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Thanks god the highways are not that snowy-snow ❄️ #highway#hellowork#surviving#snow


Today marks 2years! I have no idea how I've managed to survive 730 days without you Tom 💙 There isn't a day that goes by that my heart doesn't ache for you! I love you so so much and miss you like crazy. All I know is that each day that goes by, I'm getting 1 day closer to seeing your beautiful face again. Save me spot on your cloud 💙 #sibilings #siblingloss #surviving #siblinglosssurvivor #missyousomuch #brotherlylove #brother #sisterbrotherlove


Q&A time! So I've read a lot of experiences in the past and lately that people have had. These experiences are done by able bodied people, people without neurological conditions and people without mental illness doing things that make the person they are doing them to uncomfortable. For example, coming up to someone in a wheelchair and telling them 'you're so brave' and petting them on the head. People moving people's wheelchairs 'out of the way' without asking to touch them or asking if they could please move etc. People saying to those with autism or aspergers 'Wow, you're really good at communicating considering you have autism', 'you're so social for someone with aspergers/autism!'. People saying 'Oh, you took a day off, your depression and anxiety must be gone'. 'You're too young to be disabled', 'But you had a good day yesterday'. 'I though it was only temporary and you were just sad', 'I thought your new meds were going to make you better'. 'You're such an inspiration and so brave considering everything you go through', looking at us like we are strange creatures, and so, so many more. And I understand that in a fair few cases, the person is just trying to be supportive or they think they are helping or just don't know any better. But the problem is, it doesn't help a lot of the time, you could be having a good day and hear something like this and it all comes crashing down. So the question is: What do you wish able bodied people, people without neurological conditions and people without mental illnesses would stop doing? How do these comments etc. make you feel? Do they bother you? What do you wish they realised they shouldn't do? And why? The why is for any of the above mentioned to realise they should stop doing. This can be the public in general, family members, doctors, nurses etc. Love to you all, Nat ❤️💚💙💜