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Consequences drive all behavior - for ALL species - even our children!

Imagine a 3yr old playing in the park with her younger brother, while her Mother stands back to “monitor.” Avah picks up a piece of mulch from the ground and throws it at her brother’s face. It goes unnoticed by her mother, until the toddler is crying, and Avah is now holding a fresh handful of dirt, in full launch mode. ⠀

“Avah, put that down.”⠀

“Avah, Put That DOWN.”⠀


Wise enough, Avah reluctantly let the dirt sift through her bitty fingers, and fall back to the ground. Avah’s choice is undoubtedly due to the fact that she had received some form of consequence for wrong doing in the past that shaped her current set of choices. ⠀
Now imagine if Mom didn’t follow through with the warning. How believable would Mom become to Avah, the next time something arose that warranted a new rule? ⠀
Pretty sure we all know the answer to the question - Avah would continue to push Mom’s boundaries, eroding what little respect Mom had been trying to cultivate. ⠀

Your dog is no different. ⠀

Consistency and follow through create believability, trust, and dependability - all necessary ingredients for cultivating respect for you as your dog’s leader. An environment filled with wish-washy rules creates confusion and stress, and will guarantee an insistent test of your boundaries and your dog’s ability to trust you as his leader.

Dogs are opportunists. No different than a young child. They are always looking for any gaps in your rules, and will see right through your inconsistency to seize the moment - each and every time. Be steadfast and resolute, and in time your dog’s behavior will return the favor. ⠀

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


Duration place with Distraction


Take It and Leave It with Honey. For full video check Facebook.


Putting on Honey’s Training collars.


Our sweet Copper had surgery on his eye today. Praying for a smooth and speedy recovery.


E Collar Heal


One of the concerns Honey’s owner had was that Honey could not relax if she was in a new place. Honey has only been here 2 days and she has only been in the room she is currently in for about an hour. The Place Command is a calming exercise for dogs.


Honey on duration place command.


Morning structured walk with Honey.


Honey learned the Down Command today!


There is this sweet spot of perfection when you get your dog back home from his Board and Train that I like to call the Honeymoon Phase. Everything is still fresh and exciting, and you’re really enjoying your new life with your well trained dog. ⠀

6 months later, it all goes away... WTH! ⠀

Your structure, rules, and accountability started to slip, drip by drip, allowance by allowance. Tiny, ever so slightly, incremental allowances that go unchecked and unnoticed, begin to paint a different landscape for your dog once again. That one time he breaks Place without a correction. That one time he’s allowed to bark incessantly at the doorbell without being told “No!” Zero accountability. ⠀ ⠀
Little by little you’ve let your dog know that it’s okay to regress. It’s so slight in the beginning that you don’t even notice it until there’s a major transgression. Your dog will always seize the opportunity of ease. ⠀

The good thing is, your dog hasn’t forgotten all that he’s been taught. All that’s needed is for you to restart and maintain all of those rules that were laid out for you in the very beginning. It starts with restrictions and accountability.

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


Guess what Peeps?! Our minds are fluid! And our dogs minds are no different. ⠀

What does that mean??? ⠀

That means our minds are constantly adjusting to the world around us as we navigate through our day. Depending on the triggers or distractions, our minds fluidly react in accordance to them. As things begin to escalate, so does our state of mind. ⠀

Why is this important? ⠀

Because I see owners assume that a corrective measure in one context would work in all, and they continue to struggle. When a correction works at home, in your yard, or on your quiet street with little distraction, it will have little effect when you’re walking through a Farmer’s Market. Your “conversation” adjusts to fit the setting. ⠀

Numbers on your remote collar simulate the conversation you’re having with your dog. You’re ecollar is your voice. ⠀

Home = Library ⠀
Farmer’s Market = Night Club

Imagine the difference in those two conversations. A level-4 at Home to communicate your intent will be quite different when trying to say the same thing over a crowd of drunken, young adults. ⠀
What’s important to remember is that the numbers on your remote are ALWAYS changing. Getting stuck on one number will set you and your dog up for failure by underwhelming him with an annoying flick on the neck. Your dog will always let you know how loud the conversation needs to be. If a higher number is needed to regain his attention in one instance, be sure to dial back down to a normal level once the coast is clear, and until a louder conversation is needed once again. ⠀

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


Introducing Honey


Play time is the best time to get puppies energy out! A puppy full of energy will be rambunctious and unruly. Plus, playing builds the bond with your pup! Have fun! #puppytraining101 #thegooddog #trainedpuppiesmakegooddogs


Join me in welcoming Honey.
She is here for our two week board and train program.
Her owners main concerns are that she pulls her when she walks her, does not listen, barks at strangers and jumps on them and Honey is starting to guard items (ie food and her owners belongings)


Wearing the beastly print to walk the beast 😂

We adopted this girl when she was 18months old. Being her 3rd home she came with some "challenges"; mainly that she wants to kill all other dogs....Gentle Giant at home, but a psycho on walks. Highly anxious and always on high alert as soon as our gates open.

The previous owners did not tell us she had issues, so our initial few months were full of mixed emotions. We sought outside help from dog trainers and I watched a lot of videos, mostly from @thegooddogtraining and @solidk9training.
She has been with us for just over a year now and whilst her issues have been challenging, and continue to be, she has taught me a lot:

Team work
Patience again 😂

She has alao taught me that sometimes it is appropriate to just call someone a dickhead, because quite frankly sometimes she is just a dickhead and that sums her up perfectly😂

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By and large the most important part of the training program here is the good ‘ole boring stuff we like to call Passive Training - simply put - doing nothing at all, on cue, in either Place or a Down-Stay. It’s long durations of these two commands where dogs learn to settle and be calm when we need them to be. Both commands encourage relaxation and impulse control. Implementing Duration into your daily schedule after you’ve spent some time actively walking, working, or playing with your pup helps pattern them to quickly learn how to relax once in the command. ⠀

Dogs don’t necessarily need to be involved with you balancing your checkbook, taking out the garbage, vacuuming the house, making dinner, or taking a shower! Take this time to work on their inactive training! The more this is practiced, with longer increments of time, the quicker your dog will be able to regulate his mindset. Obedience isn’t the only thing we’re training for. More importantly, it’s State of Mind...

Cutting out the option to free-roam (until your dog learns how to behave in your absence) prevents behaviors like... ⠀ ⠀
- Barking at the cat in the driveway
- Eating your kid’s legos
- Stealing that pot roast you just took out of the oven - Getting into your waste basket
- Chewing the molding
- Eating your underwear
- Swallowing socks
- Marking in the house
- Eating nuggets out of the litter box ⠀

Instead of dealing with the consequences of your dog being left to his own devices, introduce Duration to promote predictable behavior! ⠀

Try it out! It’s magical ;) ⠀

Happy Tails!🐶🐾


Casper the #GSD had a session at Altona today, walking past lots of dogs sitting at cafes, past people on their pier, children in the playground ect.
He did so well :) Here he is at the end of our session doing a down stay with Albus (who is totally exhausted 😅) with bikes, dogs, scooters and people going past.
Such an improvement in 2 sessions
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Nola board and train Wilma enjoying her structured afternoon walk through the Marigny 🤗 -
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Waiting patiently for daddy as he stocks up on my special dinners.


While having a fantastically obedient dog is great, training for a balanced State of Mind is far greater. The value found in cultivating CALM is a total game changer. ⠀

Most reactive, nervous, or stressed out dogs are suffering from a constant state of over arousal. Bad choices and behavior arise in harried states of mind. Imagine yourself in your most stressful situation, perhaps when running late and caught in traffic. What type of behavior do you exhibit under these circumstances? More than likely not very good or well managed. ⠀

Dog’s act in the same way. ⠀

When highly agitated, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed, they make poor choices seen in crazed reactivity, incessant barking, and hyped-up meltdowns, just to name a few. Slowing them down by interrupting that mental agitation, helps them reset their state of mind where good decisions come from. It is just as important to dig deep and address state of mind as it is to train for basic obedience. ⠀

A calm dog is one that’s more ready to listen and learn. ⠀

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


It is our responsibility as parents to provide love, affection, food, shelter, and protection to our children until they are capable of doing so themselves. It can be expected that a baby or toddler will throw the occasional fit or tantrum when feeling discomfort or something doesn’t quite go as they wish. There are no rules in this stage of development. ⠀

The problem arises when we humans raise our dogs in the same fashion - as human babies - holding them hostage in permanent infancy - wanting for nothing while being showered with unearned affection. 6 months later, you have a 60-90lb “infant” throwing fits on your walks, biting the leash, barking and lunging at strangers, or guarding items he deems as his own when taken away. ⠀

Bratty. Entitled. Demanding. ⠀

You cannot expect anything more when you’ve trained your dog that whatever he wants, he gets, without ever having earned it. God-forbid, you impose any discomfort on him when his desire opposes yours. It would crush his spirit, or even worse, ruin your bond. When your relationship with your dog is void of rules or boundaries the opposite of what you may think holds true. He holds no respect for you and you are at your most disconnected. ⠀

Rules, and consequences for breaking them, cultivate respect and a deeper bond. Trust isn’t created through allowances, permissiveness, and whatever your dog needs to make him comfortable. It keeps him stuck where he is and en route to becoming even worse off and is the very reason you’re experiencing bad behavior in the first place. ⠀

If your dog is exhibiting any undesired behavior at all, examine the relationship you’ve created - is he your “baby” or your dog? All species experience eventual rules and consequences. They are necessary for true balance. No different than setting your child up to be a honorable, societal contributor, your dog needs managed guidance until he is capable of making healthy choices on his own. ⠀

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


Después de una buena caminada a dormir😴😴😴


Just about 100% of the dogs that come through our doors suffer from a lack of impulse control. Each dog reacts on auto-pilot to every smell, sound, or sight. Whatever they want, they do, with zero regard to their handler. ⠀

One of our primary goals with every board and train case is to cultivate self-awareness, and get a dog to think before he actually acts. It doesn’t just start and end with basic obedience. It’s slowly formed through Permission Based Training - where every decision is only allowed because a dog looks to us before making one on their own. Not only does this create respect, but it also builds a ton of self control.

A lot of the manic, tuned-out, hyper-arousal eventually fades when your dog starts to look to you for permission. There are a handful of exercises that can be practiced to start creating impulse control: ⠀

Thresholds - no rushing ahead of you.
Crate - no barging in or out.
Waiting for Food
Structured Heel - Should wait for your permission/release to pee or sniff.
All Commands where a dog must wait to be Released - Down, Place, or Sit.
Couch or bed time with you - Should be by your invite only.

We are building stronger impulse control every day with Slate as we run him through experiences that would have normally led him to flee. Putting him in a command, the Down, forces him to focus on that alone, rather than the chaos than may be going on around him - oh those crazy Cavs! ⠀

Happy Tails! 🐶🐾


¿Oís eso? Lleva toda la tarde volviéndome loco... ¡Es un pajarito que le encanta cantar en nuestra ventana! Y hoy por fin le hemos pillado, y le hemos hecho una fotito😄👉👉👉🔜🔜🔜
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