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by @jessicasgroom

Benelli such a handsome boy! He loves me despite his facial expression lol! #pointermix#summercut#doggrooming#groomerlife


by @stephstorm_fit

Anyone else have a love hate relationship with doms?? (Delayed onset muscle soreness in case ya didn’t know xx) My lower body is in absolute agony after my leg session yesterday but I literally had the BEST session because it turns out I’ve not lost as much strength as I thought over the last month of not gyming consistently:))🍑
I think a lot of it is down to my diet because I wasn’t eating well the past couple weeks and it makes such a huge difference to my gym session when I eat well and enough on the days I train so please please please don’t under eat especially on the days you gym because I promise you will 100% have a better session if your body has sufficient energy stores😛 ••
Even if you’ve had an unhealthy or inactive start to the week - you’ve still got 3 days to turn that around and smash some workouts and feel amazing before the end of the week so don’t make excuses just do it xxxx


by @frithy4

Dreamy post-gym set up 🛁💪🏻

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

by @isiah_monroe

You were chosen to lead not follow. Here's the secret in order to lead you have to serve. And in order to serve effectively you have to provide the service that is needed most. We need leaders we need movers and shakers! We need scores. Shoot the damn ball!


by @the_fit_smit

11 days left to win this war against myself, only to wage another immediately after! —————————————
To be completely honest I am so tired, my workouts have been trash, my schedule is crazy, but I’m still winning EVERY SINGLE DAY because I show up and put in the work 💪🏻🔪.


by @turnaroundfitness

🅕🅞🅛🅛🅞🅦 me @turnaroundfitness for daily Nutrition & Workout advice for FAT LOSS. Don’t miss out, join 14K people who trust me to guide them in their fat loss journey. Hit the 🅕🅞🅛🅛🅞🅦 button now.
There are many reasons to try intermittent fasting but here are 3 MORE BIG ones below.
NO MORE BELLY BLOAT. As long as I don’t overdo it on sugar and processed carbs you’ll eliminate belly bloat. It will give your digestive system a break and prevents overeating. Your belly will be much happier.
DISEASE PREVENTION. Intermittent fasting promotes autophagy, your body’s way of tearing down & recycling cells that are damaged, like cancer cells, so it can create new, healthier cells.
With a family history of several different types of cancer, heart problems, Alzheimer’s & diabetes, I was excited to hear that something as simple as fasting could reduce my risk. I have noticed that since I began IF, I’ve experienced fewer colds & no seasonal allergies, so that’s proof it’s working!
BETTER SLEEP. Intermittent fating will improve sleep. Part of the reason is that having a cut-off time to stop eating & snacking at will allow your body time to digest before laying down. And since you’ll be eating less sugar & feeling less bloated, that will help you sleep better.
Do you fast? What were your results & which one do you do? Show some Instagram LOVE & Comment below
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by @barbygirrl

Someone is turning one in a few days! 😜🐶 #Whiskeyboy #petlove #shihtzusofinstagram #shihtzu #summercut


by @emily_thomas_fitness

SHOCK horror, Emily goes back to uni and forgets to post for 2 weeks lol🙄🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Just enjoying the uni life and taking everything in before 3rd year well and truly kicks in💁🏼‍♀️ need to find a regular time to post because I’m hitting the gym late at night at the minute and well you guys don’t want to see my workouts at 1am every night😂

I hope you’re all doing well🖤

Gloucester, Gloucestershire