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This is what we call a transformation!!! Here's our top lass client Stacey
If you've seen her in the sessions she is the 1 giving it 100% effort each and every time...she even does stuff in her rest! (The pics are 3 month apart)
Here's her story
I have been overweight my whole life or a kit Kat chunky as I called myself.
I joined multiple gyms and slimming world I don't know how many time but never managed to keep motivated.
I would lose some weight but eventually would put it all back on and more.
I finally managed to lose 2 stone but then began to slip again. It was at this point I saw an ad for RT Fitness on Facebook and made the decision to try something new and see if I could change for good.
I joined RT Fitness in February 2017.
When I walked in I was so self conscious and convinced I would be judged as the fat girl.
I wasn't though and everyone was so friendly and has been ever since.
I struggled through my first few classes but kept going through the encouragement of the coaches and other members and eventually I could feel myself getting stronger.
I am now another stone down and working hard to lose my extra. I can even see some definition and actually own a bicep.
I love this gym and have finally managed to find and keep my mojo.
I have some more weight to lose and am working on my six pack (which I will get) and I no longer call myself a kit Kat chunky.
I can now finally be who I want to be and that's all thanks to taking that leap of faith and doing something about the problem.
I wouldn't have gotten this far without the support of everyone in the gym and am so pleased I took that step.
Thanks guys

RT Fitness Sunderland

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Steve's putting in some hard work we're balancing him with some conditioning and weights as his goals are to put a decent amount of lean muscle on and lower his body fat % at the same time! #smfitness #SMFit #sunderlandgym #sunderland #sunderlandtrainer #sunderlandecho #whitburn #seaburn #weightloss #muscle #conditioning #strength #fitnessmotivation #health #roker #transformatiom


Client Ellis pulling a car today! No big deal! 😜💪🏼

New Level Gym

Hitting some shoulders and back with steve with great form and control! #transformatiom #nattymuscle #SMFITNESS #SMFit #fitfam #sunderlandgym #sunderlandtrainer #pt


Gotta love those kb swings! Burning those cals smashing those goals! #SMFit #SMFITNESS #roker #sunderlandgym #sunderland #goals #conditioning #strength #fitnessmotivation #fitfam


Did you know A strong #core can prevent/cure back problems ? #abs #conditioning #sunderlandgym #SMFITNESS #roker #transformatiom #workout #strength


Many of us spend as much time on here scrolling many a pretty picture of life through rose coloured glasses… let’s face it, none of us post the grim reality that we often endeavour. Instagram is a little more light hearted than Facebook, you don’t get the constant feed of violent news or animal cruelty. So why do I have any issue with Insta?

The issue I have is with those that sell something off the back of a filtered image… the fitness industry is rife with it & as you all know I try my utmost to be nothing but honest... there is no sense in selling a lie as I’d be as bad as those juice plus peddlers.

This pic is an example of how we can trick the human eye. On the left is my “instafitchick” pose, on the right is me standing straight to get a side photo. Far too often now do I see the left picture being used for marketing purposes, basically saying, if you want a body like this click here, sign up to coaching and see your body transform. The problem is, that in reality, the picture on the right is what you’ll get, which in my opinion is decent enough and it’s the truth, why do people never sell from this?
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m unhappy with the right picture, this is me, and I’m proud of my little peach (it has taken me years to get this far as genetically from my mother I have inherited a none bum), but the left picture which you can achieve with the right lighting & stance, gives an overly optimistic view of what can be achieved. The picture on the left is my hips swivelled just to the point where my arse looks bigger than it could ever genetically grow to be and the twist making my waist look that little bit smaller.

Women, I want to say, strive for your own personal best, our genetics and physiology only allow us to go so far. It’s not worth crying into your chicken & veg & beasting yourself into the ground for a body that only exists through a twist of the hips. See through the filters & the angles & the enhancements, we have to stop viewing beauty & perfection based on a lie. We are naturally a beautiful species, without sounding too girl powerish, lets promote perfection through reality!

Sarah “proud of my peach” Thompson


Hitting leg day with steve, doing nice slow negative controlled reps!
#sunderland #gym #fitness #health #legday #sunderlandgym #SMFITNESS


My progress over the years!
Seen an old photo of myself the other day and I thought I'd share it.
The photo on the left is approximately 2010 and the photo on the right is recent, it's a good practice to have small, medium and long term goals
It's taken me 6 years to achieve the difference between the 2 photos and hasn't been easy... But the main thing with it all...I enjoy the process
Everyone has a favourite type of training although I try to be well rounded but for me its natural body building (weight lifting) and I've been doing it since I was 15.
This style of training ensures my physique looks good, I feel stronger on day to day activities and if you didn't know the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn. meaning I can eat more than the average male.
I prefer to take progress photos rather than take measurements or weigh myself.
I never thought when I was a kid I would be where I am today but I knew I wanted to train and become muscular my dad always had weights lying around, when I hit my goal I continued by making new goals.

I also never had a coach or guidance so I spent years of trial and error if only I had invested into myself to hire a coach I would of reached my current physique in half the time knowledge is power!
I hope my photo inspires you to reach your own goals whatever they may be.
Just remember to keep at it and consistency is 🔑

Thanks for reading
I have weight lifting programmes available pm me for more info
Kind regards

Steven.... #SMFitness #Stevenmowatfitness #fitness #transformatiom #beforeandafter #health #weightloss #muscle #naturalmuscle #gym #weightlifting #training #strength #conditioning #sunderlandgym


Great too see everyone at Freshers Fayre today but even better to see everyone burning off the free pizza 🍕 in the gym 💪🏼🙌🏼 students membership only £120 till the end of September inc all fitness classes and a FREE t-shirt!!!! 😊

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