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Toronto Island

Photo by @milkwood_permaculture
From the golden pellets of sprouted grain they feed their chickens to the ingredients that make it to their kitchen table for supper, nearly every bite of food Kirsten Bradley and her family eats is grown on their 100 percent sustainable farm, Milkwood (@milkwood_permaculture). “Homegrown food tends to be very delicious,” says Kirsten, who lives in Victoria, Australia. But Milkwood is much more than a family farm growing great flavors; it’s also a school where people can learn how to build sustainable farm systems. Kirsten and an extended community of educators offer courses on everything from natural beekeeping and mushroom cultivation to biointensive growing, an organic vegetable growing method designed to maximize harvest in small spaces.
Soon it’ll be growing season in Australia, so Kirsten's family is busy planting tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings and making sure the bees pollinate their fruit trees in hopes of a big summer bounty. And then? They wait. “Growing of food is not an instant process, and it needs patience and perseverance,” she says. “But watching people bloom out of consumerism into makers and doers is really quite beautiful.” #WorldFoodDay
Watch our Instagram story to see what life is like at Milkwood.

Daylesford, Victoria

Up close and personal w/ the Matterhorn 🏔🌌

Zermatt, Switzerland

Photo @pedromcbride// FROZEN LIGHT: Inside Alaska’s Sitaantaagu glacier is mesmerizing. Yet soon the lip over the entrance will melt, and the entire cave will collapse leaving nothing but its startling absence.
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エアアジア @airasia_jpn の撮影で北海道へ。CAさんの旅をドキュメントしてきました!✈️

Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

Photo by @daviddoubilet. Can you see me? A camouflaged sargassum frogfish hides from predators in the floating golden canopy of algae called sargassum in the Sargasso Sea, Bermuda. Large mats of this floating algae form a living ceiling on the sea providing a nursery for larval species and critical shelter for other vulnerable marine species such as sea turtle hatchlings. // Photographed on @natgeo assignment Sargassum: A Floating Forest // #ocean #sargassum #Bermuda #frogfish #sargassosea for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet


Way of the Worm | Photography by Katherine Henderson
Sometimes art requires sacrifice. Your Shot photographer Katherine Henderson tells the story behind this beautiful and simple picture: "I found this gorgeous tomato horn worm eating away at my tomato plants and allowed him to stay so I could photograph him. The problem is this plant was in full sun. So, I had to wait for the perfect conditions to get the best shot. A day or two later the sun was behind some clouds, there was no wind blowing him every which way, and I took my shot. I lost all the tomatoes and leaves on my plant, but this shot was worth it."

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SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has a happy-tail update!! After lingering for several months in a rural West Virginia shelter, 10 year old Gus got ADOPTED this past weekend!! 115 pound Gus (formerly known as "Tiny" at the shelter) went unnoticed and overlooked for far too long simply due to his age. But after his big social media debut which garnered Gus some much needed attention, his story made his way to his new family...and the rest is history! Gus finally found freedom and the love of a family he's waited so long for.
His new mom writes, "I wanted to let you know that Tiny is doing just wonderful and I am thrilled to have him! I've given him a new name for his new start, Gus. He is an absolute sweetheart and I can't remember ever having an easier time getting a dog settled in. He and my two other dogs are getting along very well, that was my biggest concern, but everything seems just fine.
Gus had a long day on Saturday (time at the park with and without my two other dogs, lots of time in the yard, and a walk in his new neighborhood). He was very well mannered for dinner and treats, but not shy about eating! The first night with a new dog is usually stressful but Gus followed me to my bedroom, laid in his dog bed and went right to sleep. He slept like a rock all night without a sound! It was by far the easiest first night I've ever had with a new dog! He has not had any accidents in the house, he goes right outside and does his business.
These last few weeks have been a very emotional time for me after losing my dog Rex. I never ever intended to get another third dog. But I guess some things just happen for a reason. I have a big leather chair that my dear Rex used to lay in (no one else, dog or human, uses it). It is Gus' new favorite place to lounge and I'm so happy he likes it!"


Lobos marinos surcan olas del Atlántico frente a #CiudadDelCabo en #Sudáfrica. 📷 PH: Thomas P. Peschak.


Photo by @randyolson: Villagers plant grass at Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania. #culture #africa #indigenous


The Andes are pretty incredible. Taking off today and going all the way north to the other end of the country in Salta. Temperatures will be much warmer. I got a nasty cold here so I’m looking forward to warm weather and sun.

Los Glaciares National Park is the 340th World Heritage Site I’ve visited.

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Los Glaciares National Park

香港中學生周朗溢憑這張「雷神之怒」勇奪2016國家地理攝影大賽「青年組」季軍,現在你也有機會成為國家地理會德豐青年攝影大賽得獎者 >>www.youthphotocompetition.com

Tap Mun, Hong Kong

#Followmeto the heart of Florence with @natalyosmann. What is the most romantic city for you?
#следуйзамной к самому сердцу Флоренции вместе с @natalyosmann! Флоренция - Мекка для влюбленных. А какой город вы считаете самым романтичным?

Luisa Via Roma


Hydra by night. A perfect long weekend getaway. In mid-September, the heat backs off and the water is still warm. A long trek or two gives good coverage of the island. Food is excellent, especially if fish and seafood are your thing and you don't mind feta, local cheeses, and Greek wine. Throw in an afternoon boat ride along the southwestern shore, a few dips in the Gulf of Hydra, some late afternoon strolls and a lie-in or two and you'll have the makings for a perfect shoulder/mid-season break.

Hydra, Greece

Bouquiniste de Paris 📚

Paris, France

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