smoker


by @astroyogini

I don't typically post selfies here. Instagram is my Yin space, Facebook my Yang... but my girl @sparkl3pixi3 wanted to see my face ❤ Ask and thou shall receive! Miss you so much, Mama 😘

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#yogaeverydamnday #lightworker #shadowworker #pagansofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #goodnight


by @themoontarot

Everlasting love 💞


by @myhealthjam

Visited a new doctor today in hopes of answers and left with no answers and yet another requisition for blood work
On the bright side I am grateful to live in canada and have access to free healthcare
What are you grateful for today?


by @wholeness_martine

dōTERRA Convention with these ladies! A wealth of knowledge + organization + business sense + empathy + belief + empowerment = and that’s just them 3 ladies 🤣 looking forward to what these next 3 days will bring 💕 #doterra2018 #naturalhealth #healing #wellness #empowerment #convention

Salt Lake City, Utah

by @dreliztratts

How do you rock the wellness trend of crystals?

Super excited to share my interview with @girlslifemag Crystal Clear, the secret source of positivity.

Crystals seem to be just about everywhere but how do you separate science from superstition and to begin your journey with them?

Crystals are minerals from the earth and each individual type of crystal retains a unique vibration. It is that vibration that attracts us to them.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, there is a real reasons why we love them!

🔸Crystals and gemstones have been prized for thousands of years. They have been worn for years as jewelry, in crowns and used in trade.
🔸Crystals are minerals and since our bodies need minerals it is only natural that we gravitate to gemstones which are made of them.
🔸Crystals all carry a frequency and like music we are attracted to different frequencies and resonate with different ones.
🔸In TCM gemstones and crystals are prized for healing and resilience because of the time it took them to form deep inside the earth.

Selecting a crystal:
There is no right or wrong way to select a crystal. Just put down your phone & see what you naturally gravitate to.
Also you can find out about certain properties that a crystal is known to assist with. For example, citrine is grounding and good for digestion and Kunzite is both good for anxiety & yet powers you up.

Cleanse your crystal.
The first step when bringing home a crystal is to cleanse it with salt, saltwater, smoke, sun or moonlight. This will keep your new babies fresh & powerful. Remember to do this frequently, especially on a full moon.

Set your intention
Once your crystal is charged and cleared its time to rock and roll and set your intention.
Sit quietly and direct what kind of energy you want your crystal to have. This is a very powerful part of owning a crystal. I personally have two stones in my pocket at all times that keep me calm.

Crystals are a wonderful trend that is safe, fun & everyone can enjoy.

They will not cure your disease but will surely make you feel a lot better when you are around them.

What is your favorite crystal or gemstone?
I would love to hear from you💎

Miami Beach, Florida

by @fiona.vie

✨ k i n d n e s s ✨ 🙏🏼🌸💖


by @healinglotusholistics

Your Oracle messages revealed✨🔮🌙✨

I. The Initiation- Right of passage, You are going somewhere sacred-
Virgo has definitely opened many new doors and possibilities for us! Change can be uncomfortable, it can be overwhelming, it can seem unfamiliar and scary as well as exhilarating, exciting and wonderful. Change is necessary for us to grow in both the physical and spiritual. This summer we were called to do deep soul work, to focus inward and lay the foundation for our destiny to manifest. Now we are being called to make the outward changes. If we are not prepared and open to change the universe will attract situations that will encourage us to make the change. The only constant is change; allow ourselves to be open and to love the process for there is much light waiting on the other side of uncertainty 🕯✨💖
II. Pleiades- Double Mission: Channeling & uplifting humanity.
The Pleiadeans are a group of star beings called to raise the vibration of the planet & promote consciousness. If this is your card this week, this is a call to action. We are being asked to work in service to the universe and to those around us. It is by doing our own soul work that we raise the vibrational energy of the earth (our double mission to heal ourselves and the world around us). Allow your consciousness to be activated and spread light and joy. It is when we do this internal work we become more kind, to ourselves and others- compassionate, loving, and empathetic. You are being asked to become a light for yourself and those around you. If you have been working on your soul journey, this is a ‘BRAVO’ from the universe. It wants to acknowledge what you are doing and tell you to KEEP going! Spiritual awakenings can certainly be tough, healing is not linear. This is your sign from the universe that it is supporting you & grateful of your efforts to make yourself and the world a gentler, more loving place🌎 💫💓
III. The Great Gathering- it’s all coming together. intuitive hits. soul tribe.
This is an amazing message as we reflect on our summer soul work! We set boundaries, re-evaluated our emotions, feelings, relationships, situations. ✨continued in comments..


by @jacquelinehealing

When I have a decision to make Spirit often reminds me to let joy be my compass.
Whether you are feeling unsure or uncertain, doubting yourself, feeling insecure or indecisive.
Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of your purpose or direction; or dealing with feeling trapped through a sense of obligation or loyalty.
Take a second and ask yourself what would bring me joy right now?
Let joy be the compass that guides you forward.
Atma Namaste


by @duskhaze

It's been 365 days since Cinnamon passed away. She was so beautiful and clever, so loving and sweet, so sassy and mischevous. We had such a special bond. I don't think a single day has gone by where I haven't thought of her and missed her. She died the day before the first anniversary of me taking her and Pipkin in. She had a long and happy life. I was so blessed to be able to give her a loving home after her old owner passed away. The amount of light, affection, love, joy and laughter she brought into my life when I was in a very dark place was something special. She healed a part of my soul which I thought would never heal. She was perfect and will always have a special place in my heart. I love you forever baby girl 🐇💖💕
#rainbowbridge #bunniesofinstagram #memorial #love #soulhealing


by @consciouslifestylemagazine

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