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Our #jmCeleb is #Actor Ryan Gosling who has certainly earned his cape this month. Via Peta : First, he broke up a street fight in Manhattan. Then, the Academy Award-nominated actor leapt to the defense of chickens and turkeys on factory farms. Gosling wrote a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on PETA’s behalf calling on the agency to revoke its approval of a foam-based extermination method that kills birds by submerging them in foam to slowly suffocate them. This process can take up to 15 minutes and is as traumatic and panic-inducing as killing birds by choking them, strangling them, smothering them, or burying them alive. “If dogs and cats were killed in this way, the person committing these acts would be charged with cruelty to animals,” Gosling wrote. He went on to urge the USDA to put its stamp of approval on a less cruel alternative that uses carbon dioxide to painlessly render birds unconscious and that has already been approved by veterinary experts.

This isn’t the first time that Gosling has flexed his impressive muscles in birds’ behalf. He previously wrote to KFC and McDonald’s urging the fast-food chains to adopt PETA’s proposed animal welfare reforms.

We just love a guy who has such a drive to stick up for chicks. You can be a hero for animals, too—don’t patronize McDonald’s or KFC.

Ryan Gosling’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Jacket Isn’t Just Sexy—It’s 100 Percent Animal-Friendly

The future of fashion is all about cruelty-free fabrics. We know this, and it seems that Ryan Gosling’s Blade Runner 2049 character, Officer K (aka “Joe”), does, too. A box of sheep-shaped vegan chocolates is on its way from PETA to costume designer Renée April, who used laminated painted cotton to make Gosling’s slick, knee-length shearling-look coat.

Sheep are kicked, punched, and stomped on in the wool industry, which slaughters young sheep to turn their skin into shearling coats. Vegan is the future of fashion, and PETA is recognizing April for showing how chic—and kind—that future will hopefully be.


Personal growth has been on my mind a lot lately as I seem to be stuck in the middle of a very tumultuous storm.
I could have a pity party about the pain, or I can take a step back and admire the whole picture, including the fact that something good will come from this and growth in my life will undoubtedly occur.
Today I'm choosing to strive for my Highest Potential, believing that God has something for me around the corner beyond my wildest dreams (did you know He has that for you too??!! He does!!!)


How adorable is this? What's the most chicks you've had at one time?


I used to think that "to have courage" meant to do these huge, newsworthy things. I'm working my way through Mel Robbin's book @melrobbinslive right now, and she just opened my eyes to what real, everyday courage actually looks like! For one person it may take tremendous courage to step on the scale. For someone else it might take courage to finally ask the girl, that he likes, out on a date. In some situations, it might take courage to pick up the phone and call someone to say "I'm sorry". For Jeremy and I, it took courage to let go of the things, that made us feel secure. Jeremy let go of a secure job to chase down my idea, of creating a beautiful grocery shopping bag, together with me. I believe in what we're doing, yet it still scares the bejeebies out of me! What are your thoughts on real, everyday courage? #fivesecondrule #melrobbins #courage #everydaycourage #overcomingfears #lettinggo #followyourheart #listentoyourgut #takeaction #makemistakes #livelifefully #livelife #mompreneur #businesswoman #selfstarter #sustainableliving #reducewaste #makeadifference #becourageous

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Curious about your favorite clothing brands impact on the planet? Check out @goodonyou_app . Search a brand & the app will give you their ethical rating!

If you are not happy with what you learn about the brand but still want to shop with them, that is totally cool! Brands love to hear feedback from their customers so don't hesitate to ask them to be more conscious of their standards or to be more transparent about how their clothes are made. Companies need a little pressure to step their green game up! Ask #WhoMadeMyClothes. @fash_rev pre-wrote a letter you can download, fill in the company name, sign and send. So easy! Link in Bio♻️

Planet Earth

No supermarkets when you grow your own 🙌🏼 #sweetpotato #potato #sustainableliving #sustainability


Love picking Hollys fruit at work for school the next day 🙌🏼 #mullberry #mullberries #fruit #fresh #sustainableliving


On September 7 we saw 'eduardo' and today another visitor arrived. A little human walking past has nicknamed it 'spikey' so spikey it is. .
If you care for the environment and make important sustainable shopping decisions, then these guys will be happier and healthier..✨ #besttravelgear #camping #toothbrush #travelgear #travel #adventure #dentalcare #ecotravel #sustainableliving #climbing #outdooradventure #consciousconsumerism #notoothpaste #packinglight #hiking #bike #fishingtrips #backpacking #teeth #ion5 #light #sustainability #outdoorlife #tripaway #expeditions #choices
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