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by @michelle_rossfeld

Good morning,


by @mvriv.i

With every breath that I take I want you to share that air with me 馃寘馃
The photo taken by @kapuscinski_b 馃拫鈾ワ笍
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by @healingsaint

On Saturday, September 29th I will be offering a Reiki Level II class from 11:00 am to 5 pm.

In This Class You Will:
路 Receive your first 3 Reiki Symbols
路 Receive your Reiki Level II Manual
路 Receive your Reiki Level II Attunement
路 Receive your Reiki Level II Certificate
路 Learn about Distant Healing

The Reiki symbols unlock and activate the higher Reiki energies. The level II attunement deepens your connection to the Reiki energy and is heart centered.

Reiki Level I is required to take this class.
Preregistration due by September 22nd
For registration information email
Peace and blessings 馃檹

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by @healingheartsreikiandreadings

Not sure if these cards could get much more beautiful. The cards feel deep but I feel a sense of calmness over them as well.
Your soul is yearning for more. The Divine is all, and there are no limits. Your soul is hungry for divine reunion. You may be feeling a urge to travel, try something new, let go of limitations of your mind and how you see your current life. You will benefit from travel from now, even in your mind. It is time to unplug and journal and travel within. This journey may be you distancing yourself from the struggles around you, the day to day routine and chaos. Retreat.
New life is upon you now. You are being reborn and you will give birth to what is meant in your lifetime. There is no need to worry. Just pray with an open heart that you may be supported to fulfil your destiny. You already are, of course, but prayer can help you realize it. The rest is in the living and capable hands of the Divine.
Within you questions are starting to arise. When you get the question right the answer will be self-evident. This is an invitation to enter into the mystery of your life and your being and to allow the biggest question you can summon to emerge from your heart and be expressed through love. Whatever truth emerges, let that be your contemplation. The Divine asks you to come sit with her, she wants you to ask questions. Together there will be a beautiful conversation and with these questions understanding and peace will flow into your relationships and circumstances. #distanceyourself #journeywithin #takeadrive #highwaythoughts #3to1jump! #newlifecomingin #newbirth #contemplationtime #abundancemovesfreely #sitwiththedivine #askthequesions #understandingandpeace #yoursoulknows #soulpurpose #divinetiming


by @dekroon_art_and_design

This week, I'll be a sun-catcher making machine in preparation for the #iamempowermentproject 's I Am Fearless Creative Mindfulness Workshop! .
I can't wait to share the finished product!
Want to learn more about our workshops? Send me a DM 馃槂猸愶笍
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by @lipstickandstethoscope

What if there wasn鈥檛 a good pile or a bad pile? What if we all just gave each other a lifetime grace card?

What if we approach life KNOWING that everyone is going to make some big mistakes, and that when they do, they aren鈥檛 automatically going to get thrown out to the trash pile? (Sometimes, of course, we need to walk away from hurtful or abusive situations...and that is the necessary and loving thing to do.) When we give others a grace card, we give ourselves one, too. Doesn't that work out nicely?
No more good and bad piles. Only peace.
@bravegirlsclub .

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by @marylandrecovery

Create your own 鈽锔


by @micara.link

When I was in my senior year of college, about to graduate with a psychology degree, I could not shake the feeling that I wasn鈥檛 supposed to go to grad school. It had always been my plan. To be the counselor I had always imagined myself to be, I had to go on to further schooling, but every time I tried to take that next step I felt a strong sense of 鈥淣o鈥 inside of me. I kept ignoring it thinking it was just nerves, but with each passing day that little whisper of No got louder and louder until eventually I felt sick to my stomach.
One day I finally surrendered to that voice within. I didn鈥檛 know what the next step was but I knew it wasn鈥檛 grad school.
The next few months were a whirlwind of synchronistic, life-shaping experiences and aha-moments that guided me into energy work, intuitive awareness, and life coaching. It was where I was meant to be all along, but I didn鈥檛 have any conscious awareness of it at the time. My soul knew though. It always knew.

And so does yours. It鈥檚 guiding if you, if you鈥檒l let it, to the life you鈥檙e meant to live.
Trust the persistent messages you receive, they鈥檙e persistent because they鈥檙e your purpose. xo .

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by @nomadic_spiritual_healings

Traveling the country in an R.V. with our children was the most liberating a healing thing that we have ever done. Showing them that life can be short, but what you do with your seconds is the most crucial part. Explore, heal, grow and figure out who you are and what your purpose is. I am so grateful that we were so brave to do what our hearts yearned. The universe is now theirs, and they get to be whoever they want to be. My heart is full. #fulltimerving #dreambig #reminicing #nowwestandstillandbegrateful #yourpurpose #healing #loveyourjourney #followyourheart #itsthesecondsthatcount #travel #unique #uniquejourney #soulpurpose #love #family #lifequotes #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quotesdaily #crystalyon #nomadicspiritualhealings


by @dragonflychihealingarts

Sometimes in order to create things of substance in the world, our eyes have to see with an unearthly clarity. 馃挮鉅
"You have sole ownership of your vision. And the Universe will give you what you want within your vision. What happens with most people is that they muddy their vision with "reality". Their vision becomes full of not only what they want but what everybody else thinks about what they want, too. Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration that you are offering can then be answered." - Abraham-Hicks鉅

馃摲 Stunning fashion illustration reposted courtesy of the supremely talented @leighviner

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by @rafaelina_bravo

Good Morning馃尀Happy Tuesday!! Patience is a gift. Many say it's one they don't have. Regardless, we wait. Every day and every where we go we have to wait, at the store, supermarkets, hair salon..... Even though it's unavoidable, waiting in the daily details is an unpleasant part of life.
Your daily routine that seems to never change may last for just one more day. But it could be yours for another month, another year, or even more. What will you do in the waiting? Today take a new look at this season in your life. Fight your frustrations, and trust that this place of preparation is of great importance. #mindbodyspirit #letyourlightshine #dontbearubbernecker #blessed #patienceisagiftfromabove #grateful #mommyofone #mommyofarainbowbaby #innerpeace #soulpurpose


by @theselflovewitch

As part of this new process of trust and let go, I鈥檓 becoming hyper aware of the bullshit that mentality plays out. We give our thoughts way too much credit rather than pulling our attention away and focusing on something beneficial. Thoughts pick up momentum by repetition. Think something enough and we will believe it to be true. When we believe something is true we unconsciously sabotage ourselves to affirm that belief. If you envision the dream you have for your life, the things you truly want, are you thoughts in favour of that? Low vibrational thoughts that reside on the frequency of fear, anxiety, distrust etc drain our energy and push abundance away from us. Once you recognise which thoughts are causing you to lose faith and sabotage your growth, you can consciously choose to disconnect from them. You manage your mind, your mind doesn鈥檛 manage you. When you stop giving the bullshit so much air time you create mental space for the thoughts that serve you. You can fill up your energy field with that which resonates on the frequency of your higher self. The higher self being all the love, freedom, joy and expansion. Pay enough attention to your mind so you can be the witness, instead of the slave. Call out the bullshit, call in the dream.
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by @grounded.in.goddess

That moment of freedom, when our words are no longer caught inside us, strangling us. When they are set free to fly... those words may not be perfect but at least they are not holding our throats in heavy closed-offness.
Go fly, pretty ones! Fly!! My words on the page... on the air... released through my voice to become a story, not a prison.
It's getting easier with each word, each sentence, each vulnerable conversation, to speak my truth.
How much of your truth are you telling? 馃檹馃徎馃尙馃挌鉁煂


by @theflowalchemist

Exciting news!!! Im coming to Dubai for 10 Days to speak and run 4 workshops! I鈥檝e partnered with Dubai鈥檚 1st, largest & leading well being centre @illuminationsarabia @illuminationsworld and super excited to visit again... There鈥檚 a free talk, and a whole day Abundance Alchemy workshop along with some other smaller workshops and meditation that will blow you away!
We鈥檒l be playing with timelines, the Akashic Records, clearing limiting beliefs, creating quantum shifts, anchoring in your future and working on increasing your abundance in all areas of life... Money is an obvious one, but it鈥檚 about so much more... how much good, love, joy, happiness, fulfilment and fun will you let in too!? Its never really about the money anyway. It鈥檚 about breaking free from your childhood conditioning, and truly following your Souls purpose!
I鈥檒l also be doing some 1:1 Akashic Alchemy healing sessions!
If you have any questions just ask, and be sure to checkout the illuminations.ae website for times and booking.
Tag a friend who lives in Dubai! 馃挏

There鈥檚 no better place on earth to anchor in some Abundance codes!
Side note: how epic are these lights... Random fact: my friend was actually was part of the crew that installed them! 馃摳 @dubai 馃挏

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by @radiant_transformations

What is something you can do today that will make you grateful and proud when you look back a year from now? 馃馃挓 #morningthoughts


by @superyogapalace

What makes you feel alive? What sets your soul on fire? Will you share with the SYP family what your soul filled goals are in the comments below? Winner selected at random to attend *FREE* the upcoming New Moon + Desire Map workshop with @jessicamariejordan Monday October 8th at Super Yoga Palace. Workshop details at www.superyogapalace.com or link in IG bio.

Super Yoga Palace

by @massagebycarrie

Good morning! Here's a message from the Good Vibes Positive Affirmation deck by @shamanisabella:
Time to get grounded-- walk barefoot on the beach, on the grass or through a labyrinth. Tap in to that YIN feminine energy, wear soft pastels, buy flowers & utilize your gentle enduring force daily to support yourself & others!
These cards are available for you to consult while sipping tea & waiting for your life changing massage @fourmoonsspa
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by @kissmelissakiss

馃憜Where I wish I was right now ~ #takemebacktohawaii
Do you know those days where life just laughs about your plans & nothing is how you planned?
...story of my life 馃う鈥嶁檧锔忦煒
So what to do with those days? 馃憠 breathe through them - literally, deep breaths calm the nervous system & help us to relax + our entire systems gets some fresh oxygen to function properly 馃憠 trust that the things don鈥檛 work out for a good reason, it鈥檚 not the time for it now
馃憠 look out for where the day takes you even if things don鈥檛 go as planned, sometimes this takes us to much more beautiful moments than we thought
馃憠 think of 3 things (or as many as you can think of) that you are grateful for
馃憠 smile - it will release all the 鈥渇ell-good鈥 hormones in your body & help you through the day
馃憠 do something that you love (favorite song, walk, workout, snack), just have something prepared that will boost your mood during days like that
馃憠 focus on what you can change about the situation & if there is nothing to change, accept it & move on 馃憠 be aware of the emotions that come up, the smallest things can sometimes trigger emotions that have actually nothing to do with what happened, be aware of them, acknowledge them, take care of them & don鈥檛 yell at others because you鈥檙e in a bad mood 馃憠 trust that it all happened for a reason & go to sleep thinking of all the good things in your life & be excited about the next day

Honolulu, Hawaii

by @the_mystical_muse

Today鈥檚 Mystical Musing: Confidence | Decisions 鈥 There is a situation that needs clarification, a decision that needs to be made; one on the table that will take vast reserves of courage, confidence and grit to conclude... Today, employ your pure feminine power as you walk through your day, knowing that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you have options... Find a quiet spot and ask yourself: 鈥淲hat scares me the most about the decision I need to make?鈥 and examine what comes to mind and how this makes you feel. Cast aside the filters of what others think you should or should not do, and respect yourself enough to do what needs to be done. Let your instincts rule, discard what no longer fits, resonates or vibes with the integrity of your soul then straighten your spine, steady your gaze and move forward in truth, honor and dignity. The power rests solely in your hands and once you decide your direction, doors will open like magic before you.


by @theracheljoy1

I couldn鈥檛 sleep last night because of how excited I am to welcome all you babes in to the rest of your fucking life! I sound dramatic but it鈥檚 true! The transformation is in the YES...meaning, the minute you decide to take a stand for what you will, and will not settle for...the minute you claim more for yourself, things happen FAST! The universe gets behind your back and pushes you forward towards your dreams. 鉅鉅
If you haven鈥檛 said YES yet, don鈥檛 worry there鈥檚 still time, but you must take MASSIVE INSPIRED ACTION NOW, because TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!
This is a 6 week group coaching program to build your biz of your dreams from a place with authenticity and alignment, with ease and grace. You have lifetime access to the modules, and I鈥檓 giving you ALLLLLL THE THINGS, including layouts, templates, tutorials, scripts for all things branding, marketing, social media, and even legal matters!馃檶馃徎 Entrepreneurship doesn鈥檛 have to be hard, babe...
Take advantage of the payment plan and secure your spot for $125...that鈥檚 $4/day (not even a Starbucks is that cheap!) if you require an extended payment plan please r such out to me. 鉅鉅
I want this to be an easy YES for you which is why I鈥檝e even provided a return policy in your favor, AND thrown in lifetime access and group coaching to my signature program SOUL: School of Universal Laws!
If there鈥檚 any part of you that鈥檚 been thinking about BBB, but haven鈥檛 acted yet, trust your intuition. It will never steer you wrong. Hit that like in my bio鈥> second button and secure your spot NOW! 鉁煢 miracles are about to happen and I can鈥檛 to welcome you into the group. DM if you鈥檙e on the fence or have any questions.
To your MASSIVE success,
Rachel Joy馃挀鉁#theuniversehasyourback #miracleshappen

Salt Lake City, Utah

by @jessicamariejordan

When I finally take time to write down my thoughts everything seems crystal clear. Apparently this is called a "brain dump." The only place I've found I can do this with any success and make anything of it, is with this Desire Map Planner. I have HUGE goals with some serious soul but many times I find I over promise and under deliver because the speed of my dreams has not caught up with the work that is needed to get there. -----
Strength Finders says I'm futuristic, the Enneagram says I'm an achiever, I say I'm the oldest of three siblings who was raised to believe I could do and be anything, was given a shovel and sent on my way. -----
Sometimes I'm extremely insecure and hyper aware of where I lack. Sometimes I find myself knee deep in what feels like quick sand where the only way out is through but my inner strength is so weak and I'm just sinking. Sometimes I hurt very deeply and feel I deserve every bit of it because I've inflicted it on myself. "Why can't you be more practical, why can't you be normal, (btw, what is normal anyway) why do you have to dream so big?" -----
Then I answer myself. -----
This Tuesday morning ask yourself ( after a good nights sleep and a cup of coffee - because seriously that makes all the difference) " WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE" -----
I'm pretty sure there is no road map. It's all about getting clear on what you want and staying the course. Through marriage, children, opening, closing and re opening @superyogapalace , dreaming, producing and completing @thisworldwontbreak with @joshdavidjordan and all the others things in between, it comes down to not quitting and riding the wave. -----
A book that helped me and may help you too, "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte
Find your "WHY" and ride your wave. It's hard, the most beautiful kind of hard.. ever. #lovethelifeyouchoose