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by @brii_ferg

@healthade for the win this morning. And every morning - getting my gut back on track 👌🏻


by @miss_fitbritt

Just call me COACH.
I’m not a pro.
I don’t know it all.
I don’t have ALL the answers.
I don’t use CRAZY methods to get results.
What I do have, is what has WORKED for ME & MY CLIENTS for the past 5 years...
- Consistency - Dedication
- Balanced Eating - Daily 30 minutes workouts - MINDSET SHIFTS - Self Care .
I’m not going anywhere... because EVERY DAY people decide to make life changes for the better and decide to invest in themselves and GET RESULTS.
You know where I’m at! 💕I’m just chillin in these virtual fitness groups watching women transform from the inside out! 🤩

Peoria, Illinois

by @jamielallenfitness

Performance was off today 😅🙄...and I know exactly why...inadequate sleep & recovery as well as some dehydration were the culprits and that’s on me! Regardless, still got it done but always remember if your performance isn’t where it should be just identify the problem, correct it and get back on track.
Lack of performance can be attributed to one of the following most times...inadequate nutrition, poor sleep and recovery, dehydration or overtraining...listen to your body and identify what might be going on.

Cave Spring, Virginia

by @biancakatharinaschmidt

Das nächste Herz hat seinen Platz auf meinem Oberschenkel gefunden 💁🏻‍♀️
Wenn man das Wort "Oberschenkel" in die Suchmaschine tippt, kommen als erste Ergebnisse:
- Tipps, wie man innerhalb von einer Woche schlanke Beine bekommt (haha!🙄)
- Schönheitskliniken, die dir das Fett absaugen
- Übungen für straffe, schlanke und perfekt(?) geformte Oberschenkel
- alles mögliche über Schmerzen
Merkst du worauf der Fokus liegt? Entweder du hast zu viel von etwas oder zu wenig. Auf keinen Fall kann's genau richtig sein. Und das ist Bullshit. Ja, vielleicht ärgerst du dich manchmal, dass deine Oberschenkel aneinander reiben (da habe ich übrigens mal lauter tolle Tipps gegen den 🐺 unter einem Beitrag etwas weiter unten gesammelt), vielleicht ärgerst du dich, dass die Haut nicht straff ist oder deine Beine dünn wie Zahnstocher sind. Und ich denke es ist auch okay, wenn du dich ab und an mal ärgerst. Und auch, wenn du etwas verändern möchtest. Aber bitte machs nicht wie die Suchmaschine und konzentrier dich nur auf all das, was zu viel oder zu wenig ist. Schau doch mal hin, was genau richtig ist. Komm, schenk dir mal ein bisschen Liebe 💕
In meiner Suchmaschine würde stehen:
- 10 Gründe, warum ich meinen Oberschenkeln dankbar bin🙏🏼
- Muskelaufbau durch Kniebeugen und Protein statt Schönheitsklinik💪🏼
- warum es keine perfekte Form gibt und Wölfe unsere Freunde sind😉
- dieses Tattoo wirst du als Veganer lieben🐷
Was würde deine ganz persönliche Suchmaschine über deine Oberschenkel anzeigen? Lass uns doch mal gemeinsam den Fokus auf das Positive lenken❤️


by @thestylechair

The Hardest Lift of all is lifting your butt off the couch. ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️
Today's Monday Motivation post is actually coming from this Saturday's workout session.
Saturdays end up being a crazy day for me at work and invariably I get delayed at work. Which leaves me with just about 45minutes tops to workout (since the gym shuts by 9pm on saturdays). For me the thought of having to rush home and hurriedly get to the gym for just a 40minute workout makes no sense especially after I'm tired from a long day's work. And thats what is called an excuse. It's easy to get lazy! But if you see even 40 minutes is a lot. I just told myself whatever it maybe I WILL GO TO THE GYM. I will not let the excuses get the better of me. It's easy to let go of good habits and difficult to stick to them. But don't forget where it's difficult the are results.
So, I actually managed to do a good shoulder and arm workout and as small as it may seem it was my achievement for the weekend.
So the only PUSH you need to give yourself is off the couch/bed. Take one step and the rest will follow👊🏻
Seen here is me doing an 'american swing' as @susenphaburagohain calls it, with a 10kg kettlebell
📸 @muzamilmb
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MultiFit NIBM

by @bestapl15

I took my full week of recovery off! Man did I need it. 🏃🏽‍♀️😃 Ready to get back at it today and implement a few new challenges to training.
My hamstrings and quads were exhausted by mile 22 and it took everything I had to just keep them going.....Balancing a pace to pr but not fast enough to make them cramp.
Strength training needs to be more frequent to get my legs stronger and more powerful! Excited to try different classes on @classpass and keep my @ritualhotyoga routine strong!
Have my eyes set on a new time so I’m exploring other marathon options now!
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by @moving_towards_health

It was COLD this morning. ❄️ Typically would have dropped the kids off and gone home! What the heck happened to Fall? 🍁 Got my hoodie on. Need to go get something other than tank tops.
New PR for DL at 155. That’s up 30lbs from just a month ago. 💪🙌 Today was 20/10 intervals.
Suitcase DL
Jump squats
20-2 by 2’s
S/U 100,90,80 etc
Stayed for the range of motion.
First time for a dragon 🐉 fragon 🐸 🐉
Cross stretch and a few I don’t remember the name 🤷‍♀️ #GirlsWhoLift #findyourstrong #bodygoals
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by @_tanschiiii

I like being strong.
I have so much energy in this little body I constantly need to find new ways to let it out. Sometimes I come home and I have so much energy left I want to wrestle with someone (poor @losmotus 😂👼). I am seriously thinking about taking a wrestling class 😎
Not today, I already found a way 💪😊 #strongbodystrongmind #yogistrength #armbalances #girlswholiftthemselvesup #practicepracticepractice #toomuchenergy #vienna #homegym

Vienna, Austria

by @jodi.hatton

Getting back to your workout routine (or any routine for that matter) after baby can be a challenge...especially if the wee one isn't sleeping at night.
Check out my friend @tranquil.sleep.solutions and get some much needed rest 🌚
#momlife #sleepingbeauty👑
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by @strengthbylisa

Happy Monday! Had to repost from @zachmortimer 👊🏽
Is this spot on @sacblackbiz ?? If anyone knows how we met 🤣❤️ 💯#strengthbylisa #strongbodystrongmind

Sacramento, California

by @jadesophialove

When i wake up in the morning after traveling sometimes all I have the strength to do is throw some lipgloss on before I run out the door. Do you ever have days when you just don’t want to be an adult!??🤦🏽‍♀️ Id honestly rather stay in bed than tackle the 87 errands I have to do today🤣⠀
I have my moments and on days like this when flying has me completely exhausted, the last thing I want to do is cook an entire breakfast. So my go to is a protein smoothie with Level 1 protein powder and my greens supplement then Im out the door. I have protein at every single meal because it helps build muscle but it also helps to burn fat and keeps me satiated longer. ⠀
I try to always plan ahead and have meals prepared but its not possible 100% of the time. Today Ill do some grocery shopping and prep my meals as usual so I can get back on my routine. ⠀
If you want my favorite smoothie recipe I make in my NutriBullet blender just let me know and Ill send it over to you! Email me or send a DM. Have an amazing day!⠀
Sports Bra: @champion
Shorts: @1stphorm


by @crazyasiayoga

It’s that time!!!!
Strip Down Asanas has become more of a movement than an IG yoga challenge. With each round we watch participants grow in confidence- inside and out. Your voices grow louder, your pictures and words become bolder. The support and connections we see happening in the gallery grow deeper and more real. We are so grateful for everyone that has helped turn this into something so meaningful and bigger than ourselves...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us for round 6 of Strip Down Asanas! It is an honor to host such a meaningful challenge and it really means the world to us to see so many of you wholeheartedly participate!

Thank you for being patient with us as we faced the nearly impossible task of choosing winners. Without further delay...

@gypsyrain7 👉🏼 We’d like to give a special shout out to this girl right here for genuinely supporting and showing love to so many participants in the gallery! You will receive both a drawing from @yeskis4king & a piece from @earthshinestones! 💜

@haley_b7910 👉🏼 @yeskis4king

@monikakuriata & @pacificyogi 👉🏼 @nicow56

@bellachandra1113 & @sassyjoy77 👉🏼 @soter_bentes

@leslielovespotatoes & @quiet_n_quirky 👉🏼 @minkmadeandfound
Please contact your sponsor directly to claim your prize! Congrats again, and thank you for being such amazing humans!

#StripDownAsanas7 will start on January 7th so keep an eye out for a flyer towards the end of the year! In the mean time, feel free to join us weekly for #StripDownSundays as an outlet for self expression and a source of support and inspiration in your continued journey towards self love!
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Los Angeles, California

by @daniel_s_fitness

My only goal this week is getting stronger

107 kg bent over row, this is just the beginning
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by @mindydorff

Oh how I distinctly remember my days of working in a cubicle without windows. Sitting on my butt and waiting for 5pm to hit. Dying a little inside each day and knowing there had to be MORE.
Sitting in one place all day is not the job for someone with ADD😜. I couldn’t imagine that for the rest of my life.
I decided I needed fitness to get off hiney and the only way to stay accountable was to become an instructor. Well let me tell you, it is fun, I love it, but it didn’t pay the bills.
I am forever grateful 🙏 that my coaching mentor saw the potential in me and reached out.
I don’t for granted the time freedom of having my own life transformation business. It fills my need to make an impact. Bye Bye 👋 cubicle and pantyhose. I hope to never see you again! #adhdproblems #imfree #casualday


by @veravoce_pr

What's your definition of success? As we grow and develop in our chosen careers and life goals - this question becomes more multi-dimensional, more deeply personal.
I believe all elements of success intersect, and any piece of the puzzle can either elevate or bring down the whole. Balance and consistency are key ingredients!
Here are a few puzzle pieces that align with success for me: - healthy relationships
- interesting, industry-leading work
- learning & growth
- practice, practice, practice
- opportunities to be challenged
- seeing things from new perspectives
- daily cultivating of a strong body & strong mind
- finding pathways for self-expression and creativity
- giving my best to my work, every day

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire

by @otctoronto

A little motivation from our friend @gordana.j 🙌🏼🙌🏼

#Repost @gordana.j
The best way to get the results you want is to put in the time. Patience is the key to all success. Although it may seem short, life is long. Don’t jump to year 10 if now is your year 1. The beauty is always in the story as it’s being created.
All your hard work will reward you sooner than you think.✌🏻
#strongbodystrongmind #lifewithG #patience #consistency #successmindset


by @brittanywoodstrong

I have always had drive. It’s true. I’ve always been motivated to do things BIG. Does this mean I am fearless? No freaking way. But I have learned over time that those scary things we do (for me-trying out for an NFL cheer squad, traveling to Ethiopia, having a child, starting my own business), the ones that make us want to throw-up but also give us butterflies thinking about it—THOSE are the things we should fill our lives with. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Yes, I too am all about #slowliving but in the midst of that, there is space for the big, bold, & beautiful that allows those slow moments to be all the more sweet & for us to get to enjoy them in the first place.
This drive is something that spoke to me loud & clear shortly after we had our son. I had lost it prior, but he brought it back to me through #theartofslowliving . That desire to listen to the murmurings of our heart & what sets our soul afire. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
How I lost it: When I was an educator that fire☝️was undoubtedly there. What happened over time was the burnout. The giving+++ & forgetting to take care of me. The creativity & passion were being snuffed by “the man.” I have an insanely special part of my heart for teachers. They are the most selfless, hardworking, important influencers of our time. But boy do they not get the credit & compensation they deserve.
How I got it back: Leaning in to a risk. Actively pushing outside my comfort zone into a business that would be run on social media. Who was I kidding? I never posted anything—how could this possibly work? It didn’t matter. I saw the success of others, & I was going to do it despite the fear. Sure getting to the top 1% or even gosh, the top 10%, may seem near impossible, but that is only true for those who aren’t willing to work, learn, & grow. I pushed against the “crab mentality” of what others thought & perceived that would pull me back down into the bucket. It’s crowded down there, & I needed air. That feeling of freedom that my son reminded me was out there.

Snohomish, Washington

by @niafitnessng

When you have downtime and decide to play, crazeness 😂 happens, that Swiss ball sha, diaris God o😂 Happy Monday people! May your week be filled with, strength gains💪🏽, happiness and gratitude, in and out of the gym!
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by @fit_andfearless

Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others, and wishing we were something we aren't. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are - and aren't - that you'll truly succeed 💪.
Handstand pushups - major weakness 😜. Still practicing them but I have a longggg way to go! As an ex athlete, I am still super competitive within myself. Sometimes I have to take a step back, and realize I will NOT be great at everything, but it doesn't mean I can't try to improve ❤️. Stop scrolling through unrealistic posts and define your own success 👊.