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#MIAQUESTION 20 - Thoughts on Gorgeous ? πŸ’¨

Well, disappointed. To all the Secret Sessioners, you have overhyped this SO MUCH, I don't know if it was just to get attention or anything, but really, it didn't snatch my wig, it didn't have incredible lyrics ... 😢
I like it, and I like it so much better than RFI, but to me, it's not on 1989 level at all. LWYMMD was fantastic, but this ? This is good, but is sounds way more generic, sorry. πŸ˜…
So, in conclusion, for now, I like it a lot, but that's all. Nothing incredible πŸ˜…
My fav part is when she talks about the whisky tho πŸ˜—

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#MIAQUESTION 19 - What do you guys expect of Georgous ? ❣
Well, it sounds pretty original, even more independent pop than LWYMMD (I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA MAKE AN INDEPENDENT POP ALBUM, I ALWAYS KNEW). πŸ˜†
I think it's gonna be cute colourful pop. Will I love it ? I don't know, it sounds kinda weird, but I'm gonna, ofc, like it. 😊
I think it's gonna be an official single with a very visually interesting mv. I get Melanie Martinez vibes btw πŸ˜„
I don't really know what to expect haha, so we'll see 😘

PS : This pic, cause I don't know, it matches the song
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Hey guys πŸ˜‰

Posting this beautiful picture of Taylor to speak up about an issue that drives me NUTS. Slut-shaming. πŸ’„
Before I start, I'd like to say that women slut-shame other women as much as men do, for a matter of fact. πŸ€”
Why does it bother you so much that a woman wear certain clothes ? Why do you care ? You can't handle her beauty and sexiness ? Well, she can. And she handles that so well that she's confident and proud enough to wear whatever she's comfortable with, and this, has NOTHING, but absolutley NOTHING to do with you. ☺
She's sexy for her before anything else. 😜
And too revealing what ? How does it concern you ? You're not one to judge. She is. She is the only one that can judge what's comfortable and empowering for her, not you. 😁
It's vulgar ? Same for this. Everyone has it's own definition of this word, that you define for yourself, and not for others. So telling a girl that her clothes are vulgar doesn't make any sense. And, I repeat it, it does not concern you in any way. πŸ˜†
And curves do not change anything about that. It's not because a woman has a lot of curves that she must "hide" herself even more. She should be even more proud of her curves, and not being ashamed. πŸ˜ƒ
If a girl dresses sporty, she's unsexy, she looks like a man. If a girl puts on little skirts, heels, more revealing clothes, she's a slut. You must be sexy, but not too much. You must show, but not too much. Either you're a prude or a hoe. 😐
Girls. Women. If you wanna cover your whole body in clothes, no problem. If you wanna show off your killer body because you know it looks amazing, no problem. πŸ€—
You do whatever your want. It's YOUR body. You don't own anything to anyone, you show what you want to who you want.
And boys, we don't do it for you, we do it for ourselves. 😘
Every woman is sexy in their own way. In their sweat-pants. In their tight dresses. Period. ❀
My body, my choice πŸ˜„

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@taylorswift I’ve been a fan of you since I was in 7th grade. I heard β€˜Tim McGraw’ and I was hooked. Several years later, as my love for all things Taylor Swift developed, I fell in love for the first real time the very same month #SpeakNow came out, in October 2010. Through learning and falling in love with each of the songs, I was falling in love with someone at the same time. It was the most magical experience. I will never forget the magic of waiting for the school bus at 6am on a freezing cold December morning, listening to #Enchanted and daydreaming about my love. #SpeakNow thoroughly changed my life in many ways and made me who I am today. I have amazing mom (in the picture with the tutus and cat ears) who made my dream come true, and we got to go to #The1989Tour where I met the amazing #ScottSwift aka #Chatsy β€”true to his character, he blended in to the crowd. Blessed and freaking out is an understatement of me at that moment. Then he gave me a few guitar picks, which is when I started bawling, and I saw in the pile of 1989 tour picks, THERE WAS A SPEAK NOW PICK! WHAT?! Full. On. Ugly. Crying. So he’s super nice and takes a picture with me where I managed to stop crying for 2 seconds. Me and my mom had the most AMAZING MAGICAL time EVER at the concert. In this picture also is my cat, Taylor, who loves to watch you on YouTube. Currently, I’m freaking out waiting for #Reputation and the #ReputationEra ! I’m in love someone who is my best friend and I can’t wait to go together to #TheReputationTour and get our outfits on and GO. COMPLETELY. INSANE. We met and started our relationship a couple years ago and I literally had never in my life, up to this point, met a bigger Taylor Swift fan than myself, but I had met my match. I hope we get to meet you someday and I hope, some magical way, through prayer, and the magic of #13 I get to tell you how you’ve changed my life. Also I might add, myself and my mom’s sister we’re both born on #FridayThe13th and my mom was also born on the #13th sooo we’re totally part of the elite #13squad and I love you and I just really really really hope and pray somehow you read this. Xoxo, Karisa @scott.borchetta #taylurking